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  1. Sad news indeed. My condolences to his family. In the last week I've lost my sister and a friend of over 40 years, both to cancer. I wish that science could really do something to stop this scourge.
  2. Sorry Stephen but I get 404 errors on all of your links.
  3. The Airfix 109 doesn't include a drop tank. Too bad too because that would have been a nice accessory for the kit.
  4. Note that the Eagle racks are meant for the FW 190 and are shaped for that plane's straight wing, not with staggered slots as used on the Me 262's swept wing. The rockets look to be very good.
  5. I'll scan the diorama sheet and e-mail it along with some pics to the address in your profile. If there's a different address you want it sent to shoot me a PM with it. Also, let me know if you want scans of the instruction sheets.
  6. Loic, I've got a built model of the two seater version of the Monogram kit that I can photograph if that helps. Also have the instruction sheet and a sheet of diorama tips and photos for the kit done by Shep Paine.
  7. Yes. I'd only used Dullcote from a rattle can and didn't like the experience. Testors sprays never seem to have enough pressure and the material comes out heavy, if at all. The Krylon sprays have ample pressure to allow the misting on of multiple coats without sags or runs.
  8. I've used Krylon's satin finish on several projects and like it a lot. It flows out well but still dries quickly. You're right about the great value you get for your money with these products.
  9. Never thought to take pics of it before giving it away shortly after finishing it.
  10. Built the old Entex kit way back when. Recall the joy of drilling out all 2 million portholes and the agony of rigging the thing with black thread.
  11. johng


    I built this back in the 70's and still have it although it's missing a few parts these days. It was a straightforward build OOB. If I were building it now there's a lot of custom work I'd do on it and it'd be easy because of it's size. The only thing special I did was the scheme, Miss Marilyn II. Made masks for the codes and hand painted the name and red stallion on the tail. The retractable landing gear is a little weak and wobbly so you'll want to strengthen the hinges or even glue them in a fixed position.
  12. Finally got around to sending them a little while ago. Been a busy day.
  13. Thanks for the add!!

  14. Derek, the 108 was a significant aircraft for Messerschmitt and was perhaps the design basis for the 109 but the two had no common airframe parts that I'm aware of. Converting a 109 into a 108 wouldn't seem to be a practical idea since nearly every part would have to be remade.
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