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  1. Aha! Thanks, Edgar! Did any real Spitfire seats have completely flat bottoms, as represented by some kit and aftermarket parts? Charles Metz
  2. I'm essentially certain that the answer is "no." Tamiya tape, in my opinion. Is that essentially the same as "Kabuki tape"? Charles Metz
  3. No one here has mentioned the fact that some Spitfire seat bottoms had a six-sided recess for a "fanny pack" parachute: [credit: http://spitfiresite....html/01__15_020 ] ... whereas others didn't: [credit: http://spitfirespare...pilotequip.html ] What rules/guidelines/trends apply to that distinction with regard to seat material and/or Spitfire Mark? Did all plastic seats and no metal seats include the six-sided recess? I used to think that the matter was that simple, but I'm no longer so sure. And which Marks' seats had (or tended to have) the six-sided recess. And did
  4. Eduard produces excellent tape-based canopy masks for both the He 111 P and the Ar 196 A. Tape-based masks are preferable for canopies due to their flexibility, in my opinion. Charles Metz
  5. Squadron appears to have only Just Plane Stuff's 1/32 USN WW II Carrier Deck and their 1/32 Japanese Carrier Flight Deck in stock right now. Both are excellent products, by the way. Charles Metz
  6. I'm virtually certain that that's a different company. Charles Metz
  7. Brad, I read the following, which Jerry had posted earlier, as a "No": Charles Metz
  8. Excellent review. Too bad it's riddled with so many typos. Charles Metz
  9. Tamiya's jump was even bigger than that numerically but much smaller in every other way (unfortunately). Charles Metz
  10. Here's a direct link to the Skyraider test shots and, for completeness, the direct link to the Black Widow test shots that TimC posted earlier above. Charles Metz
  11. Here are the instructions for Dragon's "Early Production" P-51D kit (the one with no fin fillet) on the Hobby Search website. It's a good idea to bookmark that website, in my opinion. Charles Metz
  12. Did you receive my Personal Message? Charles Metz
  13. Perhaps you can obtain some helpful information from the Koolhoven Aeroplanes Foundation or the 1/48 Planet Models kit. Charles Metz
  14. Steve, I'd be grateful for any comments concerning: -- the shape and size of the kit's radiator fairing and cowl flaps -- particularly their lengths (chords); -- whether the hard-to-describe asymmetric depression in the forward upper part of the nose is represented correctly; and -- whether the upper sides and upper edge of the radiator opening accurately represent the B-1 or B-2: Charles Metz
  15. You're probably thinking of the P-40N: [credit: http://en.wikipedia....rtiss_P-40N.jpg ] Unfortunately, Hasegawa released only a very small number of those kits as a "Limited Edition," and they're now nearly impossible to find. Charles Metz
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