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Hi Guys

after a long modelling break, and waiting for the motivation to finish off my CF-18, I've started Special Hobby's X-15A-2

The kit offers a rather simple cockpit, though prividing a few nice resin parts. The sidewalls needed openig and there is some room for extra detailling. The canopy also needs a lot of extra work as it is very visible when displayed opened.












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Hi Fanch,


It's been such a long time since your last post I was beginning to wonder if you'd given up modelling altogether! Great to see you back, and the break obviously hasn't harmed your considerable skills. Beautiful start on the X-15, can't wait to see more.


A bientôt,



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Hey Fanch, i hope the work didn't get to ye, did it? ;) Good to see you back and doing this detailing on the pit.

Was thinking on buying the kit as well, but ah....think...i'll stop getting more and more kits in the attic-stash.... B)





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Hi guys

thank you all for your kind words ! I'm glad to be back in here and share this build with you !



Hey Jack ! Dont worry for my work, our timework hasnt changed... ! :lol: Our spare time hasnt changed neither !!!!


Salut Jean. I've been so busy looking after work in our house, as we got it extended, that I didnt feel like modelling. Now everything is done, no more workers around the house, no more noise all day long and a brand new leisure room with two workbenches ( my wife is a frame building teacher ) with a nice view on the forest !



Now the fuselage is assembled, and I'm in a heavy filling/sanding/filling/sanding period I think.... :angry:

But it's time to leave the workbench for a Laphroaig tumbler !

All the best


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