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  1. Really great job on the pit! The little details, you have added, bring it to life! Keep the pictures coming!!! Cheers: georch, from Hungary
  2. Well.. I can only say, that Radu, MDC and You, make a great triplet! Great work on the cockpit, I really like the shading on the small pieces and the convincing chipping on the floor! Keep the pictures coming! Cheers: georch, from Hungary
  3. That one on the "stick" looks really nice! Great work on the camo!
  4. Thank You Chris! I have used Gunze Acrylics (its easy to find in Hungary, and I do like to "work" with them), almost the same as Mark L Tucker in his aricle! I wanted to make the Gunze brown violet to be a bit browner, so I have mixed it with some European Brown color, that I had here at home. For the RLM "84", at the fuselage sides and at the lower fuselage, I have used Gunze sky (duck egg green) mixed with RLM76 (almost 1:1) and Gunze's sail color (some drops). The tail and the engine cowling is RLM76, just as the flaps and the ailerons. I have used violet gray at the front section of the lower side of the wings. Cheers: georch, from Hungary
  5. Just can't get enough of those D-9's! The cockipt is really nice and the engine/landig gear bay area turned out to be very realisctic, the weathering and chipping is very convincing to me! Keep us posted! Cheers georch
  6. Wow Matt! Thats a really unusual build here! I'll watch it with great intrest!
  7. Thank You all for the kind words! Well, I haven't finished it yet... (I play in a band, and we had a gig on saturday, so I really haven't enough time for modelling...) But I tried a technik on the plane, that is usually used by the AFV modellers. After I've added to the whole model a flat coat, I've added small drops of light brown, dark brown and white oil paint (with a tooth pick). Than I have started to wipe them off with a brush that was wet with (?) thinner. I made it until I have only seen really light stripes of the oil paints. (Well I can't really see the oil paint colors, but they add some lighter or darker shade to the base color). Well, I can't write it down, I have made some bad pictures. The whole oily thing is turned out to be nice, but I'have made it in a wrong time... I shold have made it, before adding the panel lines a dark was, because now, the lighter oil paints are visible in some panel line. Well, I can live with it! (Don't want to add future and panel line wash and matt lacquer again, cause the painting would be too thick...) Heres the pictures: 1. Oil paint drops added: 2. Started to wash them, to the dimension of the airflow (thats a pretty bad one...): 3. Only some lighter and darker tones are visible (the picture is too dark, go to the next one ) 4. And finally a nice picture, from the fuselage and the right wing, after adding the wash and flat coat: Hope You like it! And everybody keep up the great works on the LSP Forums! Cheers: georch from Hungary And Dave and Wikman have nailed it! The next project is the Trumpeter MIG-3!
  8. Well, my camera works again! There wasn't enough lights, so I will take some pictures tomorrow, but there's one from the underside of the plane (most of the parts were just put there for the picture): And a guess what, for tonight, from my next project! Cheers Guys! georch, from Hungary
  9. What a great start on the cockpit Fanch! Really looking forward to see more of your build! georch
  10. Well... My trusted Fuji camera failed (well, after 4 or 5 years, the first time) and I had to send it to Budapest (far away from my hometown), to get it repaired... :angry: I'm almost done with the painting and weathering. The decals are on, now I will have to find out, how could I make nice exhaust stains to the fuselage (remeber Fancherello's artwork on his Dauntless! ) I think I will use pigments... I've borrowed a crappy digital camera from our office, so theres two pictures from my FW190: Terrible pictures, but will give You an idea of where I am in this build! Will post more pictures when I'll have my camera back! Cheers: georch
  11. Awesome work on that 190! I really like the painting and weathering at the cockpit! Congratulations! Cheers: georch
  12. Hi Ron! Sorry for the late answer, but I've been out for bird watching at the Hortobágy, at the weekend! First time usually apply a thinned artists oil wash (I use a very dark brown oil paint), than I apply some black and burnt umber dry pigment, first I add some black to the panel lines, and than I add some burnt umber next to the panel lines (I hope you understand, what I'm trying to say..). After all I fix the pigments with matt laquer. I'll post pictures, if I will have a new camera, and I will start do the weathering of the airframe... Cheers georch
  13. Here's a picture from the fuselage of my Big Tail Dora! I will have to buy a new digital camera, because something happend to mine, and I really have to struggle to make even one picture, that is useable... :angry: I've used a mix of Gunze H421 and some Gunze Chocolate Brown for the RLM83... Maybe its not the best, but I like the result. I've used preshading for the base colors, and I have post shaded them using lighter shades of base colors (for lightening the colors I have used sail color). Hope I will have a new camera soon, and can post more pictures! All the best, and have a nice Halloween! Cheers georch
  14. Thanks Dominic! You are right, the black band is too thin... I will correct it soon!
  15. Hello Everybody! I've started to paint the fuselage! For the "low quality" RLM 76 (RLM 84?) I used 1:1 mix of RLM76 and RAF Sky (Duck egg green) with some drops of Gunze sail color. Here are the pictures! Hope You like it! Cheers! georch,from Hungary
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