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  1. Hi Chris, very nice work indeed. I remember this from a while back, I wondered what happened to it? Keep it up. Thanks Ian
  2. Hi Texas, Have you finished yet? Thanks Ian
  3. Hi Texas Good start. I can't find the bits I want so I am going to delay a while longer. Ironwings advice is good, take your time and enjoy. Thanks Ian
  4. Texas, I am having a real hard time trying to get the after market stuff together for this kit. So far I can't find it anywhere, so i will either be late starting or just not start at all. Thanks Ian
  5. Hey Texas, I just found out that Cutting Edge are no more!!! Where did you get your bits and pieces for the A10? Thanks Ian
  6. Hi Texas Are you doing a gulf war bird or LASTE??? Thanks Ian
  7. Hey, Thats nice, real nice. Great job! Thanks Ian
  8. Hey Texas, First of all, again congrats on the F14, super. I am in on this for sure. I just need to get my hands on those Cutting Edge extras and then I am ready to dive in!!! Thanks Ian
  9. Hi Mate That looks superb!!! Thanks Ian
  10. Hi Stunning. Greatly super imposed as well. Thanks Ian
  11. Hi Lee, How goesbuild, do you have any images of it yet. Thanks Ian
  12. Hi Texas, Your cat has turned out superb, you came , you saw, you adapted and conquered the hurdles. It looks super. Thanks Ian
  13. Hi Texas, Cool, very cool indeed. Thanks Ian
  14. Hey good buddy, This is turning into a show stopper alright. Great paintwork, love the weathering. Keep it up. Thanks Ian
  15. Hi Lee I was hoping to see someone tackle this. I haven't got the room or I would do it just for the size of the thing. I was at the flight test day at Bruntingthorpe, it was INCREDIBLE! I don't where you live but if you are in the UK and in or near the Midlands, you should get there and take some pictures of the real thing. It really is awesome. Also there they have a collection of other military jets, Bucaneers, Lightnings ( I had to stop myself from drooling over those), and others. A few big civilians as wel, 747's etc. Keep us posted on this with lots of images. Just out of i
  16. Hi This looks very impessive indeed. Keep it up. Thanks Ian
  17. Hi all Thunder, thunder, THUNDERBOLTS.................HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Sorry Ian
  18. Hi Texas. PROGRESS!!! Thanks Ian
  19. Hi Can yo squeeze in Trump A10's? Thanks Ian
  20. Thanks Texas Now I really want to get a move on. Thanks Ian
  21. Hi all, Well, I guess if I am honest, I haven't been in the attic for sometime. Why? Who knows. But I will be making the effort poste haste and we will see what comes of it. Thanks for the nudge guys, time to get of my ass and get something finished! Thanks Ian
  22. Dave very nice indeed. Must unstall mine. thanks Ian.
  23. Dave Dave Dave, What can I say except fan bloody tastic! Well done my boy, keep it up. Now if I could just find the will to pull down the ladder to my attic and carry on with something. Yours is looking real 'killer.' Thanks Ian
  24. Hi Fanch, I am lost for words. I have a bunch of kits all brand new and in the box. I can never do them justice like this. Shall I just forward them to you? Excellent work. Thanks Ian
  25. Hi Texas, Come on throw some colour at her. Thanks Ian
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