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Found 105 results

  1. Hi guys, I finally finished this one Overall it's nice kit and great value for such a low price. painted with Mr. Color, Alclad II and Mr. Paint, weathering done with MIG prod. and AMMO of Mig Jimenez stuff. AM used: Eduard interior and exterior sets Brassin wheels and prop Zoukei Mura decals HGW seatbelts You can find WIP thread here thanks for looking and all comments are welcome jan
  2. Pastor John

    Revell Bf 109 G-10 Erla

    Hi everyone, well as many of you know I started a model in the summer with every intention of just enjoying modelling for myself but what always happens happened - I started thinking of products! It is the nature of the beast I guess but I really do want to crack on with the Revell bf 109 G-10 Erla and I have three new products at hand to help me along with the fantastic Barracuda items.I really need to set aside days that are for me, not AIMS otherwise I will never get anything built other than un-painted display models. I enjoyed painting the Aires cockpit - the fit caused problems and I still have large gaps in the canopy sill to work on but I was able to get the fuselage closed up fairly quickly. I wish I had not as when I decided I wanted a 'hatches and latches' set I now have lots of holes in the fuselage with no pre-installed interior detail so I will have to do the best I can. The upper cowl, whilst not perfectly addressing the width of the engine cowl does however trick the eye into thinking the cowl is much wider than it was, it isn't but the flatness of the resin part really helps together with the gun openings being further apart. Sadly after production was well underway I was informed that on Erla machines the gun opening is not straight cut at the back like on the U4 so I have rounded off mine a little and also made the cut outs for the weapons. Next up is post filling some of the interior areas and then onto laying in the PE hatch rims, all good fun!
  3. docdodj01

    Building a Revell P-51D

    So after lurking for so long, and with certain responsibilities being met, I decided to start a build. It's been a long time since I last built a kit (4 years ago?!?!). I got the new revell kit, and started cracking on it. I'm not sure for markings yet, but I'm leaning on Lt Donald Emerson's P-51D. So anyways, here's photos of the build. Untitled by Docdodj, on Flickr
  4. So, I wrapped up the Huey on Thursday night. I used Verlinden dry transfers for the tail codes and I had lost/misplaced the helmet for Mr. Best (the gent standing) but found it and was able to place it in the cargo area near his gun. I was able to show it at the IPMS Cincy show on Saturday. Alas, the competition was stiff and I did not place. It's being presented to Mr. Best this afternoon for his birthday. There is a very good chance that this will be his last birthday before the cancer wins out. For those that have not followed along on the In Progress post, here's the lowdown. My best/closest friend, Wayne Best, asked me to build a replica of the UH-1D that his father was CC on in Vietnam with Company A/501st Transportation Division, Rattlers 10/64 - 10/65. They later became 71st Assault Helicopter Company stationed in Bien Hoa. I used the old Revell UH-1 Huey. This is the 1982 release. I used a combination of three different Revell decal sheets for this kit to get it all in place. The tail codes are Verlinden dry transfers and the 'Rattlers' logo was custom made by a local car modeler. Paints used were Testors Olive Drab, Glosscote and Testors Dullcote right of the rattle cans. The other colors were Tamiya, Model Master and Vallejo. The three crew figures are from Dragon and the standing figure of Don Best (my friend's father) is a modified Academy figure. The gear is assorted Tamiya, Academy and Verlinden pieces, The clipboard I made on my own. I applied a pin wash using AMMO Oilbrushers and Abteilung 502 oils. The figures were painted with Vallejo and Andrea paints. The base is a picture frame with an old Verlinden card stock applique. I used K&S aluminum tubing for the cargo area bars and ground out the molded-in engine cover screens and replaced them with brass mesh. Overall, I am pleased with the build. There are a few things I would/could have done differently (or done better). However, I think I captured what my friend wanted to have in place for his father's memory of his time in Vietnam. It's a bit of a bugger of a kit but patience, sanding, filler and more sanding will yield a nice looking Huey IMHO. Thanks for letting me share my journey on this build with you all. Sincerely, Lee
  5. Hi everyone, Having eventually completed the F-4E, the desire to actually assemble a model rather than admire the contents has returned. The subject of the next labour of love is the old Revell F-15 which I am going to attempt to construct as its 'B' version. I'm not sure why I've gone for another Revell kit other than they are relatively cheap in comparison to the alternatives and this one is nearer to a B than converting say the Tamiya E (I also have some spare parts for this kit if I screw something up!). That said I will inevitably blow this reasoning out of the water by buying more aftermarket stuff than I need and adding stuff like lights that will turn it from 'easy and cheap' to 'challenging and expensive'. The other challenge will be making a mono-chromatic paint finish look real. So here's the kit in question: I understand that the shape is good but it lacks some of the Tamiya detail. As I have a Tamiya C I'm going to try and read across any additional detail that looks ok. I also have Jake Melampy's excellent book on the F-15 and some internet piccies though this version will be an early 70's jet so references are a bit thin on the ground. My initial hit list will include: - Revised cockpit based on the Aires A model pit - Escapac sets (kit has Aces version) - Revised engine exhausts as the kits ones are pretty plain - Added rivet detail - this kit has none - Added detail where the vents are - Added crew (the kit has none) - Alternative sidewinder launch-rails where no weapons are carried - kit ones are pretty crude - New formation lights - Aim-9J drill rounds Feel free to offer any steers on where else I mighty need to go. Please bear in mind that my work-rate is inversely proportional to home command commitments so don't expect a quick turn-round! Thanks for watching.
  6. Hi everyone, This is the Revell 1/32 F-4E kit with some aftermarket help from GT Resin in the form of exhausts, belly strap and intakes, new nose from Sierra Hotel, Aim-9Js from Cutting Edge and a cockpit from Legend. The aim was to depict a late 70's USAFE jet from the 50TFW at Hahn AFB using AirDoc decals, put her in-flight and add some lighting to bring her to life. This was sort of a learning project for me, picking up on the excellent tips found in this forum, trying out some new techniques and learning from my mistakes (of which I made a few - see build for details!). In the end it took 2 and a half years to complete so the ratio of builds to acquires is way out of kilter. Anyway, on to the pics... And with lights on... Overall, a challenging but fun build of the impressive Phantom! Build thread is here ... https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/58988-132-revell-f-4e-what-could-possibly-go-wrong/&page=1 Many thanks for looking!
  7. Bruce_Crosby

    Yes, another Mustang

    Hi Guys, I'm supposed to be building six FW-190D models but I got myself into a bit of a challenge with other modellers who are building the Jerry Rutman P-51B resin kit. Now I've already built the Revell D and rebuilt the Trumpeter B (as a C) and fancied another build but can't find the JR resin for love nor money and certainly didn't feel like another Trumpeter kit. So I decided to do a conversion of two Revell kits, the newer D with the spine of the old (read: ancient!) B. Here's how the fuselages line up. Not bad. Here's my proposed changes to the wings, new panel lines and shorter ammo boxes. Not exact yet, just fibre penned to guestimate what I need to do to it. Where to cut the old B fuselage. The B fuselage parts cut out and the marked up chop on the D Well, can't stop now else that's two kits ruined! All taped up to cement the spines to the fuselage halves. And what I've got at the moment. As you can see, it's a start but there is lots and lots of graft and elbow grease needed still. Regards, Bruce Crosby
  8. New Revell boxing of the Italeri Mirage III due shortly... https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/RV3919 Nice Ardennes markings from 1993. The R and O variant options suggest further markings are included. Got one on preorder Tony .
  9. Well there she is. A bit late in the weekend, but finally had time to take pictures and post them here. This is my latest build. I started this build in June 2016 but it stalled due to becoming a father again, so the better part of 2017 was a lost year for modelling. Anyway, it doesn't matter, because I finished the bird! When I first heard of this conversion I had to have it. I had seen pictures of it as a kid and it always struck me as such an advanced design, almost alien like. I bought the excellent book about this plane from Cristoph Vernaleken and Martin Handig. These men have done a lot of research on this subject and their book and website http://ju388.de is invaluable if you want to model this plane. But I have to say, the book is not written with the modeler in mind. So I think that about 30/40% of my time went into research. John form AIMS did a stellar job in researching and creating the conversion, but there was still room for improvement.. With a lot of searching on the web, visiting several obscure forums, and with a little help from people here, I had enough info to make the most accurate representation of it to my ability. In the process you learn a lot about your subject which is one aspect I like about modeling. Anyway, I'm not going to repeat all the steps I have taken in the build. If you're interested you can visit my WIP-thread here on LSP: Link. But I'll give a short summary of what I used for this build. Model: Revell Ju88 A4 Conversion: AIMS Ju388 L-1 Aftermarket: Henri Daehne propellers Anttena: scratch build with Albion Alloy fit and slide tubes Instrument panel: Designed and 3D printed instrument panel Painting: Mr. Paint (primarily) Weathering: AK Interactive Paneliner So, there you have it. Without further ado, here are the pictures. Please feel free to ask questions or give critique (don't hold back, I can take it). Wouter
  10. Hi everyone, available soon is my replacement upper cowl part with much flatter top and wider gun-troughs. You would not believe how much doing these two adjustments tricks the eye into thinking the whole engine cowl is much wider! This is what you could call a cost-effective compromise correction haha! £TBC
  11. Hi guys, this is my new project. It is the new Revell kit with aditional Eduard AM (brassin wheels, interior PE, exterior PE, pre coloured steel seat belts and masks) I know that there is perfect detailed build thread already in WIP. My goal is to keep it as relaxing project next to my resin projects. I am no expert in Luftwaffe planes but I like almost all of them and Me 262 is one of my favourite. just beautiful plane (two seater as well ) I want to learn to paint late war Luftwaffe camo on this one, so will keep build simple and clean. And spend most time with painting and weathering. No open engine cowlings or gun bay. I will put more efort in detailing some visible parts like cockpit and engine intakes only. build fundamentals... have started with puting main fuselage parts together. I used metal pipes instead of plastic canons, because after I drilled muzzles on plastic parts I was not satisfied with results and want to save some extra space in gun bay for aditional weight. I am using Tamiya Extra Thin Cement for gluing which is IMHO superior for this job. Glued joints were not cleaned yet, but it will require only smooth sanding and some minor panel lines rescribing I was really suprised that there are no fit issues so far. Everything fits together really well. And some clever engineering for open panels and especially for wing joints. just litlle cleaning and it fits together in perfect dihedral geometry. I like such simple approach and dry fit test of wings and fuselage thanks for looking and any comments are welcome jan
  12. Hi, My name is Richie and I love the smell of burnt kerosene. Having spent many hours viewing the absolute masterpieces on this site and trying to hoover up as much inspiration as I can, I've decided to take the plunge and commit my effort to the wider community in an attempt to improve my game. As way of background I suffer from: a - an over-ambitious build programme that would require the invention of time travel to complete my collection. b - a lack of resistance to nice new shiny decals (that adds to the first issue). c - an inability to recognise that OOB is just fine in most cases. d - the view that 50 Shades of Grey is the epitome of panel weathering. e - a lack of sufficient minutes in the day to fit everything in (work, family, plastic fettling etc) I am also an Optimistic 80%er. By that I mean I will endeavour to add detail/changes when it makes a noticeable difference but lack of skills / patience may ultimately limit my AMS ambition to a level of ‘Good Enough'. And so to the challenge, a 1/32 Revell F-4E. This is going to be only my 2nd 1/32 effort, the first being a Revell Hawk T1, but my first on-line build. Not entirely sure of the markings yet but it will probably be an early USAFE bird in Vietnam c/s. True to form I have acquired more aftermarket stuff than I really need including: - GT Resin Intakes and Exhausts - SH replacement nose - CE Aim 9J/P - Legend F-4E Cockpit - Eduard PE - Master Details Pilot figure - Master Pitot Probes As if first night nerves wasn't enough, it will also be the first time I have used a lot of this stuff and just to make it more interesting I'm going to put her in flight and light her up. This may get ugly. For those who like their builds quick and dirty, sorry but this is going to be a slow burn (but probably dirty!). Very happy for comments, suggestions, advice etc but don't be offended if I do something different or not quite true to life, as they say art is in the eye of the beholder. Oh, and as a cautionary tale to others I will also be keeping an catalogue of errors of all the mistakes I make. Lets hope it stays in double figures! Game on.
  13. gmctaggart

    Spitfire MK.IIa

    "So what to build next?" I ask myself. After finishing the CT-155 in the colour me blue Group build I have been pondering what is next. Having followed the amazing work from Peter on the 1/18 Spitfire Mk. XIVe - Race #80 I found myself further inspired. My son of 11 has also proclaimed the Spitfire as the best aircraft ever but I don't have the heart to tell him it was the hurricane . Not that I want to start any fights on LSP either but the spitfire is a beautiful aircraft. So I picked up the 1/32 Revell Spitfire MK.IIa to hopefully build something respectable and that he can keep for himself. I have not settled on the whether to build it out of box or get some aftermarket. I will also need to poke around to see if there is a specific aircraft that I should be modelling it after. I will also be mining LSP to see what other great builds have been done and the areas I need to watch out for. Any comments and criticisms are definitely wanted as this helps me to improve my craft. I am also quite confident there are dozens of exerts on here that will keep me on the straight and narrow. Some initial shots of the box and AC parts. I also started to clean up and drill out the instrument panel and various other parts. Thanks for reading. Gord
  14. Hello ModelMakers, Here is a kit that i did 2 years ago. Revell 1/32 Panavia Tornado, OOB, paint is Gunze I hope you guys like it
  15. red baron

    P 51 D REVELL

    hello all , my last kit , another mustang .... (sorry ) : voila voila
  16. Ok, I'm taking a quick break form the B-25s since they're not done and the Iron Rain GB ended. Don't worry, I'll get back and finish them. So in their place, I thought I'd do a simpler build. I looked at the Hobby Boss Spitfire kit but it seems to need a bit of work. Reading up on the recent Spitfire II kit, many noted it was much closer to being a V so I thought that it would be a nice starting point. Especially since it was already in my stash With the box contents dumped out. Ignore the McLaren parts that you might see. Thanks to the wonderfully useless side opening boxes, I'm in for the haul now as there is no putting it away. So in that note, here's the cockpit bits starting to come together. I'm going to swipe some leftover Tamiya bits to detail the cockpit but don't plan to get too crazy. As for scheme and markings, it'll be the middle stone over azure blue for camo. I haven't made a final decision beyond that though. Carl
  17. Rick K

    Revell Ju88A-4 TECHNIK

    Just received this from Lucky Model. http://www.luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?item_no=RE 00452 Looks like the Ju88A-4 is being reboxed with motors and lights as their TECHNIK series. Assumption it's Revell Germany.
  18. Hi everyone, Here's my quickest built I ever did a few years back, took me 5 weeks, almost OOB except for the True detail pit. A very affordable hasslefree kit , hope you like. Dan. More to come... Dan.
  19. Well I managed to find myself a Revell 109G at half price during the swap and sell over the weekend, but unfortunately I was unable to find any decals, so the exact aircraft is still to be decided, but the Revell kit looks pretty nice. I may do a JG 300 Wilde Sau aircraft, or if I can find them, the Finnish used the G-6 as a night fighter post war.
  20. This is my second Revell SPAD XIII - its cheap, but oh man the flash, flash, flash.... What was I thinking? But really wanted to do Eddie's aircraft so off we go. Using Tamiya tape to create the masks for the camo pattern: Taking full advantage of 'white-basing' to create a faded effect to the paint on the aircraft. There are lots of different pictures, and drawings, of this aircraft but I liked the ones I've seen that seem to indicate a metallic front end to the aircraft so this is gun metal with PE engine vents. Thought about using the 'printed wood' paper from the craft store but the raised dials on the IP made that just too difficult to take on at this point. My first attempt at masking tape seat belts. The seat was painted in wood to start, then over sprayed with copper (yeah, copper!), then hit with a clear flat coat. Black wash applied randomly with a brush, then dry brush with burnt umber, finally a little bit of lightened brown for some highlights. Looks better NOT close-up. That's my story anyway... Tomorrow looking to lay down the light green, and maybe the dark green. Then on to that really bad propeller.... Chris
  21. Stevepd

    MiG-29 "blue 05"

    I'm putting up some photos of my old builds pre-LSP membership. This is a Revell kit purchased for a few £s'. I absolutely love MiG-29s' since the arrived at Farnborough many years ago. I wanted to build something different so this is taken from the Yefim Gordon book and it's representing a testing squadron akin to Boscombe Down or Edwards. The book was a great reference aid and a few changes were made but you can spend a fortune on AM. The intake covers are scratch built and the canopy cover is paper mache. IMG_0598 by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr IMG_0599 by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr IMG_0597 by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr IMG_0596 by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr IMG_0595 by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr IMG_0594 by Stephen Priestley-Dean, on Flickr Any comments appreciated. Steve.
  22. David Mooney

    Revell Bf-109 G-6 Early

    This is my reproduction of a Bf-109 G-6 Werknummer 160717, it was flown by Gruppenkommanduer of II/JG 51. Hptm Karl Rammelt. When his unit moved to Romania during the second half of 1943 the white fuselage band was painted over in a lighter version of RLM74. It was at Nisch in Romania when the wooden club was painted on to Hptm Karl Rammelt's aircraft by his ground crew. Not much I can really expand on the with the kit itself, but I built it straight out of the box expect for the seat harnesses. All comments welcome, oh and yes, the sun does come out in Scotland lololol
  23. Hello folks, well, here I am, my first RFI thread on my first ever LSP build I used the gray and rainy sunday to finish the last details on my Arado Ar 196 B. It took me quite a while to finish, I started it last september. It has A LOT of flaws (which I have hopefully hidden well with my subar photography in my impromptu 'towel studio' ), but it looks quite nice from a meter away AM I used was the Eduard Interior Set and the HpH resin canopy. I really learned a lot on this build and sometimes even had fun between all the cussing Hope you like it! Greets, Jonas
  24. 'Morning ladies and gents, lads and lassies, Let me give it to you, straight. The Mustang was never one of my favorites. Something to do with the snobbish side of me, never wanting to love a plane everybody loves to love. It's sooo uncool to like a pretty face, right? That is until some months ago, when stranded in a foreign land and estranged from my trusty desk and rusty tools, all that was left for me to do was some virtual modelling on the internet. That is when I read about a new Revell release associated in some way with Radu Brinzan. I knew the name and respected the modeller. I was intrigued and read on, the previews, the reviews, the WIPs ... and soon before long I was hooked. I wrote to my friend in Belgium to buy a kit for me and in anticipation, I myself ordered an Eduard interior set. Thus, months later upon my return to my trusty desk, I was ready to join the fray. For my subject, I chose Art Fiedler's HELEN, a P-51D-5 of the 325 GR in Italy 1944. Seen here in static simulation And in simulated video The main reason for this choice is an opportunity to airbrush the famous yellow-and-black checkers and the various markings using Frisket film. I know it shows my age but what the heck? Secondly, this particular machine is retro-fitted with the dorsal fin fillet DFF found on later versions of the P-51D. So it will give me the chance to try my hand at the controversial 'swayback' fillet as these field-installed mods were known. Just what I needed to spice up an all-too conventional build... or so I thought at that time 'Nuff said. The ride is about to begin, ladies and gentlemen, all aboard. Cheers, Quang
  25. Hello folks, here comes my first WIP thread featuring Revell's Arado Ar 196 B! The Ar 196 A was the standard catapult plane of German warships during WWII and was equipped with two floats, the B version was equipped with one large central float and two small ones on the side: The set lets you build D-OVMB, which is the fourth prototype of the Ar 196, that was tested in Lubeck and Travemünde in 1938. Unfortunately, the plane crashed during a landing accident in december 1938 and was lost in an engine fire. The kit gives you a lot of options for open panels and cowls, wings can be shown in flying position or swept back, etc... Since I am relatively new to the modelling business, I will have everything closed and the wings in the forward position, as this seems the easiest. I am however using some aftermarket parts, namely the HGW seat and seatbelt set and the Eduard photoetch interior. I 'had to' (ok, I wanted to ) order the Eduard set, because I ruined the kit decal for the instrument panel and it was beyond my ability to paint it in any way that would look acceptable. The HGW set was ordererd, because the kit seats with the seatbelts moulded on joust wouldn't stand, they are hideous! Unfortunately, due to 'inexplicable reasons', the parcel with the Eduard set was sent back to the vendor TWO TIMES (thanks for nothing DHL ), so I'm still waiting on that, it should finally arrive tomorrow! I don't think that I will use all the parts as I was already quite busy painting the interior and am quite happy with how some of it turned out. We will see... So, what have I been up to? Well, mostly painting interior parts for now. Here's the cockpit floor with the two sides of the tubular steel frame: I added some wear to the cockpit floor before I realised that the aircraft was only in service for eight months before the crash and probably wasn't heavily worn, will see what I do about that (maybe they just flew A LOT during those eight months ). Here's some cockpit bits and pieces including the radio set, the HGW seats, control column and seat adjustment: And here is proof that the kit seat really is not the way to go and that the 12 Euros for the HGW set are a good investment: Closeup of the radio set (have to admit that I'm a bit proud of how that turned out ): Another thing that I've nearly completed is the engine, a very nice little kit all in itself: I hollowed out the air intakes and the exhaust tips with a drill bit and a knife. All that's left to do here is to weather it a bit (oil wash and some light chipping on the crankcase) and to find some sort of mesh to cover the air intakes. Those sould normally be linked by some kind of actuator rod for a flap inside the intakes, but the intakes are too short and hence there isn't enough space to replicate that... I do have one question, hopefully there is some expert on board that can answer it: The HGW set features a third resin piece that I can't make sense of: There isn't any kit part that looks remotely like it and it is not mentioned in the instructions. Does anyone have any idea what that's supposed to be? If not, it just goes in the spare box to probably never be looked at again. That's all for now, thanks for your attention! Greets, Jonas Edit: The images seem rather big, shall I further reduce the size in future posts?