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  1. First, a quote from Flying Fever by AVM S F Vincent (Jarrolds, 1972), which is an excellent read, although alas long out of print. "[The date is early 1917. Major Robert] Smith-Barry, my previous CO in No 60 Squadron, had left almost in disgrace, because he had complained so much and so frequently about the abysmal state of training of the pilots sent out [to France] to fight. Eventually the War Office took note and said, in effect, 'If you think you can do any better, come home and do so.' He was given the training squadrons at Gosport which were formed experimentally into the School of S
  2. This is the new Junkers D.1 from Wingnut Wings. It arrived just in time for a OOB-x-mas build. I started with the interior ... Cockpit WIP Pilot´s seat made from inferior late war production seat upholstery. Daimler-Mercedes D.IIIaü with 200 hp All the best for 2019 my fellow modelers! :-)
  3. Hey all! I recently picked up the Wingnut Wings re-release of their Pfalz D.IIIa (my favorite WW1 airplane). This is my second WNW ann 1/32 kit, the first being a Roland C.II I built some months ago. I'll be making a Pfalz D.IIIa from Jasta 46. I've yet to decide between one with black and white bands or Rudolf Matthaei's Pfalz. Here is a skin I made of the 3-band skin for IL2: Flying Circus: and Matthaei's pfalz, which had black and white chevrons as a personal marking: My plan is to do as much of the internal piping and wiring
  4. Good day, friends! Happy new year for all! I wishes to be healthy for all of you! This is my last work in 2020. Really great kit from WnW - F.2a late Felixstowe. Regards, Sergey Budyansky.
  5. Just saw that HLJ has a few WNW subjects coming in shortly, one per customer - - Snipe, Halberstadt, Ninak, Pup, Immelman's eindecker... ... Stock sell-off has begun?
  6. Really, I have too many projects on the go. This is the WNW Roland C.II lightly modified to be one of the 'planes in the gap between the two kits Trying to keep this one simple Richard
  7. This year I aim to be building mainly RAF subjects and/or Great War subjects*, and here's one that's both, as my subject was from post-April 1918. As it happens, I had a clear workbench on the 30th December last year, and nothing on the Shelf of Doom, which is a first for me in a long time. So what to start my centenary-inspired RAF-fest with? I decided on the RE.8, so without further ado, I seriously devalued the kit in my stash by cutting the fuselage and wing parts from the sprues. There is not much progress so far. I've identified the wooden parts, and painted them, now I'm
  8. Planning just one here, the WNW Dambuster Lanc, sorry HK.
  9. Hi Guys, Yesterday I finished off a commission from Aviattic to build the WNW Junkers D.1 all metal monoplane fighter. My first Wing Nut, my first WWI fighter ever. AND a deadline to stick to, which saw going to be November but last week changed to last night! So the photos of the finished model are a bit dire, snapped on my iPhone as it sat near the spray booth. Parts clean up: The Mercedes engine in the kit was changed to a higher powered BMW engine. There was some hacking and chopping to get the engine to fit! A dry fit o
  10. Alluded to elsewhere, but I think deserves its own thread: WNW is re-releasing three kits - at least two sold out - with new resin figures and corresponding decals:
  11. So, this is my latest project, a diorama of a S.e.5a Squadron based in France 1918. The concept for this diorama has been in the making (in the back of my mind) for a very long time and it has been an adventurous journey into 'The Great War' almost a 100 years ago… Diorama: The scratch build Crossley Tender & Trailer was the basis for this project and the goal was to depict a Squadron of S.e.5a's which have come back from a patrol over enemy lines. One of the planes did a crash landing and is brought back by the Crossley and trailer. I knew, that to get ‘feel' of a Squadron wou
  12. Next project in the pipeline: Ever since i watched 'Aces High' (1976 tv movie) I have always wanted to do this diorama. I think the film catches the atmosphere of the RFC during WWI! Although the 'Aces High' film is showing it's age today, it stayed with me and did make a lasting impression on me. Some of you may know the project of the crashed S.e.5a and the Crossley RFC tender + trailer i did a while back? That project was part of a larger plan, to finally get to do this RFC diorama with S.e.5a's. I have been working a little on an off, on the planes, when I needed a distraction from ot
  13. Hi, Here's my finished Ninak. I am still planning on building a base for her, but that may take some time as I can't quite find what I want. The kit is near perfect, as usual with WNW. Making pics was challenging due to the size of the model, the Ninak is large. Hence the pics are not that great. It's build OOB, except for the HGW seat belts and bomb accessories. I enjoyed every minute of the build.
  14. Hello , For now two and a half year I am addicted to Wingnut Wings and have build nothing else in that time. If you have ever tried to build one of their kits you know what quality is and don't want go back to normal stuff. For me it is the first time to start a full building thread on this forum , before I have only posted final pictures in Ready for Inspection. I guess most of you know the DH9A Ninak , it was one of the latest planes developed during WW1 on british side. It was powered with a ( for it's time ) very strong 400 hp V12 Liberty engine and with it's top speed of 192
  15. When this GB first started, Ernie (Clunkmeister) asked me what I was planning to build. After some back and forth where I finally admitted to having never built a biplane, he graciously offered me a Silver Wings Hawker Hart kit gratis so i could participate. Wait, you're wondering that's not a Hart. Long story short, the Hart has taken a bit of a detour through our postal system. Going on Ernie's suggestions i picked up this kit as a placeholder and more importantly, something to cut my teeth on. So this build is to celebrate the friendships that i have formed on here and in part
  16. Hi guys, This is my first WnW kit. It was absolutely relaxing OOB build. Used Tamiya and GSI acrylics mainly, and Ammo weathering product for finish. I did rigging in easy way, with no turnbuckles, just silver paint. At the end, to be honest, I'm not satisfied with outcome. Even turnbuckles are not so prominent on Snipe, on my next WnW project will use at least some grey tubes. And yes, didnt use the flat rigging. But will try on my next biplane, which should be postwar Dh.9a Coastal Kits insignia base used for display. WIP link: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?sho
  17. Hello , Inspired by the excellent wip from tucohoward I decided to build my WnW DWF late in the same way as he did. So I have to start here with a great sorry for the copy version I have build. So , what can I say about this kit ? It is excellent like the other ones I have build before from this company. No problems , perfect fit and a lot of detail oop. Was a great fun to build and relatively easy finished within 1,5 months. Only aftermarket parts I used were textile safety belts from HGW and a mixture of Eduard Resin and Master PE-Barrel for the Parabellum 14 MG. Without much
  18. Hi ! It's my last finished model. I started it about 2 years and a half ago, stopped and restarted it several times. I even stripped the whole fuselage and repainted it as i was not satisfied of my first try of the sponge camo (yes i had to redo the whole wood grain finish of the fuselage....). But finally it's done, and i'm happy with it. It's an Albatros built Albatros D.Va of the Seefrontstaffel 1, flight by Lothar Weiland It's built mostly OOB except the very nice HGW Daimler radiator, Master brass Spandau barrels and sleaves, and a few details from Taurus in the engine (valve
  19. Hello , I have started this very enjoyable build in November 2016 and because of it's relatively simple construction finished it in only 1,5 months. Buil was straitforward , the parts fit excellent and the only aftermarket parts used where textile belts from HGW and a Parabellum 14 MG with mixed parts from Eduard Brassin and Master barrel. I can recommend this kit very much for WW1 beginners because it has very few rigging lines ( only the stirring lines for the rudders ). Without too many word , here are the pictures , hope you enjoy.
  20. Since I've been building parts of so many kits lately and flipping between the subjects so quickly, I'm going to maintain this thread as my own WWI group build and try to keep the content coming frequently so that no-one gets bored and so that it looks like I'm actually progressing on things. Currently on the go are the following Wingnut kits and the photos below show their levels of completion: 2x Albatros D.V, a Pfalz D.IIIa, a Gotha, and also I've started dry-fitting bits from the early Felixstowe. The single-seaters are being done as quick builds so I have done, or will be doing, only
  21. OK, since no one else has obliged themselves of this task, I thought I'd kick it off. This is purely speculation and/or wishing on my part, so please bear that in mind. We already know about the impending Camel series, so as far as I'm concerned, those are off the table for this list. What I think is a possibility: Fokker D.VI Fokker D.VIII Sopwith Strutter Taube What I'd really like to see: Fokker Dr.I Fokker D.III Nieuport 16 Nieuport 17 SPAD VII SPAD XIII
  22. Well gents my last couple of WIPs/builds have really gotten the better of me, and although I will return to them at some point, I need a feel good sanity check build. Something I can actually complete. Something I can work on and feel good about it being 100% OOB. Although Im not normally a WWI guy, there is no better feel good build IMHO than a WnW kit. Ive always wanted to try my hand at a Inter-war machine, and loved to try to incorporate some foiling in as well. I thought there would be no better kit suited, than a WnW late Sopwith Snipe, from 17 Sqn in 1924, with all silver dope paint
  23. Hello I have been looking for a set of Fish Scale decals for a WNW Roland C.II Walfisch. Are there any made to date? As I have seen this lovey work today on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/115991888428471/ https://scontent-lax3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpt1/v/t1.0-9/12241267_10153385978399247_108015030566513103_n.jpg?oh=116e356721ebfb5fcdb2452c10bd60ad&oe=56B64C89 Cheers Danny
  24. Hi ! Here is my first finished WNW model (i still have 2 on the bench). It was a pain to rig, but i think it is most because it's the first time for me. That was not very difficult, but very long. The kit is very nice, as usual with WNW kits. It's pretty simple with not too much parts. The paint job is also pretty simple, but monocolor schemes are not the easiest to do, if you want to make it cool (not flat color with no variation, boring like death to look at....). I find it a bit too dark, but it depends a lot of the ambiant light, so i dont really know. The good point with british PC i
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