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  1. Absolutely! Thanks! The paints were tamiya XF16 (2 parts) : XF19 (1 part) sprayed over flat black primer. Once all the decalling and weathering was done, I covered it in Mr hobby lacquer semi gloss.
  2. Here are a few shots of my Pfalz. I used Gaspatch guns and turnbuckles as well as Taurus models rocker arms, springs and spark plugs. I did as much of the internal piping as I couldfind space for. This kit itself was fantastic, as per usual with WnW kits, I'm glad I have a few more sitting in the stash. The only parts that needed shaving or filling there the fuselage/lower wing join and the interior frame just in front of the fuel tank. Full Album here WIP thread here Cheers!
  3. Eyelets, turnbuckles and landing gear installed.
  4. Struts are on Ive started making the stand for propping up the back of the airplane. Eventually I'll be making a diorama for this model although it might not happen for a few months.
  5. Applied the last of the oil weathering, flare rack and tail control surfaces.
  6. More oils added. I'll be adding a litte bit more of the starboard side before sealing it all in and starting final construction.
  7. Mud splatters applied to the undersides
  8. I've finally got to my favorite part: Oil weathering! This is the first of many passes with the oils. I tend to add a little bit each day until I'm satisfied.
  9. And much masking was had by all... The decals lifted slightly under a test mask so I ended up using paper to cover the decals: The result: Onto the oils
  10. I've begun shading the rib tapes. The underside tapes will be slightly darker and the upper side tapes slightly lighter. I started by masking the top wing undersides (sorry for the out-of-focusness): After a light coat of tamiya smoke: The effect is very light, as I like all of my shading to be very subtle. Onto the rest of the wings...
  11. Started putting the wash on the smaller bits. I've also come across a problem: the propellor I used (Heine) doesn't fit inside the prop hub. I'm not sure if I'm going to carve the hub until it fits or display it disassembled.
  12. Decals are on and soaking under some mirco sol
  13. Yellow stripes masked: Green was then sprayed and the masks removed.: Again, the edges are a little rough and some cleaning-up will be necessary.
  14. The coronavirus has shut down all school here in Spain, so progress should speed up on the pfalz in the next few weeks. Today I started painting the empennage chevrons. First, I masked for the yellow sections: Quick and light marble base: Unmasked: Again, not perfect but I'm satisfied with the result. Next up will be masking the yellow and spraying the light green.
  15. In the end I didnt mask anything as I didnt want to lift the metallic paint. Instead, I slowly chipped away the paint with an xacto blade, followed by brushing on some paint to help hide the edge. It's not perfect, but its better. Once fixed, I sprayed the underside of the loewr wing and the topside of the top wing. While that dried I added a wrap to the tail skid. I then removed all the engine and cockppit masking and started painting the primed metal hatches on the surfaces.
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