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  1. More than shocked here if i'm honest. In some respects i feel cheated out of a British aircraft given that it is 100 years since the mighty Royal Air Force came into being (proudly served in for 17 years). Catering for the American and Far eastern markets in my opinion. Not on my buying radar
  2. Pleased for those that wanted it but....BOOOOOOOOO!
  3. Ooooo a Tonka please!!!! Worked on the GR1 and GR4 with 14 and 15 Sqns (Bruggen and Lossie respectively). Happy days
  4. Or they could just (massively) upgrade their 1/144 VC10 to 1/24 .... meanwhile back down here on planet earth lol
  5. Personally i'd love a new Hurricane Mk.I, Beaufighter or a Spitfire Mk.IX (the best looking one imho). I sincerely hope (and this is no disrespect to our American buddies) it's nothing yank. Not even a P51 used by the British. I want a totally British designed and built aircraft given the 100th anniversary of the mighty Royal Air Force. At a push though i'd plumb for it if they decided to release a Bf110 G4 kit in 1/24 lol
  6. Pulling up a chair and following this one. I'd love to get my hands on this kit.
  7. Loving this build. Never heard of Maketar masks but shall be looking them up. *note to self.... just seen their page on the forum....DOH!*
  8. It's basically the Revell / Pro-Modeller kit built under licence by Hasegawa. Unfortunately i cannot read Japanese so cannot say which variant it is. It gives a callout of ZG1 and ZG76 for the squadrons but other then that i'm stuck. I'll just use the Pro-Modeller instructions for anything i'm not sure on.
  9. I have the Pro-Modeller Me410 B1 and Revell licenced Hasegawa Me410 B 'Waspen' kit versions of this. Can't wait to start them after seeing your superb efforts on here. Following with pleasure
  10. I really don't see why some people on here are taking some things so seriously and/or personally. Yes it is great that there will be two options for buying a fantastic well loved famous (and best) four engine bomber. The diss'in of one kit over an other is something that i find personally childish. Yes i know there are 'rivet counters' who crave for the perfect kit and will pay the earth for such. More power to them. But i for one cannot afford such high value kits (also SWMBO would never allow me to buy it) and know my modelling limitations. I could never do the WNW kit any justice. What i'm basically trying to say that yes, the HK kit might have more flaws than the WNW kit (presumably) but please don't write off a kit just because of it. Some people can probably only afford the HK kit and therefore their right to buy it should be respected. As should the right of those buying the WNW. There seems to be a trend on here and other forums of bashing a kit just because it's not the most expensive or exclusive to buy. I hope this doesn't offend anyone because i really don't intend it to. I don't post much on here but i certainly admire those on here with more talent and knowledge then i do
  11. Just a quick question to the OP. Are you the same Rick Brown from the Facebook Fw190 forum?
  12. Heaven forbid it but I'm going to ask the OP original question. When is that actual date for the kit to be released?
  13. Bugger. So I've got my hopes up for nothing. All I want is a decent Fw190 A8 with a BMW801 to show off lol
  14. I'll take your word for it Wurzacher. I've never ordered from him before
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