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  1. 5 minutes ago, Thunnus said:

    Very nice update! The wing joints look very good but that stabilizer seems to be giving most modelers some issues.  I'll have to take a closer look at that when the time comes.  It seems like it SHOULD be better since Hasegawa goes out of its way to provide that additional sleeve piece between the two tail halves to get the stabilizers at the right angle.


    Just curious... Is the back of the instrument panel visible from the outside once the windshield is put into place?

    Dennis, you’re making great progress, and I love seeing it come together!


    John, I don’t recall doing anything specific about the stabilizer fit in my build, but I might have thinned the interlocking tabs to improve it. For the instrument panel gap, I can barely see anything, and I built mine without the inner pane.


    Hope this helps,  Tom

  2. I have the kit, the Master cannon and antenna, and Armory wheels, but the holy grail would be the Eduard interior and exterior sets. I am curious if Eduard would re-release these, considering they released several sets for the Academy AH-1Z.


    Cheers,  Tom

  3. Great work Viper! This shows some of the potential of these kits. These models are actually a good starting point, with the basic shape correct and raised rivets. 


    Cheers,  Tom

  4. When I walk into a store I am more often than otherwise one of the few wearing a mask, and people stare at me as if I’m the crazy one. Note that my state has recently had one of the highest COVID-19 daily infection rates in the U.S..


    a) what are they thinking when they look at me?

    b) why aren’t they wearing a mask?

    c) is this the case where you live?


    Please note I am not trying to start any arguments here, I am just curious.


    Cheers,  Tom

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