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  1. What the others have said. Jolly good show old chap!
  2. Yeah, I have the Wolfpack F-86F in my stash, it's basically a re-boxed Kinetic kit. Something wrong with the overall shape though, just doesn't look right. Hoping that Tamiya will do a 1/32 F-86 the same way they did with the P-51.... one day. Looking forward to the rest of your build.
  3. How's the riveting coming along Madmax?
  4. I'm waiting in anticipation! In the meantime, I will be following your build religiously!
  5. Not only the model, but your photography skills as well is outstanding!
  6. Might have been a standard colour? Great build by the way.
  7. Ah, a Korean era F-86, my favorite subject! If you do come across a pic of 554, please share(i collect Korean era F-86 pics and don't have this one yet) Also have a Wolfpack F-86 in the stash that is very similar to the Italeri, so following your build with interest.
  8. Now that you know, possible future project?
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