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  1. Thanks Guys - glad the pics wre of some interest. Brad G: well there you go! Indeed - what is it with that bl**dy filter! What was Hobby Boss thinking - and how did I miss it??!! Well spotted. Seems the squardon should be No.185 (not 603), and there's now a question about the yellow Sqn code colours. "Such is life" as Ned said! Cheers, Ralph.
  2. No Kev - won't make it down. Looking forward to seeing some pics from the event though. (Wish I could work out how the "Quote" buttons work...). Cheers, Ralph.
  3. Hello Gents. Very kind and generous sentiments. Very much appreciated. Thank you. Kev: I'd be chuffed. Hope all's in readiness for Model Expo. Cheers, Ralph.
  4. Happy to provide extra info on the mods if anyone is interested. Thanks for looking. Cheers, Ralph.
  5. Hobby Boss kit with mods using parts from the Tamiya Mk.IX and the Hasegawa Mk.I. Aftermarket included props from GMF, exhausts from Quickboost, wing cannons from Master-Model, and wheels from BarracudaCast. Extra rivet detail added to the engine panels with Radu's wheels, and markings painted on using masks from Mal Mayfield.
  6. cheers Gents. Undersides done. The tinted Dullcote grime was followed by thinned Games Workshop Babab Black wash here and there, and water-soluble FABER-CASTELL pencils. The pencils are similar to using oils as they can be blended into the paintwork, or wiped away if necessary - only with water instead of white spirit. Much quicker for the impatient. Thanks for looking. Cheers, Ralph.
  7. MIG's "Shadow Brown" oil wash, followed by testors Dullcote tinted with small amounts of Tamiya's XF-68 NATO Brown and XF-69 NATO Black... ... starts to get ugly up close... Seems there's now information suggesting that EP200 retained the original underside "Sky" colour and the earlier style underwing roundels. Thanks for looking. Cheers, Ralph.
  8. thanks Gents - appreciate your interest and comments. Frank: not really figured out the canopy hood. The kit part in the open position is the simplest. Fitting the Tamiya part would need careful thinning of the inside of the part whrer it meets the fuselage, and some generous scraping of the respective fuselage areas. Maybe I need to fire up the Dremel??!!. Don't have facilities for vac-forming so that one's out for me. Kit decals were applied - they worked well with MICRO SET. For those interested in more accuracy, I'd suggest thinking about some aftermarket stencils though.
  9. Comments/critisim welcomed. Thanks for looking. Cheers, Ralph.
  10. markings painted using Mal Mayfield's Mircle Paint Masks... 3:1 mix of XF-69 NATO Black and XF-1 Flat Black for the modified black 3:1 mix of XF-3 Flat Yellow and XF-4 Yellow Green over straight XF-4 X-3 Royal Blue, and 1:1 mix of XF-7 Flat Red and XF-10 Flat Brown not sure about the code placement - the "GL" wouldn't fit between the roundel and the serilal number, so "say no more..."
  11. been a while... found a Malta Spitfire scheme, so preshading with XF-52 Flat Earth and XF-54 Dark Sea Grey... equal parts XF-52 and XF-79 Linoleum Deck Brown for the RAF Dark Earth, and equal parts XF-54 and XF-18 Medium Blue for the blue-grey...
  12. Great to see this one again Frank. Who was it that said "I love it when a plan comes together..."? Looks like the fun starts very soon! Cheers, Ralph.
  13. Have to agree with PhilB. Something about the Spitfire in MTO colours and the Star-and-Bar. Great choice. Very tidy work indeed. Cheers, Ralph.
  14. Great to see you getting closer and closer. Well-earned reward not too far away. Cheers, Ralph.
  15. After a resounding "that just goes to show that you can't build models for sh#!" call my local door gunner modelling friends, here's the evidence that proves them right... As I've not seen anything but "great fit... no filler needed... pure modelling joy... " reports, I take all responsibility for the mess I've managed to make - and accept the door gunners' call. I hear the basket weavers calling...
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