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  1. Hi guys, Looking for a pilot? I found those : http://shop.48specialmodels.com/epages/33691fa1-837e-4ecf-b59a-6d754ea56819.sf/en_AU/?ObjectPath=/Shops/33691fa1-837e-4ecf-b59a-6d754ea56819/Products/18000104 They are good, but need some improvement... You can have alors crew for F-14, F-18, F-104. Regards,
  2. Awesome work! Do you confirm the bombs and Lantirn pod came from Anyuta 3D on shapeways ? Or did you designed them yourself? By the way pm sent... Regards, Erwan
  3. Hi Steve!, Would you be kind enough to give me the dimension of the LANTIRN...???? I need to scratchbuild one for my conversion... Thank for your help... Regards!
  4. Steve, Started getting info for mine... Ordered 2 resin F-14 Pilot and RIO...and got something interesting: a 1/18 decal sheet or carbon fiber, to model the cardon Kevlar coating of the engine just aft of the turkey feather...which seem black, but is carbon on the real cat... Regards, Erwan
  5. Absolutely magnificent work .... that's all I have to say ... makes me just being aware how poor my skills are!!! And it means that my first post here will be around 2037... so stay tuned!!! More seriously, for those interested, I just purchased TwoMikes feather less exhausts... i just recommend them! If you are interested I can make a short review here.. let me know! Regards,
  6. Hi A-10LOADER! Just got one a week ago... and your work is more than inspiring to me! I even got a decal sheet from the Sprue Brother... I am following your builds like an instruction sheet! Thank for sharing!
  7. Hi guys Got mine today, Really happy with it! Casting is flawless, props pitch can be adjusted.. And a couple of pilots helmets included ! Thanks Harold,
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