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  1. I’ve lost my enthusiasm...I’ve got 4 LSP in my stash plus a few Mclaren F1 cars, and a GT40 in gulf colours. Facing leave without pay for undetermined amount of time, and possible loss of job. So yeah. Not feeling it right now
  2. Last year I subscribed to imageshack for $20 (premium account for one year). Anyone who who is using imageshack I would recommend you check your subscription I was curious about my renewal so I checked this evening. Premium account is now ...wait for it ....only $100 per month or the low low price of $953 per year!!!! If your imageshack account is set to auto renew, you might be in for an expensive surprise Basic accounts now cost nearly $40 per year. I don’t know when the prices changed but I really liked the idea of $20 per year and enjoyed using the product. Now I’ll probably be looking elsewhere....$953....seriously?!
  3. Ok for interest, I went to my local Tokyo stores. Zero TA152’s ...but a couple of 1/32 Horton Wings if anyone’s interested.
  4. Fenous....I live in Tokyo. There’s a couple of stores near me that stock ZM kits, I’ll have a look next week for you if I get a chance. Cheers. HB
  5. Not going to happen my friend! It’s the Japanese way ...you’ve heard of KISS (keep it simple stupid)? The Japanese have KIDS (keep it difficult stupid!)
  6. I never touched the inside of the canopy at all, and I didn't tape it with anything either, cheers.
  7. Canopy originally had a seam on it, so I was happy how it turned out
  8. Ok I'm not familiar with the Novus brand, but that doesn't mean much at all because I'm a complete novice at this stuff! But what I have found is that polishing at 90 with progressively finer grades can help remove the fine embedded scratches, I also do this when I sand the primer/paint on a model. Also, I use the Tamiya polishing compounds and have found them to be excellent, along with their gloss varnish to finish/protect the canopy, and it worked quite well for me. From memory I think I even used a circular motion with progressively finer compound pastes and it wasn't an issue (used the Tamiya polishing clothes as well) For clarification I just put a dab of the compound straight on the canopy then polish until the compound has disappeared. Then I'll move to the next fine grade etc etc...so it's all "wet" polishing. I used to use micro mesh with progressively finer grades (3200 -12000 etc) but now I just use the Tamiya paste in progressively finer grades What I can't tell you is how the gloss varnish will react to CA glue, haven't tried that as I use white glue to attach my canopies.
  9. Me too...thats actually why I polish canopies now!
  10. What polishing compound are you using? And when you polishing do you change the direction in which you polish by 90 degrees each time? Ie 3200 grit along the canopy lengthwise then 12000 grit 90 degrees to the 3200...
  11. haveblue

    1/32 B-29?

    Without introducing thread drift... I’ve lived in Japan for the last 3 years. They aren’t taught their history in school, they bury it or retell it differently to how it actually happened (eg they teach they were liberating China from incoming allies not invading China ). A lot of Japanese wouldn’t even know what a B29 is or what it’s bombed. I’ve worked with people here that looked utterly shocked and confused when I mention the Japanese occupation of Singapore etc. As mentioned previously if there’s a yen to be made they’ll make it. (Lots of mustangs and cosairs out there) Also as previously mentioned...yeah there’s no where to hang that monster in a standard 20-30 sq metre apartment
  12. Yes it looks like the release date is December 22nd 13000 yen which is $115 USD, $160 AUD Have a great Xmas everyone, hope you find one of these under your tree
  13. Correct, definitely 1:72....trust me I scouted that show looking for 1:32 items!
  14. I know there has been a lot discussion about the WNW Lancaster , but here are some other pictures from the show: I saw this 1:32 P40 buried in amongst things, label says basically "show display only, pricing and release to be determined"....made by a company called G.W.H Hobby Boss 1:32 B24 HKM 1:32 Lancaster 1:48 Tamiya Spitfire Weren't a lot of bargains out there but I did manage to snag one of these (even though I didn't need it!!! ) for $175 USD!
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