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  1. Lovely! A wonderful Emil How was the kit? I've had some bad experiences with trumpeter, but yours came out perfectly (so it's probably me!)
  2. That's absolutely outstanding... just flawless!
  3. Beautiful, I love the contrast with the 'bare' wooden parts and the normal finish we see. How was the Revell kit? I know it's an old kit but I've seen it online very cheaply - it is tempting! Cheers
  4. Hi Thannus, thanks for the reply. If I used an enamel metallic primer , and used acrylic over that, would I still need to use hairspray to protect it? Or would that not be advisable since acrylic might not spray well over a metallic finish? Cheers
  5. Hi John - thanks for the advice. I have tried the chipping away method using a silver primer - I may go back to this on my next build. Thannus - Thanks for the info and great pictures. Nick - I've heard a lot of good things about MRP, but they don't seem to have made it to Indonesia yet! What's the advantage of lacquer based paints compared to enamel / acrylic? - they are very popular but I haven't tried them yet, although the Mr. Colour lacquer range is available. Cheers
  6. That's absolutely staggeringly good, just perfection How did you do your paint chipping on the ring root areas - it looks fantastic
  7. Thanks Ernest. On the prop, the decals silvered horribly. I used Tamiya black from a rattle can, before using acrylic gloss. Decals used mr. Strong decal fix solutionWould this be the reason why these decals seemed to silver far more than the rest of the plane which was acrylic gloss over acrylic paint? One thing about using an airbrush I've realised is the different combinations and issues than come with so many different layers! Cheers
  8. Hi Ernest, Thanks for the tips. I definitely was fighting this , and I'm sure you're right , my paint wasn't thin enough. I was painting pretty close, but not with a 50/50 mixture. When using gloss, if I think too much will the gloss still offer protection? I've been using gloss coats with very little thinning - is this being over cautious? Cheers
  9. Hi Everyone, thanks for all the comments and feedback. Nick - so you'd recommend a thinner mixture at lower pressure? I'll try that next time. My logic was that the paint needed to be more concentrated to avoid splatter, but obviously that didn't work! I'm using Mr. Acrysion at the moment. It's the easiest to get hold of, although Vallejo is starting to become available in my area. I prefer to work with acrylics. Were Allied propellers also wooden? I'm sure I've seen chipping on propellers for them, but you're right - shouldn't be any chipping with wood! Thanks for all the advice - this forum is such a goldmine of tips and help. Lud13 - thanks for the kind words! I definitely enjoy mottling - am looking at Revell's new 262 as a possible future project. Dennis - you're definitely right about consistency. One thing I'm bad at is learning when to switch off the airbrush and call it a day - it's so easy to just try to finish x or y in one sitting, even when the paint is coming out differently from earlier on! Ernest - I actually used a .5mm nozzle - I've ordered a .2mm and .3mm for my next build, as I know such a big nozzle wasn't ideal. Again, thanks for the kind words. Freight Dog - Thanks for the kind words! I really like the look of Japanese aircraft and their chipping - thinking of dipping my toes into those waters in the future. I'm going to try an artists pencil next build and see how it turns out.
  10. Thanks Jeff, really appreciate it. Got a long way to go but I'm happy with my progress with airbrushing, slowly but surely. Cheers
  11. Hi John, thanks for the comment. I was happy with it on the back of the canopy, but I think it came off too thick on the wing root area. Might try an artist's pencil next time. I'm trying to soak up as much information from these forums as I can - they are a goldmine of tips! Cheers
  12. Hi Everyone, here is the last of the three models I've been working on recently. Another hasegawa, the 109 G-14. As always lovely kit (although the decals / instructions could be better). I am trying to try a new technique every build - this time it was black basing. I was really happy with how it turned out on the bottom. I'll definitely be using this method again - I don't have faith in my ability to preshade, but this method does seem to add some depth. I tried to really keep the chipping to a minimum this time, as I tend to overdo this. Thanks for looking in!
  13. Me again! This is my third kit with an airbrush, another great Hasegawa kit. Kit is brilliant. Decals aren't the best - was a struggle to get them down at times. I'm trying to use a new technique every kit, and this was my first kit using chalk washes. Still learning I certainly found it useful for the interior - less sure about how much at added to the body overall. Tried to be too clever and paint the area underneath the stars on the invasion stripes before adding the decals - but managed to get my measurements wrong, meaning the painted areas in black didn't match up with the decals! A lesson learnt for sure. The green is too bright, but I'd finished my olive drab and was determined to finish this kit with what I had. Overdid the paint chipping again - too easy to go overboard with the sponge method - I'm going to look for alternatives! Thanks for looking in!
  14. Hi Everyone, This my attempt at Hasegawa's D-9. As we all know, it's a beautiful kit , great engineering and detail. This is my second attempt at using an airbrush (there was an aborted T*****ter kit, but the less said about that the better! This was my first time mottling with an airbrush - still playing around with pressure - my compressor is a mini electric one, so it's more a case of playing with the valve than any sort of precise measurements! I also tried paint chipping with the sponge effect, and went way overboard!
  15. Thanks, Rad Baron, appreciate it Thanks Kevin - I did find it very enjoyable wants I started to get the hand of the airbrush. Much more rewarding than a rattle can ! Thanks Mike. Using an AB has really changed the game for me - I can't believe I didn't get one sooner. The one I got was the same price as the P-40 - bargain! Thanks Mozart, It's great to be here! I have seen MRP paints and they look great - anything premixed sounds perfect! Unfortunately where I'm based (Surabaya, Indonesia) they are impossible to get hold of (importing things like paint is a very long process!)There is not even a LHS in Surabaya - were a few great ones in Jakarta. I used Mr. Acrysion for this build - they are the easiest to get hold of. Thanks Nick. I definitely want to try blackballing next - I have seen how good the results are on these forums. I actually did the panel lines twice (they are definitely over done!). As I didn't feel confident in pre shading with an airbrush, I used the ol' 4b pencil trick. It is more visible on the bottom, as on the top the multiple coats it doesn't really show. So I then doubled down and tried another approach! As enamel Panel wash is very difficult for me to get hold of, I then tried an 'acrylic ' wash of 1 part grey paint + 6 parts water + a drop of washing up liquid. It worked well on some panels but didn't clean up very well on the raised areas (as you can see the smudges around some panel lines). Not sure if I got the mix wrong, or my cleaning attempt wasn't thorough enough. Does anyone have any good recommendations for panel wash that can be 'home made'?
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