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  1. Was looking at cockpit color references and found this on the internet. The link is from the Smithsonian NASM (National Air & Space Museum). Nice little write up and you can download the pics for private use (14 pix for Me-163). Looks like you select the Collections link oon the main page and then search. Found a nice selection of the Ho-229, another of my favorites. I love big wings and no tail. Anywho for those who are curious and its free! https://airandspace.si.edu/collection-objects/messerschmitt-me-163b-1a-komet/nasm_A19530072000
  2. Brian thanks for the heads up on the fuse final join. It does look like a lot all at once.
  3. Great subject! The Yahu panel is pretty nice. Excellent work on the cockpit.
  4. Looking good! I like the weathering in the pit area...
  5. Cool! I am building the recently released Meng models Me-163B. It will be neat to see how they compare.
  6. Quick question; did you sue the Eduard "Look" instrument panel? It really looks the part. Also really like the busted up prop assembly and spinner.
  7. Thanks to everyone for the welcome and curiosity to have a look. OK so here is the Box Art, pretty nice but NOT by me...LoL. And dry fit of the cockpit assembly before paint. It really was quite a simple layout. I apologize if I made any photo insert faux pas. Using Google Pics for a source / host. Curious what other use to host...
  8. Hello just started the Meng 1/32 ME-163. So I thought I would add it to the build group. Pics to follow with progress, shortly. When I figure it out.
  9. Just ordered the ModelMonkey 1/24 P-51D (K) Wheel Well section! Way more detail than I expected. It also includes dihedral correction for the kit (Airfix P-51D 1/24). Thanks Stephen!
  10. Really cool video... Thanks for sharing. I find the interior colors of interest. There is room for a lot of discussion on that it looks like... LoL!
  11. Hello! Nice finish ! Can anyone say if it has a motor or other interior areas?
  12. And there you have it! Mid-August is a great start date for this project! LoL!!! Steve great to hear you will have a spar kit on the way soon... I'll be standing by. Thanks Everyone!
  13. No worries Lee... I think I have the same book in the mail on the way. 1/16 armor is HARD to do without it looking like a toy. Having said that, Dave Parker (Meng AFV Modeler and Meng Air Modeler magazines) makes it look easy.
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