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  1. Fantastic! Loved UFO but never could figure out the one shot done design. At least some secondary armament is a must. I would love to get something like this as well as a big scale Sky1. My old semi toylike Imai kits will have to suffice Cheers Max Bryant
  2. Nicely done. I am a huge Alien fan and here is a bit of trivia concerning your comment about the eggs appearance. H.R. Giger, the Swiss Artist who's designs were used for Alien, originally designed the egg with a single opening. The movie studio said it looked way too much like the anatomical reference you referenced. They made him alter the appearance and he added the other cross opening to make it look less 'human'. Giger's paintings rely heavily on erotic images and there are plenty in Alien. As an example just take a look at the head of your model looking from the middle back to the end...... Hello! Max Bryant
  3. Yes, the HK kit will be more affordable for me and at 1/32 more easily assimilated into the collection. Although I find myself really wanting the new Airfix Typhoon Max Bryant
  4. I got this sheet probably shortly after it was released and shortly after I acquired my HK B-25. I paid the full 20.00 or thereabouts asking price for the sheet and it was worth every cent. Beautiful decals plain and simple. A downright steal at what Mike is giving these away for.... A real shame they did not sell well for him and he will no longer release seperate decals for anything other than his own home spun resin goodies.... Max Bryant
  5. I am neither a hoarder or a rip off artist. I put mine up for sale on Ebay last spring to get some cash for a college project my daughter was involved in. I got 400.00 dollars for it. If it is any consolation I have regretted selling it ever since, nor will I probably replace it for over 200.00. I just hope the HK 1/32 kit is as nice and carries a more affordable (to me) price tag.... Max Bryant
  6. If you are talking about in 1/48 the P-40E they did early in their history was a copy of someone elses. Probably Otaki or Revell. The P-40 F/L kits from several years ago are the AMT kits. The 1/32 P-40 B/C is a Trumepeter kit..... Cheers Max Bryant
  7. You don't get shipping for 6 bucks if you just order the Jug. Comes to 139.00 and 39.00 of it is shipping... Still 140.00 aint far off from what VFS sold em for. I had 2 VFS kits and sold one. I still have one and ask myself. How many huge jugs does a man really need? I know some smart... will say 'A Pair' Max Bryantg
  8. I wish they would do a Mid-Wing George and then the Holy Three From Revell can forever RiP Max Bryant
  9. I am looking to replace the exhausts in the Revell 1/32nd Tony. I am aware that Quickboost does a set for the Hasegawa kit. I also am not sure they look accurate. So does anyone know if they are accurate? Or should I look at a set for the ME-109 and if so which set? Cheers, Max Bryant
  10. The VFS P-47 is fine kit. I had two but sold one. My only reservation is the wheels. They are hollow vinyl much like a car model. I hope Kinetic does thm in plastic or resin. Just my opinion. Now if the Kinetic repop i indeed 69.00 I will hav to re-aquire a second one. I have some lovely Zotz decals fo them Max Bryant
  11. Cannot go wrong with a Paasche H with a #3 tip. Been using the same one for almost 35 years! Cleanup and disassembly is super quick and easy. Parts if you ever need any are readily available and very affordable. Sure there are fancier double action brushes and I own several. I reach for my Paasche H almost everytime as it really will do what we as modelers would require from an airbrush. Now if you want to do photo restoration or a fancy layout for Airbrush Action magazine then go for something alot pricier :-) Max Bryant
  12. mightymax

    Kit Prices

    Prices have gone up cause there are fewer of us "kids" buying these days. The market has shrunk and the demographic has shifted. Hey Troy, Where did you get a 219 for 52.00 shipped? I snagged one off Ebay last night for 62.00 shipped.... Budget has been real tight these last several months and I decided to treat myself to a 219.... I would be all over WNW kits if rigging did not scare me. I do have a WNW Albatross I picked up from a friend who was selling it cheap and it is beautiful I must say. I do have the old Revell 1/28 kits and one or two HC and Roden but just thinking of rigging makes me cringe. I do wish I had bought the WNW W.29 though.... Max Bryant Max Bryant
  13. What's an Aluminum Falcon!!! Nicely done!!! Max Bryant
  14. The picture of the rivet maker in Dodgem37's post is identical to the one I have, only mine is what it really is. It is called a beading tool and is used in making beaded jewelry. I bought mine off of Ebay for about 20 bucks. Just search for beading tool and you will find it. Max Bryant
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