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  1. I think that is a difficult call, 1/ the model is a function of the CAD processor power - as commented on by Dave Alexander 2/ modern restorations cannot be compared to wartime builds, because a/ the quality of the contemporary metal sheet will be much higher than wartime, b/ modern restorations take years of time by craftsmen, whereas Wartime aircraft were knocked out in hours - and I have heard how many wartime wings have been shimmed out because nothing quite fits, which all goes to create stress in the surface that would not be there in a restoration. All modern restorati
  2. ? I was commenting on the Revell Spitfire MkII a in 1/32
  3. And I have no doubt the surface of these aircraft is a measure of their manufacture and the gauge of sheet ally used, not of age. look at wartime pics and unrestored Spitfires = very uneven skin look at modern reproductions = very smooth skin.
  4. When you next visit the UK, make a trip to RAF Hendon to see the original Lanc there, and you will see without the misleading nature of photography, just how accurate, and well done the WNW surface is. - It is a new dawn in modelling and I have no doubt will be seen as such in time.
  5. I bet you the WNW Lanc sells as well as the Gotha IV and the Felixstowe 2a, and the reason the HK lanc is not selling, is exactly the same as the reason so few HK Mossie's sold once the Tamiya was out. Credit to HK but they have been outdone by the accuracy and quality of WNW and Tamiya.
  6. Wouldn't it be nice if WNW through the success of their Lancs went on to do a really accurate, Spitfire Mk 1 [IN lots of early mid and late boxings] a MkII, a really Good Hurricane [early and late and a Mk II series I] a Defiant, a Blenheim or two, a Battle, an accurate Bf109 a/b/c/d and most of all E1/3/4, a Do 17 E/M/P,Z1.Z2? a really accurate JU 87 B1, B2 etc etc etc? All the aircraft that are most popular in 1/72 and 1/48, but totally absent, or very badly executed in 1/32. It may never happen such is their focus on WW1, but given that this is the most neglected area of all in 1/32..... w
  7. PCM is OOP, is the Fly Mk I still available? or OOP? too?
  8. I agree the Hurricane was a much better effort than the new Spitfire IIa 1/32, but it is a very old kit and OOP.
  9. Eduard's 1/32 Bf109e has exactly the same faults as their 1/48th scale BF109e. 1/There are several, but the most obvious ones are that the kit oil cooler duct exit is too large because it is missing the fillet that closes the rear of the lower cowl - something very obvious but rarely mentioned. 2/ the cross section of the fuselage behind the mainplane is wrong - it is too oval, whereas the fuselage becomes a box shape where it meets the fuel tank and cockpit [something that is wrong on most 109 kits, and conspicuously wrong on the Cyber Hobby 1/32 kit where the fuselage
  10. We'll we will see what the reaction is - I totally disagree with you about the lanc, but it will be released it will be built and there will eventually emerge a consensus as to how much WNW have taken forward 1/32 model kits. I predict it will be game-changing, and the result will be that Tamiya 1/32 Spitfires look old hat, but we will see - give it time and consensus will emerge from the experience of building these aircraft and the results achieved.
  11. I absolutely agree, and I suspect most modellers will come to see it as such in time, in which case it will be up to Tamiya et al to do retooled Spitfires and F4U's etc to catch up!
  12. I love it, and I think it is an enormous step forward in this field of model aircraft kits, and personally have no doubt it will be seen as such when the kits are out - the point is I don't lament the smooth, to my mind, inauthentic surface of the HK kit on a thread devoted to the WNW kit, - had people not expressed reservations about WNW's stressed skin, t would never have occurred to me to comment on the HK effort.
  13. - Yes - that they be as faithful a record of the original as possible.
  14. I don't know why on earth you would write or think like this? - if you want it "smooth" why not just content yourself with the HK kit and simply ignore WNW's, in my view fantastic efforts? With HK you have the option of a Mkl and a Chastise Lanc. Sorted. No more worries and the kits are out now so you can build one now......
  15. I agree with some of your reservations about WNW kits - thick cowlings, missing engine details etc etc - For my part the radiator scoop on the Junkers J1 needs a lot of work, in fact the first 4 kits are are obviously first efforts and latest efforts show great advances. But Tamiya do not represent overlapping fuselage panels - example on the 1/32 Spitfire Mk IXc - or dome rivets, in fact the rivets are just textureless smooth plastic in a dot. Worst of all their rib tape detail on rudder, elevators and ailerons is really clumsy and bears no relation to a Spitfire's tape, whereas
  16. - But then if you do not like this stressed skin effect, you can just....buy the HK kit Personally, I think the appearance is exactly right and gives the surface quality of the model the ideal surface to paint a weathered real aircraft like look. I'll go so far that I believe this kit is so far ahead in terms of accuracy and real aircraft character that once it is out, will make all existing kits including those by Tamiya in 1/32 look as old hat as kits with raised panel lines did when the first recessed line kits came out ,and that other manufacturers will have to scramble to cat
  17. I had a feeling there was a Pup with rockets abroad. No doubt there will be a Pfalz III. some time as well since some of the sprues are marked Pfalz III.a and some are marked Pfalz III/Pfalz III.a
  18. My pleasure entirely. I look forward to see what you come up with? A new resin part to anchor the ball turnbuckles perhaps? I had wondered about asking Gaspatch if they would do one since they have started doing the turnbuckles in resin. I also look forward to the changes you might make to the wing root. WNW are by far the best in my opinion now, but the kit Albatros's lower wing attachment has clearly been simplified for ease of assembly. Very interesting to compare the arrangement on a D.II or D.III with a D.V. The other very obvious simplification WNW have made I notice is
  19. My pleasure, I look forward to seeing what you do with the dimensions best wishes
  20. A Pfalz III would be great! and not quite a new kit since most of the sprues are already marked PfalzIIIa/PfalzIII
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