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  1. Yep, that's a stunner. I've built that exact same GPU unit too and now I need a 60s jet to go with it....
  2. That is beautifully built and painted. It's a lovely kit isn't it, and really suits the green/grey camo.
  3. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so no I would not mind I'd be honoured! Look forward to seeing it. It really is a lovely kit.
  4. That is really, really nice. I've built 2 of these myself, and your cowls fitted nicely where mine didn't. I was scratching my head about how you dropped the flaps until I got to the part where you explained it. Re the tail sitting, there's no excuse for KittyHawk as far as I'm concerned - I used the supplied weights also filled every empty space up front I could with extra lead - still ended up with the same tail props as you. All that said, it builds into a great looking bird and I share your affection for the type. Really well done.
  5. Thanks you all so much for the feedback I have been overwhelmed by it and am very grateful. Although I didn’t try and pass it off as a exact replica of the original, in response to feedback I re-did the over wing oil trails once I’d been pointed out how they should look .
  6. Oh man I think I’m in love. That’s just beautiful. Did I say it’s beautiful? Amazing. Best phantom I’ve seen.
  7. You've taken on one of the hardest tasks of aircraft modelling and I think it looks really good especially for a first go. Chipping is an extreme art. I now tend to try and use staining and fading of panels more than chipping to convey age and wear, but it depends on the subject of course eg a Japanese ww2 aircraft would be chipped to hell, and the chipping mediums are excellent for doing large ares. Anyway, I recall my first lufty build was not so successful I recall. Keep it up.
  8. Excellent work! Wish I had access to the tooling you have. Can’t wait to see it finished
  9. Thank you all for your very kind feedback it is very much appreciated.
  10. I’ve said that about other peoples work before but never thought I’d hear it about mine so that’s made me very proud thank you!
  11. All done now afaic. A few pics on RFI: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/89442-b-17g-“a-bit-o’lace”/&tab=comments#comment-1281664 Sorry I skipped the last few steps of weathering etc but I was making it up as I went along and was all done before I expected!
  12. WIP thread here https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/85552-hk-models-132-b-17g/ Here is my reference pic. She and her crew went through 83 missions and she survived the war only to end up scrapped. I’ve not aimed for a 100% replica of the original, but enough hopefully to capture her likeness: My longest project ever a year on & off. Magic Scale Modelling light & sound so there’s a link to a short video of the startup & shutdown process at the end. I might add some more pics & another video later showing the lighting but the aluminium needed outdoor shots to do justice. Thanks for looking. Seldom have I placed my faith in any higher body more than when I released my grip after fixing this to its wall mount. Thank you HKM for this superb bonus! If you watch the video don’t forget to turn the sound up!
  13. Painting & weathering. The coating of Alclad black primer & micro filler followed by all over gloss black. lost count of how many bottles I used Alclad airframe aluminium then coated in aqua gloss then a few different panels with dark aluminium & duraluminum. Note, crime scene investigators might like to coat their murder scenes with Alclad, since it will reveal every single touch of every finger, smudge, of contact with any surface or substance forensically and without mercy, regardless of how well you think you covered up your “crime”. Given a good rub down with micro mesh when cured. Cowlings, painted white over aluminium & Alclad chipping medium then giving some wear & tear Ditto the wing stripes. I really like this chipping stuff. Left wing. Probably gives away the scheme I’m going for which is a cliche I know but I just love it. Should have probably got some Montez masks but thought I’d try something with the decal. Microsol’d then attacked with some masking tape then a sander, and looking at my reference pics I’m quite happy with the result Just waiting for the postman to bring me my yellow so I can finish the main scheme, then it’s going to be weathered like nothing I’ve ever done before. Gulp.
  14. Ready for the paint shop tomorrow. All this glass was best part of a days work to mask. If it weren’t for Eduard masks I’d probably not make models at all.
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