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  1. I paused this job as I wasn’t sure where I’d put it when done. I’m still not, but it’s been calling me from under my desk for months, so it’s back on again. Work has included fitting the Magic scale Modelling motors and continuation of the interior. Lots and lots of complex sub assemblies for turrets etc and an investigative dry fit to check for any howlers. Can’t see any so far but it’s fairly standard for me that everything looks like it’ll fall together dry but the second I introduce the substance “glue” all the parts whisper to each other to simultaneously change shape such that nothing fi
  2. Thanks for all the kind feedback guys. Well I did say at the start of the build thread that this was a dual build with my 13yo son’s Revell GR1 so it’s only fair I post his too. It’s only about his 4th model since starting a few months ago and I’m really proud (and of myself for coping with my violated ocd at his insistence on doing it grey with a HARM lol). I’m sure he’ll lose interest when his hormones kick in just like I did as a lad, then came back to it 20y later!
  3. Oh wow I’ve just done the GR4 but this makes me want to build another one. Superb job
  4. I'd never in a million years dare tackle a job like that, or dream of doing a Lanc in such a scheme, but it looks amazing! So much more to look at than the old camo/black it really suits it. Beautifully built.
  5. Love those later model 109's and yours is brilliantly executed well done
  6. An infinite number of modellers with infinite time & WNW kits couldn't beat this I don't think. Stunning!
  7. I don't personally go for the novelty schemes as I just like operational looking hacks, but I can't stop looking at this one, it's gorgeous. The fact you actually made your own decals for this just ups the WOW! Congratulations on a real stunner.
  8. Next level modelling that is. Beautiful NMF - and I really like your cockpit solution. The final picture is my favourite, real impact.
  9. Just amazing. You WW1 guys use dark magic to do your art, I'm in awe. You've really painted life to those figures too and the base just tops it off
  10. Lovely Stringbag. In the first picture I feel like I'm at Yeovilton walking up to a real one
  11. Wow they are beautiful. Were you to ever do a pair of RAF Tornado pilots of that quality I'd probably build another two! I'll be ordering this guy anyway for my big Tamiya Viper
  12. Thanks Derek. From most of the pics I've seen would I be right then in that they frequently carry two of these ACMI pods? I've not seen any RAF examples with the AIM9's on. I'm not normally a princess over accuracy, but as there's not much hanging off these ships whatever is will stand out.
  13. Just my two pence worth. Been simming in one shape or form since they came out, and I'm a commercial pilot with some private aerobatic experience so I have views on the flight models in as much as types I've flown. I have DCS and MSFS. The latter completely blew me away with the graphics which as has already been stated are mind blowing. I can't really see how much better they can get on a flat screen as to me they are now photo realistic. However for me and many others the future has always been vr. This is available in both, but in my opinion works better in dcs, perhaps because the workload
  14. many thanks. I don't suppose you or anyone else knows what's supposed to be on the wings and if there any a/m available for them?
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