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  1. Not very many modelers know that when we started, Archer offered dry transfers for aircraft, but we did. So here's one from the vault - 1995 to be exact. Researched by Rodney Williams. Comes with large color placement instructions. We only have a few and when these are gone, they're gone. $8.95 CLICK HERE
  2. Based on the experiences I had building that Trumpeter Wildcat we've begun to make some changes in our Surface Details. No more multiple scales on the same sheet was probably a good place to start. Full sheets of Dzus fasteners in 1/32 and 1/24 ($17.95 each) Thinner and tighter spaced rib stitching for aircraft with fabric control surfaces in 1/32 and 1/24 ($17.95 each) Full sheets of WWI fuselage stitching in 1/32 and 1/48 ($17.95 each) and 1/24 ($21.95 each - large sheet) We also added dry transfer 1/32 Generic data stencils in Grumman font researched by Larry Webster, N.E.A.M. Available in Black, Red, White and Yellow. ($7.95 each) All of these plus all of our Aircraft Only products can be found HERE. NOTE: If you have previously ordered the older sheets of any of these updates we will exchange them free of charge for the new ones. Please PM me for instructions on how to make the exchange.
  3. Reminds me of my teachers when I was in school - "Mr. Vondracek, you need to pay closer attention."
  4. Do you mind telling us how you exposed them?
  5. SWEET! Man, those rivets look great..... will be using them on my FW190. Kudos to HGW for a sweet product..... those Czech's are crafty buggers. Can we possibly get a close up of the ones that are exposed around the cowling? Did you expose them or are they added after paint?
  6. To celebrate our 30 years in business, we are having a 30% off sale from Saturday until we get in the office Tuesday morning. Since stupid PayPal doesn't allow us to apply a discount at time of purchase we rebate your discount when we process your order. It's what we call the "Archer Infamous Almost Instant Rebate" START SHOPPING
  7. This reminded me of something. In our 30 years in business we have NEVER received a bad check or credit card. Says a lot about the folks in this hobby.
  8. The HGW rivets are very subtle, but an effective way to add surface texture and IMHO are a better way to represent flush rivets than the holes that are all the rage these days.
  9. I saw that, but try to find one available in the U.S. Either listed as out of stock or discontinued. I guess I'll just order directly from them. Well, after giving HGW all my information including my DOB I wound up spending 5 minutes on the phone verifying my identity with the CC bank the transaction was completed. The stuff you have to go through for a $40 purchase.
  10. I want to use their positive rivets on build and was hoping they offer something but all I can find is for the Hasegawa kit and an A8 but all the US online stores list them as discontinued. Any advice on how to proceed?
  11. Man, you're killing' it...... beautiful craftsmanship. Back in the 80s I built a tribute model for a Corsair pilot using the old Revel kit and I can't wait to do it again with the Tamiya kit!
  12. Try this - Put the part in Future or a gloss clear, gently spread the crack and close it. In theory the clear will seep into the crack and hide it. It won't be "glued" back together. Kind of the same theory as those windshield crack fix kits. If you have a bell jar or the like where you can pull a vacuum, that would be best. At this point what do you have to lose? BTW, beautiful work so far!
  13. What did you use to make the switches and how did you make them flat on the end?
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