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  1. MRP is indeed a great line of paint, but Mr. Hobby is the same thing un-thinned. HOWEVER, these are lacquer paints so unless you have excellent ventilation you're better off with water based acrylics. At least in my opinion.
  2. I had a "small" house fire years ago and State Farm sent me $750 extra by mistake. I notified them about the mistake and they just said "keep it".
  3. Outstanding response and I'll be changing my cleaning routine based on yours. One thing I think you forgot to mention is cleaning out the nozzle protector, which I clean with a solvent soaked old brush. Even with lacquers a thin coat of dried paint is there.
  4. Thanks Mark, Where did you find a brass brush that small?
  5. Tell me about it. It cost about $14 to ship a 2-ounce parcel to places outside North America, and that doesn't include the 50ยข for the shipping material. We charge $9.95. If we charge more than that it kills sales. So it's not uncommon for us to actually lose money on some sales.
  6. I made a little tool for putting the nozzle back on. I took a piece of styrene tube that is too small for the nozzle and split the end in four places so it spreads. Stick the nozzle in and the tube spreads gripping the nozzle. Very easy to get the threads started and then screw down by hand followed by a slight nudge with the Iwata wrench to tighten. These are tricks you come up with when you're an old fart with hands that have turned to boxing gloves.
  7. Ever tried using Aqua Gloss under a decal? Instead of a gloss coat or polished paint put a drop or more of Aqua Gloss on the model and then apply the decal, blot up any excess and apply a little setting solution. Nothing else needed. The decal will be sucked down into every detail. Might get the same result with any other gloss clear acrylic, but I haven't tried it.
  8. Something's not right here. Shipping cost is based on weight and size and I can't imagine how big and heavy something would have to to cost $120 to ship. Certainly not models.
  9. You'll have to DM him directly. Last I heard he was unsure how best to market them.
  10. Well, when you consider that over 90% of our drugs, including anti-bacterials come from China, a shortage of anything else seems insignificant. China next sends us COVID-20 and cuts off our supply of drugs and we're toast..... without a shot being fired.
  11. LG for the Revell FW190 F-8 is already available. Hopefully a set for the Hasegawa FW is in the works. These are VERY nice products and HIGHLY recommended! Sure beats my method of simulating oleos by wrapping them in chrome mylar tape. EDIT: I stand corrected, they are also available for the Hasegawa FW
  12. The scalpel method works great for brass and styrene tubes, but not steel.
  13. I should have mentioned that I use Mr. Color lacquer and clean my airbrush with hardware store lacquer thinner. You idea of passing the needle through is a good one, but it involves removing all the bits from the front including the microscopic nozzle, which I'd rather avoid. However, it makes sense and I'll give it a go. As for the Super Lube, the only reason I use it is that it keeps the needle from getting stuck from dried paint around the seal. As of today I've not had any issues with it. I put a tiny amount on the needle and slide it back and forth in the body a few times. I'm sure they have their reasons, but I don't understand why the seal is so far back from the bottom of the cup.
  14. I've done it several times with 26 gauge surgical tubing which is .46mm so I don't see a problem.
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