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  1. Thanks, looks like quite the useful tool but based on the number of bandages on his fingers I think I'll pass. Well, that and the price.
  2. Use the old fashion ones to rough cut the part off the sprue and use the high end one to trim off the sprue nub. They are delicate and they've been known to break from heavy use.
  3. I'm about to assemble my LG and was wondering where those brake lines terminated, but thanks to your photo now I know. Great work on a great subject. Woody
  4. I deserve that.... mr. smarty pants. (: Yea, there was one big bit right in the center of the windscreen so getting that out alone made it worth it. Amazing what I was belligerently willing to overlook just to move on. I would reuse the canopy but there's a chunk out of it, in the top right as seen in the picture, plus in the process of polishing you can see a depression. Also I'd like to fix the antenna mast by drilling straight down for the wire. From what little I know I believe the antenna passed through the top of the canopy toward the back and was on some sort of reel. If I get real ambitious I might even add the antenna wire inside the canopy too. But don't count on it.
  5. Not much new to report other than the canopy polishing project is a fail. I finally had to pop the thing off because the amount of pressure required to polish broke the glue joints. To my surprise popping it off didn’t cause any serious issues, in fact all the spots where it came off will be covered with a new canopy which Damian from SOW was kind enough to send me. Thanks, Damian. Here you can see that the Future did not polish the same as the plastic. Once I got it off and realized polishing wasn’t going to work (and the fact that there’s chunk out of it) I gave up and will use a new canopy. While I was waiting for the new canopy, I did manage to get some small things done. Got the cooling fan attached to the engine and now it’s centered. I’m just going to glue the prop assembly on. Also got the navigation lights on. These aren’t kit parts but rather aftermarket bits from a Russian supplier called Elf. To the best of my knowledge, the last remaining inventory in the US was snatched up when I mentioned them in my SBD build. There are a few places on the internet that carry the brand, so you might want to do google “Elf navigation lights” to see if you can find any. Most of the sites I visited had them listed as sold out. Good luck. Right now I’m putting the landing gear together while I work up some enthusiasm to get back to the canopy and wrap this build up. Thanks for tuning in.
  6. Same thing arriving Friday. https://www.novuspolish.com/store.html
  7. Great, I've got 91% and will give it a go. Yea, I sure learned a valuable lesson on this canopy fiasco. It's PVA if I ever do another closed canopy.
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