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  1. CLICK HERE to view and/or buy $12.95 Shipping: $2.70 U.S, - $9.95 elsewhere Includes tracking and insurance. Sheet contains placards and instruments that fit the kit parts with minimal modifications. Because these are dry transfers (applied wet) there is no clear film so the placards fit over and around kit details precisely. Comes with highly detailed illustrated placement instructions which show where the placards and instruments are to be placed on the kit parts. This product is not intended to be a doctoral thesis on Wildcat cockpits. This product is intended to produce an impressive cockpit using only the kit parts with some minor modifications. Photos of test shot Also, we have three new releases for 1/16 Panther tanks so if you know of anyone who may be interested they are listed on our home page HERE Thank you! Woody
  2. Archer Fine Transfers

    Recommendations on what to build....

    You don't say how much experience you have building models so if you're new to the hobby try something inexpensive to get the feel of it. If you have experience then whatever peaks your interest. The KI-61 sounds like fun. Just don't get in over your head with lots of aftermarket stuff for your first build. Or like I say "Don't get distracted by shiny things."
  3. Archer Fine Transfers

    NEW! Free manual for applying Archer Rivets

    SECOND DRAFT is ready. I've made several edits and changed the way-too-big pictures and got the file size down from 32MB to 12MB. This will probably be the last draft before it's complete. Click HERE to download.
  4. Archer Fine Transfers

    NEW! Free manual for applying Archer Rivets

    Well, after a couple months experimenting in hopes of finding a simple, easy way to apply our rivet decals on aircraft with recessed rivets where they should be button heads I'm happy to tell you that I finally figured out a painless way to fill the recessed rivets. The first draft of our document with step by step instructions on how it works can be downloaded from our website HERE. It's a bit over 30 MB so your download time might be lunch-worthy. Feedback and constructive criticism is welcome and you can feel free to mention this on other modeling websites along with my apologies for not being a member there. I simply do not have the time.... wish I did, but I don't. BTW: If you are considering buying from our generic sheets to do an aircraft you might want to hang on for a little while longer. Now that the instruction manual is almost finished I can concentrate on FINALLY putting together sheets of rivets specifically for aircraft.
  5. Archer Fine Transfers

    Most Wanted Poll / Wish List 2018 (and beyond)

    I lied.... SR-71 too. Hell, I'd even take one in 1/48.
  6. Archer Fine Transfers

    Hobbyboss 1/18 AV-8B Harrier II released

    I'm gonna need a bigger closet.
  7. Archer Fine Transfers

    Most Wanted Poll / Wish List 2018 (and beyond)

    B-26 Marauder That's all, just that.
  8. Archer Fine Transfers


    Yea, I didn't start printing my own transfers until '96. Before that I had everything printed by a shop in Miami under the name "Vondracek Custom Dry Transfers" with the same Archer logo which I chose because I'm a Sagittarius. When I moved to NC I became active on the models.rec.scale bulletin board after a short hiatus. One of my customers said "It's good to see the archer logo back again." and that's how the company name changed to Archer. A good friend of mine, Dick Vincent did all my bagging with the hand written tags back then. Dick and I are still best of friends and a charter member of our Breakfast Club which meets every Sunday morning at the Hometown Cafe in Franklinton, NC. Did a quick Google and found some pictures of some of the nose are we were printing back in the day. Believe it or not but when White Dog Decals tried to advertise these in Fine Scale Modeler they rejected the ad because of nudity. I still have all the digital files for these and the other aircraft transfers from back then.
  9. Archer Fine Transfers

    Looking for a certain member here

    Hi Suresh, The only Thing I really need are pictures of the tops of the wings that show rivets and location of panel lines. I'm working on the Trumpeter F4F-3 and attempting to "correct" that kit. It's probably not a simple request due to the wings either being folded (-4) or not easy to see the tops of the wings. Thank you! Woody
  10. Archer Fine Transfers


    Nose art.... man, we couldn't give those things away! A lot has changed since we offered those and today Cartograf routinely prints photo-realistic nose art, something unheard of back in the day. I've also learned a lot about color correcting and other adjustments with Photoshop since then. Quite frankly some of the ones we offered back then weren't color corrected properly so I may just give it another go. Thanks for the suggestion. Woody
  11. Archer Fine Transfers


    If the price tag is hand written they are indeed from the very beginning of Archer. We still sell the prop logos but haven't sold those leader flags since 1996 when we switched to armor.
  12. Archer Fine Transfers


    The very first thing I ever marketed. I think I sold 7.
  13. Archer Fine Transfers


    Beautiful! After three failed marriages I've come to conclusion that renting is my best option.
  14. Archer Fine Transfers


    Oh to be 57 again! At that age I was swinging from chandeliers.
  15. Archer Fine Transfers


    If it's not there by now it never going to show up so I've refunded your money. In the future, if you ever have a problem with a vendor please show them the courtesy of trying to resolve your issue with them directly before you air your grievances on a public forum. Have a nice day.