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  1. Hi I'm seeking some tips on making molds for casting fuselage halves for my Hasegawa BF109. I will later convert it into a Buchon. Any good articles or tips on fuselage casting? Best regards Espen
  2. The Grey Matter Buchon has to large fairing on the top cowl. The Air Intake is also to small and the Lower cowling is not as "deep" as it should be. Still like some drawings or building blog if available Alberto!! :-) Espen
  3. Hi Alberto I am a huge Buchon fan. I have made a lot of such in 1/48 from parts of Academy and Hasegawa. I'm planning on making one in 1/32 as well but I think that the Grey Matter conversion is quite inacurate. I imideately noticed that you got it right!! Beautiful model!! Do you have any drawings which is accurate? Espen
  4. Are there any T-6 on the market in scale 1:32. I want to build a machine in the same color scheme as the aircraft I fly. Greetings from Norway
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