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  1. David Johnson, formally of WNW, has also confirmed this is the WNW kit, tooling by Meng. Dave
  2. Mike, its a fantastic build, a shame it will not see the light of day as a kit for a while, keep up the great work, be interested to see where its going to live once its done (its bl***y enormous)... LOL Dave
  3. I have the previous version of this, but I don't see much mention of the Taube below it, thats a cracker........ Dave
  4. I really fancy having a go at the guy with the cap on..... Dave
  5. Finally I have mine....... oh yes.........
  6. Hi Guys is there definitive release date for this yet, i know you can preorder, just wondered when it will become available. Cheers Dave
  7. I would still like to see A good De Havilland Rapid in 1/32, with ultra detailing, I know its mainly commercial, but its just a beautiful aircraft...... Dave
  8. lovely work......... totally in awe....... Dave
  9. Madbox


    Thanks guys I have just spent 5 very longs days working my nuts off, I am just so tired, so I just got back to the bench and allI can do is just sit here looking at this kit and drooling, I can wait,I know I can wait ...........
  10. Madbox


    Box gives me no room to play........ time for a bigger cave..... Dave
  11. Thank you Kev, it looks so simple, but the layers of colours to get the subtle mottled effect took about 2 days, chuffed with the results though...... thanks again Dave
  12. Just a quick one, added the decals, I shall leave over night so I can matt coat it in the morning....... Dave
  13. OK, another Roland update, painted all the fuselage, flying surfaces and undercarriage. There has been a lot of stages in the process of getting to this point, quite a few very light coats of colours and some sponging. All what you see has been coated in future ready for the decals, I will then spray it with testers dull coat to bring the shine right down, then the detailing and the rest of the kit parts to fit, then the rigging and finally the dirt....... Enjoying this one.......
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