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  1. Hello Gaz, I did buy 3 Encore Fokker FI kits for a reasonable price and won't resell (for much less) nor waste them at all. One was used already for the MvR F1 which is identical to the Voss machine apart from the fact that his cowling is either green or yellow. The Roden plastic is very fragile indeed. I broke 2 times the inner cockpit box and the frame which takes the PART photoetched linen replacement as well. Since I didn't know which parts are best I bought the Eduard, PART and TOM's photoetched items. PART and Eduard is a nice combination. I tried to use also the Aviattic seat but thats far too wide and I squeezed the Eduard pilots map suitcase attached on the right hand side. Better use the PART photoetched seat as you did. Since the Encore kit has some resin parts you don't have to make those from scratch. So I suppose the WNW kit will do much better in many ways. But I will read your built report with great interest and I hope you will place as many photos as possible. Particular of the cockpit and where the parts belong to as well as the wires. I used led cable for the trigger which leads from the control column to the guns. Unfortunately the control grip is rather poor and could be done much better. The compass by the way came from Bo's Flugzeugwerke (Shapeways) who also offers nice Albatros DV 3D printed material. In that case the one from Roden really is worth to go to the litter box. Good luck with your built.
  2. Simply amazing work so far and well explained. Good luck to get it settled. Poor modellers who didn't care so far. LoL I would be pleased to get the same corrections on WNW models by other maniacs.
  3. Hello Andy, any chance to see this interesting model being completet? Forgive my inquiery if family life prevents any time for modelling Anyhow I wish you a Happy New Year
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