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  1. Great build. Is the cockpit locker build scratch or does it come with any aftermarket parts? Thanks for info Cheers Kai
  2. Hello John, thanks for a very precise and detailed report. On my list as well since I am in nightfighters. I will use an AIMS decal set. Could you pls let me know where you got your undercarriage from or is it homemade? I have to admit that I didn't follow the whole report. Barracuda is always a must and I have ordered a lot end of last year. I don't know how shipping to Europe would work out at the moment. As well as with Russia. Best Wishes Kai
  3. Hello Gaz, I did buy 3 Encore Fokker FI kits for a reasonable price and won't resell (for much less) nor waste them at all. One was used already for the MvR F1 which is identical to the Voss machine apart from the fact that his cowling is either green or yellow. The Roden plastic is very fragile indeed. I broke 2 times the inner cockpit box and the frame which takes the PART photoetched linen replacement as well. Since I didn't know which parts are best I bought the Eduard, PART and TOM's photoetched items. PART and Eduard is a nice combination. I tried to use also the Aviattic sea
  4. Simply amazing work so far and well explained. Good luck to get it settled. Poor modellers who didn't care so far. LoL I would be pleased to get the same corrections on WNW models by other maniacs.
  5. Hello Andy, any chance to see this interesting model being completet? Forgive my inquiery if family life prevents any time for modelling Anyhow I wish you a Happy New Year
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