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  1. Here some more pictures of the ashtray
  2. Still not much modelling for me. To much back pain. I just can sit a little, but I have to sit with my back right up. So, great for reading some great books who I just have buy. Here the reading corner and the new books
  3. For future Wingnut Wings diorama's:
  4. A lot of nice stuff arrived by a lot of you gents. Those are mine, buy them yesterday:
  5. Sadly, no more kits for me, just a Italian pilot and a the big refuel thank from Aviattic (already ordered) that's all Why? My wife, a really lovely wife (even for the eye;- ), say no more, you have enough! Don't know why, really, I do not know! Here just a moment picture of my stash, is not that much? [/img]
  6. I have only work whit the Metalizer's from Testor and I like them. I think that those where the first on the market. Maybe useful too: http://www.uschivdr.com/shopping-categories/shop-colors-paints-pigments-primer/metallic-colors-pigments/
  7. Da#n, you are good! Love the paintwork on the fuselage.
  8. JH, die zijn ook goed (Those of JH are good too :- )
  9. @EvilCarot, just take a look here. It is true there where some difficult with the sending but he have fix it all. Just read what the people think who order it on Facebook. For me, its look that every body is happy with it. But if you don't trust it, don't do it. (But you will miss a good piece of tool ;- ) https://www.facebook.com/groups/115991888428471/?fref=nf
  10. @DeanKB, it is the for the 1/24 and 1/32 scale.
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