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  1. Hi everyone Can someone give me advice on the color for the Su-25's wheel bay? thanks
  2. Good morning guys I'm happy to present you the pictures of the complete model: kit: Special Hobby Hi Tech version # 32070 1/32 scale Aftermarket: Air intake, nose and blade correction kit (Barracuda Cast # 32334) cannon compartment right wing (CMK 129-5109) Eduard photoengraving for landing flap. Personal aircraft of the pilot Pierre Clostermann, Volkel air base May 10, 1945. Here the pictures:
  3. Hi, I would like to present my new job: it is a B-25J Mitchell, 447th squadron, 321st group of bombs in Corsica in 1944. The scale is my usual 1/32 and the model is the Hong Kong Models kit. The set used was the set of eeduard photo etched detail sets, torn guns of the machine guns, the pale correction (those of the kit have the wrong shapes) of the ams, the resin brassin set for Eduard's wheels and obviously the kitsworld decals Only the noseart decals and the name for the riders are used, all the rest is painted on the model by masking the cutter's plotter). Colored with Tamiya and Alclad colors. Here are the pictures.
  4. Sure Kevin.. thanks for your opinion for the panel lines, i note..
  5. Hello to all, with this my last job I tried to put all my efforts on weathering, trying to give a worn look to my Corsair. The Corsairs of the Marines were really "massacred" by environmental conditions found on the South Pacific islands: hot sun, abrasive sand as crystalline diamond paper, salt made themselves felt on the livery of the great fighters of the Vought. I have depleted all the techniques in my "possession" (Preshading, Postshading, paint chips with toothbrush and maskol, desaturation varied, use of pigments, oil washes and Panel liner of Ak interactive), many of which used to first time. To you the opinions ... my critical opinion is that, to date, I gave the best I could give and so I am very satisfied. In short: F-4U1 "Birdcage" personal aircraft of Lieutenant Wilbur "Gus" Thomas nicknamed Gus's Gopher, you belong to VMF-213 stationed in July '43 air base on Guadalcanal Tamiya kit 1/32 scale Aftermarket: Resin Motor Eduard, accessory bay in the Grey Matter resin wheels Barracuda Cast resin. Color: Tamiya and Gunze. Here are the photos, Semper Fidelis. :-) "> ">
  6. Hi, I used the set 32006 , sincerely I do not know if it is 100% correct : photos of this model are few and far apart. I trusted indications of Tamiya.
  7. I used tamiya compound and I set the piece in wax future...
  8. Yes, sure.Thanks for compliment and your opinion.
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