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  1. Andy I already have these leading edge slats, thanks. It is the flaps at the rear of the wing that I have been asking about.
  2. Thanks L.H., I will go ahead and build without lights as you suggest. I will also check out the book you suggest.
  3. Thanks for the updates guys. I came across a photo of a 110 with dropped flaps (actually on the cover of Ron Mackay's book "Messerschmitt Bf110: the Luftwaffe's Fighter-Destroyer in World War II") and so am determined to make one soon. Will probably have to chop and create as you suggest, Rick.
  4. Hi everyone. Does anyone know if any AM company make a set of resin flaps to fit the 1/32 Dragon / Revell Messerschmitt Bf110 models? I know that the corresponding slats are available from Master Casters but cannot find any flaps in my searches. Failing this, has anyone tried to convert the kit wings to show dropped flaps? How easy is it and any issues to watch out for? Many thanks BHH
  5. Hi everyone. I'm soon to start building the 1/32 Azur kit of the Caudron (in France flown by a Polish pilot). One thing puzzles me; I have scoured every photo and reference I can find, including photos of the Caudron under restoration in Finland, but I cannot find the location of the wingtip lights. I find it hard to believe a combat aircraft in 1940 did not have them so can anyone give me any advice, or a link to any reference showing them? Thanks BHH
  6. Thanks for this info, estrooper, I have just e-mailed them now! Cheers!
  7. Hi everyone Does anyone have the now OOP 1/32 decal set from Dutch Decals for RAF Fighters? If you have a part-used sheet, I would like to purchase the decals for the option for the 19 Squadron Mustang IV KM272 QV-V, named Dooleybird. I will meet your price and postage to the UK. Many thanks BHH
  8. Hi, I've just been viewing this excelent Macchi. Can you tell me where it is possible to buy the Tail Boom detail sets you used in the model? Many thanks, Harry.
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