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  1. Dear forum members and our modeller friends; I saw this subject in the forum by chance in the weekend. I am glad your interest to our F-5A, F-5B and T-38 Talon projects. I felt bad for the negative presumptions/claims written about HAF decal option. I wish you had asked us first. As you already know, TANMODEL is a scale plastic model kit manufacturer. None of our options are political. Because we are not politicians or military authority (naturally none of the Turkish authority is interested in/tracking decal options in the box content(s) of TANMODEL). What TANMODEL focuses solely on is launching the best possible kit for modellers. In the first batch of our RF-84F kit HAF decal was included. We changed and/or renewed not only HAF but also other options. In decal options, we make choices as per the requests from the new markets that we have not made sales and from modellers/distributors. This logic applies to all kit manufacturers. If kit manufaturers consider politically, a German kit manufacturer will not make Spitfire model and/or a Japanese kit manufacturer will not offer USAF decal option in F-4E Phantom kits. If the financial crisis does not continue in Greece and if we have a distributor, we would perhaps consider differenetly for RF-84F HAF decal option. Because, I have Greek modeller friends and they invite TANMODEL to all modelling events. There will be IDEF 2017 military exhibition in Turkey. We received special order from some companies in Turkish defense industry. Therefore, we changed our project schedule. Our F-5A, F-5B projects will arrive with a never seen before novelty in modelling industry. F-5A and F-4E kits will of course include HAF decal option for the modellers who like weathering. I would like to write you something about our 1/32 scale Buccaneer project if it was not extremely classified, but I am not writing! Regards, Baris TANSOY TANMODELâ„¢
  2. Dear forum members and our modeller friends; Firstly, thanks again for your kind interest and comments. With the new parts added to our design, now you can set the folded wing angle to two options( 48 and 53 degrees). Regards, Baris
  3. And last picture.... Enough ? Thanks for your kind interest. Baris TANSOY TANMODELâ„¢ Plastic Model Kits Ltd. http://www.facebook.com/tanmodel
  4. Attention to lock points/areas!
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