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Me-262 1/32 details

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I'm working on detailed 3D model of Me-262 as preparation for future Trumpeter build. I created detailed exact models of many internal parts and I got an idea to try to print them by 3D print. I have received offer of 3D MultiJet printing company which would be able print such small details as they are on instrument panel. This printed panel would consist of 5 parts. I also received a bid price about 4 Euros per this set if they will print about 40 pcs.(sets). The fact is that with higher amount of printed parts the price per part will be lower. I want to print other parts together with instrument panel (MK-108, KG 13B, REVI 16B, Rudder pedals, pilot seat) to get the price as low as possible.

I would like to ask preliminary if there is enough interest among you to let one 3D run print. Please let me know if you will be compliant to join me in this "job".


Here are printscreens of some of my 3D models.eFSx6D.png


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I am interested too. Looks very nice and the proportion are very good.


Please note that the round counters were almost never installed (except in early production Me 262s) since the required electrical connection at the MK 108s was missing and not implemented before production of the MK 108 stopped. 


There were also variations of the panel. Later production versions did not have the differential pressure gauges and oil pressure gauges. 


It would be nice if you also include a SWA10 box for the R4M rockets besides the ZSK244 for the drop ordnance.


And it would be excellent if you also did a nightfighter panel with the large repeater compass (which was in the same vertical line as the artificial horizon and not offset like in the Eduard detail set). 




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PS: also the pitot tube heating indicator and the two fuel indicators were only installed in early production jets. They were later omitted in order to simplify production and reduce parts (so-called “Entfeinerung”). 


The KG 13B trigger was usually in safe position on the ground. It would be more realistic to print the stick like that.


The handle on the lower right if the panel was only installed in late production Me 262s. It was used to regulate the cockpit heating which was only installed in later examples. But it would be easy to remove so that one could build a jet with and without heating.

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So for an outlay of 160 Euros you will have 40 sets, at a per-unit cost of only 4 Euros.


If they come out looking good, I would think you could sell these sets all day long for a lot more than 4 Euros.

Maybe ask 10 Euros, keep a few sets for yourself, provide some great parts to modelers who otherwise wouldn't have access to them, and put enough money in your pocket to pay for the Me-262 project in the first place!


Go for it.  The Trumpeter 1/32 Me-262 is highly regarded as one of Trumpeter's better kits, and I think a lot of folks like the Me-262.


EDIT:  I have been saying this for a few years now, and we are still "not there" yet...but this sort of thing is what the future of scale modeling is going to look like.

We are all going to have super good resolution printers at home that cost nothing, and we are all going to be buying, making, trading, giving away for free data files and we will be building our kits at home.


The thing that is cool about it is that once you have the 3D image files created, the size of the printed parts is up to the modeler.  So issues of scale disappear, as long as you are happy with the quality of the parts for the size you want to print.


A really simple data file might not yield a very good looking model in some huge scale, but a good data file would probably scale up no problem.



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Hey Johnie   :hi:


I'd be interested in a cockpit set , not so much the cannons.

Almost all 262s had a Revi 16B gunsight (as mentioned in another post).


1 hour ago, ringleheim said:

              Maybe ask 10 Euros, keep a few sets for yourself,


                             HEY !!




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Regarding instrument panel, this version responds to afterwar Czechoslovakian Avia S-92 which I would like to bulid. That's why I wasn't interested in SWA10 box. But probably it wouldn't be such problem to add it (if anyone has any dimension it would be much easier). Till now I have made only objects for which I have found some drawings and dimensions (usualy RLM directions). Unfortunately for the night version panel I have no data (and I also wasn't interested in it till now). I will have to study my books again :-).

Regarding gunsight, if I find dimensions of other type it wouldn't be problem.

I will prepare overview tomorrow, how future "set"could look and let you express. Then I will have to communicate with printing company and specify price for large set.

Thanks for your interest.


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As I promised I'm sharing few pics of future set 01 (maybe there could be another set with cannons, FuGs, mother compass etc.).

I created SW10 panel as alternative to ZSK. Maybe it's not accurate, but it is very similar.

Also KG13 is repaired.

I made another version of main flight instrument panel, but according my details there is horizontal offset 11 mm between repeater compass and horizon.

Pilot seat is not completely finished yet, but for imagination it should be enough.

There is place for REVI EZ 42 (if I will find some useful drawing).

You can find pressure vessel for vario and convertor (both ahead of instrument panel).

Any other idea? :-)




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