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    Zero77 got a reaction from mpk in 1/32 Spiteful F14 by Iconicair   
    Thanks Bob !
    What is the kind of clear sheet, with engraved shape in the bottom of the pictures of the clear parts?
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    Zero77 got a reaction from thierry laurent in Hi guys, i miss you so much !   
    Hello guys !
    I just write you a few words to give you some news. I can believe it's been so long since my last post...
    The truth is that at the moment (and it's been so for more than a year !) i dont have any time to build models... Not even enough time to buy all the great kits i just saw they were released since last year.
    So many things happened !
    I sadly saw that Paul Fisher lost his house and all his work... Very bad news...
    I dont see Gary (GT Resin) anymore, did he leave the forum?
    Some of you kindy sent me PM, thanks a lot guys and very sorry that i did not answer in time !
    Actually, at first my job takes me a lot of time. Then, my wife and i bought a new house, it's an old house made of stones (about 1870/1880) and there is a lot of work to get it to modern standard. At the same time, we sold our former house and since the end of the summer, we are under pressure to move everything from one to another (not easy at all when you are already short in time).
    And as sometimes the fate seems to be definitely against you, my father just commited suicide at the end of august, for no real reason except he was depressed. We knew it, but not that much, i talked to him by phone the day before, and he seemed fine. It makes me sad but at the same time i'm very angry at him for what he did to all our familly... Actually he put a bullet in  his head. My aunt (his sister) found him, she now sees a psychologist as the image is stuck in her mind.... My 94 y.o. grand-mother (her mother) suffered a lot, my mother is now alone, i had to lie to my kids (i told them it was a gun accident) as they are to young to understand suicide i guess.
    It's been a few weeks now so things are now more calm, but it's still somewhat disturbing. That's really the most stupid thing to do. I'm even more angry when i think about all the people who die whereas they want to live. But that's it, it's done, we wont get back now, never ever.
    With all of this, my father's death, the moving, the works in the house, my job and so on, i did not have any rest day since mid august... But i think that's ok.
    So are the news, good or bad. I sincerelly hope to get back to the hobby as soon as possible, but i dont think it could be before the end of the year, or even a bit more.
    Cheers !
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    Zero77 got a reaction from Mel in F-16C barak   
    This is the first 1/32 kit i've built, in 2009/2010, and i've been hooked by this wonderful scale. (never built any other scale from this time).
    It is the tamiya block 50 kit, with the isracast conversion, aires cockpit, wheel bay and exhaust, and isradecals decals.
    She stayed unarmed for years, and this week i decided to finish the ornance i've bought for her in 2010. They are Spice bombs and Python 4 missiles from isracast. The quality was not amazing (way far from Flightpath, AMS or Zactoman !), but they at least exist, and one painted they look not so bad.
    I modify the cushion on the seat, to make the sheep fur type instead of the standard fabric type.
    This tamiya kit is one of the best kit ever, a real pleasure to build. On the other hand, the aires AM were a pain to set in the kit (especially the wheel bay....). But it's worth it, as they are very crispy and full detailled.
    The isradecals are great, but instead of using the scorpion decal i painted it in order to have exactly the same sand color than the camo. I transfered the drawing of clear masking sheet, and cutted a stencil.
    Here is a link to the begining of the build : http://fighters.forumactif.com/t39453-f-16cj-block-50-tamiya-1-32-conversion-block-40-barak
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    Zero77 got a reaction from Harold in F-104G pylons 1/32   
    Videoaviation pylons are very nice but they are not the specific pylons for the Kormorans.

    I think you will have to build them from scratch. Fortunatelly, they are not the most difficult part to do. But references are hardly available.
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    Zero77 got a reaction from Uncarina in F-16 Block 32 "Blizzard" Aggressor   
    Very nice build !
    I have this one in project for several years, too. Very cool aggressor scheme !
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    Zero77 got a reaction from LSP_K2 in 1:32 scale 16" gun turret   
    What kind of giant screwdriver to use ????
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    Zero77 got a reaction from MikeC in Lets talk about black basing   
    I think it's just a matter of "what you want to do". When i will have to make a heavily weathered F-14B, i'm sure i would use black basing as it is EXACTLY what it looks like.
    But if i have to do a neat colorful racer, of course i wont do this way.
    The technique i mostly use if panel lines preshading, but if also depends of the model, the colors, the era, the weathering, and so on.... I agree that no technique should become the orthodoxy. Several different techniques for several different results.
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    Zero77 got a reaction from SapperSix in What are the indispensable tools in your kit?   
    Carribean cask, what was in? Rhum? That must be good !
    I'm an Islay guy, love that strong sea taste.

    But i also like the sweetness of the bourbon.
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    Zero77 reacted to sandbagger in 1:32 Hansa-Brandenburg W.29   
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    Zero77 got a reaction from LSP_K2 in Aires Cockpit Fit Issues???   
    Lol, that's funny you ask... 
    Some Aires sets fit nicely, others are aweful. The F-104 cockpit is certainly one of the worst fit ever.
    Mine took me almost as long to fit than to build the whole model.
    I talked about this in the WIP, iirc...
    However the casting and details are so beautiful that it's "almost" forgiven.
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    Zero77 reacted to Koralik in F-117 Trumpeter 1:32   
    I am very happy that you like Night Hawk.
     More pics.

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    Zero77 reacted to Koralik in F-117 Trumpeter 1:32   
    This time the model F-117, the model is very simple to fold and very difficult to paint.
    I tried to make this model many times I took it off the shelf and put it back.
    Reason?  One question: How to make a black model wouldn't just be black? I build models straight from the box and so I always try to focus on painting.
    I often make models that are a bit too heavily damaged, dirty but in my opinion is the only way to give them a bit of life. 
    F-117 Trumpeter 1:32 the model is very easy to fold and you will not have any problems.
    At the begining few photos 1:1
    At the begining few photos 1: 1

    F-117 Trumpeter 1:32

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    Zero77 reacted to DeanKB in CO2 airbrushing dangers   
    It is a very low risk of a pretty catastrophic result;
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    Zero77 got a reaction from red baron in Avia S-199 (Hasegawa bf109G-6 + Werner's wings conversion)   
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    Zero77 got a reaction from GDW in HpH Catalina-beaching gear   
    I know it's not the same version and it's a bit useless for your project, but here are a few pictures of this one, with retractable LG. Maybe it can interest someone.

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    Zero77 got a reaction from Menelaos in Kinetic 1/32 Kfir !!!!!   
    Many of you seem to crave for a 1/32 Kfir.
    Is this making your dream come true?

    I hope i can build a dagger with the kit ! (never satisfied guy ! )
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    Zero77 reacted to chuck540z3 in 1/32 A-10 Forward Fuselage   
    With a bunch of work sanding and rescribing the nose, you can get a decent looking Hog profile with just the kit plastic and Squadron canopy.





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    Zero77 got a reaction from GDW in Icaerodesign Extra 330-SC   
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    Zero77 got a reaction from GDW in Icaerodesign Extra 330-SC   
    I hope it's not a kind of thread hi-jacking, but here are a few motivational pictures of mine !

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    Zero77 got a reaction from Dany Boy in F-35A, 34th FS Hill AFB   
    I dont know what it is exactly, certainly a kind of tinted glass, a sensor, or something. I used the dark blue part of the kit decal even if i guess it should look a bit darker (the decal covers the whole grey+blue area, and i painted the grey area).
    On the real aircraft it often appears black although depending of the light reflection it may look blueish or even purple.
        Thanks a lot for your kind comments !
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    Zero77 got a reaction from Out2gtcha in MiG-29 goodies from Zactomodels   
    Zacto resin parts are not the cheapest, but i was NEVER disappointed. Actually i think it's the best resin parts i've ever seen.
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    Zero77 reacted to red baron in FW 190 C V 18 /U1 hasegawa + planet model   
    my last built , enjoy : 

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    Zero77 got a reaction from KiwiZac in I-16 type 24 - Cpt Tsokolayev - Ladoga lake 1942   
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    Zero77 got a reaction from KiwiZac in I-16 type 24 - Cpt Tsokolayev - Ladoga lake 1942   
    It's not actually 100% finished as i still wait for the North Star models resin and PE PAK-1 gunsight. But the parcel has been lost, North Star refund my money and so i ordered new sets from Aviation Megastore. Should be there next friday, so everything would be done next saturday.
    It's the ICM kit, with Eduard PE interior, RB paper belt (Sutton harness slightly modified), North Star resin wheels, and Brengun resin RS-82 rockets under the wings. Decals from the huge Begemot I-16 set. The color is not really standard for 1942 nor for the I-16 (though it has been for the I-15), but that's the most probable in my opinion. Some source say it was a white winter wash, but it's doubtful the white wash was applied on underwings and especially gear legs, that it was so clean, and when you look at the 21 outline, which is probably white, it's brighter than the main color of the plane. 
    So i guess it's the soviet aluminium lacquer.
    The propeller doesn't look standard either as the color is very light (it's usually black), so i guess it was unpainted. The back side looks darker on the pictures, so i painted the backside with a dark grey, probably an antiglare stuff.
    I chose to paint the rocket lauchers light blue, as they look a little bit darker on the pictures (maybe it's only the shadow). In my opinion, it's possible as those devices may have been painted with the standard underside color before being mounted.
    Last interesting detail, the gear legs panels were not mounted, it gives the aircraft a different look.
    The pitot and the wing guns are aluminium and brass tubes.
    On the second period picture you can see the gun camera bracket just behind the head rest. I have made one from scratch but i decided to not use it as i think it was a bit oversized, and i dislike how it looked.
    The aluminium laquer is a mix of Tamiya flat aluminium (XF16) and Gunze Light Aircraft Grey for british jets (H332). It has been slightly weathered (almost invisible on pictures...) with enamel washes and pigments. The exhaust rust is Mig pigments.
    Only a few pictures as it's not really finished, but as soon as i have the PAK-1 gunsight ready, i will take some more.

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    Zero77 got a reaction from Marcel111 in F-16A NSAWC "55"   
    Amazing paint job !
    I love the many little touch-ups, that's very realistic.
    Was it the Tamiya kit?
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