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  1. Brilliant Kev! Closer and closer to the finish line, and it looks great. Jim
  2. Looks terrific, Mark - can't be far off the finish line now. Jim
  3. All RIGHT Dan, that looks brilliant!!! What an achievement to get to this point. Jim
  4. Kev! Kev! Kev! Kev! Cheering for you mate, all downhill from here. Cheers Jim
  5. Amazing work Dan ... it seriously looks like a top notch IM kit. Cheers Jim
  6. Wow, that's some properly awesome scratch work. I'm impressed! Jim
  7. ... and THIS is why we come to LSP. Absolutely amazing work, just swiss-watch precision - I'm absolutely awestruck. Love it, love it, love it. Jim
  8. Wow, Shawn, that looks amazing! Well done mate. Jim
  9. Kev, this is such a heroic build. It's really cool to see you at the decal stage - I am absolutely cheering for you. Jim
  10. Michael, I have to say, that looks absolutely terrific. Well done. Jim
  11. Um, that is INCREDIBLE. I don't think I've ever seen a figure that good. Is it possible to do a step by step tutorial? Jim
  12. Chris, you're a madman ... if you get it done in six months let me know and I will personally order a mail order delivery of beer to you. Awesome project! Jim
  13. Ben, those printed panels are just superb. I am such a big fan of your work ... Jim
  14. Well done Peter ... what a privilege to be able to watch it unfold here on LSP. It's why I love the site. Cheers Jim
  15. Gaz, that looks superb. Must've been a huge relief when you got the masking off the nose. Well done. Jim
  16. My goodness ... this is an absolute masterclass! Amazing work Pip, thanks for sharing! Jim
  17. Wow, Kev - that looks really terrific! Jim
  18. Now you just need to scratch build a 2 square meter paint barn. Great work! Jim
  19. Phenomenal, Tom ... such a pleasure to see you back at it. Great work. Jim
  20. Wow Pip ... that is just looking phenomenal. Bet it's reassuring to have such a rigid fuselage, I would be on high anxiety (but then I'm nowhere near as skilled as you). Cheers Jim
  21. Ooh, Ben, I'll be glued to this one - I am as big a fan of Tomcats as I am of your scratch building work. This will be a cracker. Jim
  22. Looks crisp Steve. Keen to see it with paint on! Jim
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