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  1. Looking good! Nice and shiny! I have the 1/20 version in the queue for 2021. Look to pick up some tips from your build.
  2. Nice work. Did the JPS decals come with the kit?
  3. Thanks guys! Progress has been made on the build, albeit slower than I hoped. I spent the last couple of nights masking the canopy, and now it's ready for the paint shop. Now for a whole lot of white paint! I'll be laying down a good coat of Tamiya white primer then covering it with MRP US Navy White. Thanks for checking in on my build. Mike
  4. Another fantastic build! As others have said, I appreciate your efforts doing these WIP. I’ve learned a lot from them. Based on your build, I’ve picked up this kit plus the AM, and I’ll be using your WIP as a guide. Looking forward to your CF-104! Mike
  5. Do you like building things? Do you like researching things? Do you like painting things? Do you like being creative? Do you like spending money?
  6. In my house on the west coast of the USA taking a break from installing door trim and baseboards. I’m earning this evening’s bench time!
  7. Brad, Would Marine Corps aircraft qualify for the Navy GB? Thanks, Mike
  8. Made a little progress on the build. First, I got the intakes on, but I realized after the fact I forgot to paint the interiors of them. . I'll see if I can paint the interiors satisfactory, and if not, FOD covers will be the backup plan. The speed brakes went in next, and they fit better than I was expecting. Although there are gaps at the brake's hinge points that I'll fill with pieces of styrene, the remainder of the brakes only needed minimal filler. The two cockpits were glued in and the fuselage was closed up. I need to clean up some seam lines, and these have been given a coat of Mr Surfacer. After looking at the pics, the seats look quite monotone, so I attempted to bring out a few highlights by drybrushing. Although, it's difficult to make out in the pic. I haven't added the ejection handles yet as I know I would knock/bust them off. I'll get them added just before I install the canopy. I'll put a piece of blue tape on top of the seats to remind me. Thanks for looking in on the build. Mike
  9. Coming along nicely, great work as always! Keep the updates coming. Mike
  10. After a long delay, I've finally started this build. I've recently gotten into 1/20 F1 race cars kits, and my focus has been building these of late. Before I started the next F1 kit, I figured I better get this build going. I've decided to keep the resin seats for a couple A-4 adversary builds I'm planning, so I just used the simplistic kit seats. Although you can't see it in these pics, the seats and tubs have been dirtied up with Florey grimey weathering wash. Next up will be getting the intakes and speed brakes installed. Overall, the kit appears to be a quick build; although, I don't expect it to be without some fit issues. Also, I've decided to go with the VT-24 markings. Something bright in the display case will look good! Thanks for looking in. Mike
  11. Definitely cheaper than if MFH had produced a kit of this car. For me, this kit is on the Xmas buy list.
  12. These look great! Now, if only AFV would upsize their F-5 kit.....
  13. Yep, I wanted to build a Lotus Type 79 formula 1 race car Mario Andretti won the championship with. So, I picked one up, next thing I know I’ve got 10 other F1 kits of varies teams!
  14. What a fantastic build! Plus learned something of the war I wasn’t aware of. Thanks! Mike
  15. Kev - can you explain your approach when using the hair dryer on the decals? Thanks Mike
  16. I'm jumping into this GB with the Hasegawa TA-4J. I'll either do the VT-24 markings (minus the special scheme) on the Zotz sheet or an adversary scheme. I have time before I need to decide. Typical for my builds, the only AM I'll be doing are decals and resin seats. Thanks for looking in. Mike
  17. Liking that orange and green camo scheme! You plan on scratch building that blind flying hood shown in the pic? Would add a unique touch to the build Mike
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