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  1. Been a member for 10 years this year and have never participated in this annual event. Not this year. Please add me to both lists. I will PM you with what I'll be donating. Thanks - Mike
  2. Another magnificent build. You nailed the weathering.
  3. Yeah, I can never find anything on a clean bench. I practice chaos organization on my bench!
  4. This build still lives. I stumbled across this article https://theaviationgeekclub.com/the-story-of-e-royce-williams-the-naval-aviator-who-became-the-only-fighter-pilot-to-shoot-down-four-soviet-mig-15s-in-one-fight-confirmed-by-russians-but-not-by-the-us-navy/ and I got side tracked building a non-LSP kit of the panther. Too bad Paul Fisher's Panther is no longer available. Anyway, the Hawk is back on the front burner. Here are a couple of pics of the build before I got side tracked: Forgot there were several areas that needed some putty and sanding attention. Well, I guess it's a nice welcome back to the build! I need to decide whether to use the kit seats or some AM Tornado seats. I know these aren't accurate for the Hawk, but they do look way better than the kit seats. Should make some good progress this week on the build with time off for the Thanksgiving holiday. Thanks for looking in.
  5. Great work and thanks for sharing your build. It has moved this kit to the “next in line” after I finish my build for the Revell GB. Looking forward to your build coming out of the paint shop! Mike
  6. I got so wrapped up in building this kit and watching college football I failed to take any pics of the build progress. Here's where I am with the build. As you can see I have the fuselage closed up. So far, the kit has been pretty straight forward with no build issues from either the kit or the builder! There are some seams to clean up, but they are nothing a little Mr Surfacer won't take of. Moving forward, I'll pay attention to pic taking as build continues. Thanks for looking in. Mike
  7. Pulling up a chair to watch your build. I recently pick up the F.6 kit, so I’ll be taking notes.
  8. My last two GB entries ended up on the SOD, so needing to get back in the GB saddle, I’ll be joining this GB with the Revell BAe Hawk T.1A kit. The only aftermarket I’ll be using are decals from Xtradecal X32033, and I’ll be doing the 70th Anniversary Spitfire scheme. I'll get started on the kit this weekend. Thanks for looking in. Mike
  9. Looking forward to your build John, and I haven't forgotten about the paints for you.
  10. de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver with floats.
  11. Kev - appreciate all your efforts for maintaining this fantastic site.
  12. Sad news indeed. My condolences.
  13. If you want another set of the kit’s SAAF decals, let me know, as I’m not going to use them. Looking forward to your build. Mike
  14. Here's a snapshot my build in its current state. It's been ready to be painted for a couple of weeks now, but as I mentioned above I have another build going that has been taking time from this build. I plan on using Alclad aluminum for the NMF. It'll be my first attempt using Alclad for the overall finish, so there's going to be a learning curve on using it over large areas. Definitely be doing some Googling for tips. I've also completed and painted the canopy plus I've reshaped the wing tank fins and have those painted as well. I get pics of those posted on my next update. Thanks for following along, Mike
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