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  1. I needed the color for yellow 1 me 262 checks. I found a small jar although it has been discontinued from model master line. Probably due to slow sales. What other WW2 german aircraft use rlm2 in their camoflage I cannot think of any off hand
  2. beautiful stuff agree with you jennings I have boxes of models unbuilt with unbuilt resin in it( case in point the Su 27 with full complement of zactoman goodies
  3. thanks got it now I just need to get the mig!. May trade for it anybody want to trade for an SU 27? That is to big for any shelf I have. The mig can sit next to my f 16
  4. when I do a search on cold war models every cold war era plane or boat comes up anybody know a website that sells them?
  5. on the other hand the harbor freight one has larger sizes, I am tempeted as I already have the waldron and the hf would be useful for wheels masks of maybe I should get the shadow circle cutter?
  6. found this from harbor freight https://www.harborfreight.com/9-piece-punch-and-die-set-95547.html https://www.micromark.com/Micro-Punch-Set http://umm-usa.com/onlinestore/index.php?cPath=21_145
  7. from the pictures you did good the panels around the machine guns and the wind screen came out very well. We are our own worst critics you did good
  8. No the nose shape is off and the decals are wrong I will wait for tamiya
  9. Don't forget to allow for the rest of the restoration be and then the flight hours and storage plus consumables. Not just any richmans hobby
  10. http://warbirdsnews.com/uncategorized/sageburner-mcdonnell-f4h-1f-phantom-ii-for-sale.html
  11. I am getting interested in the whole Silhouette thing cameo vs portrait? any advantage for the modeler for the bigger one? bundle vs stand alone? amazon has the stand alone for 169 and a bundle for 269
  12. try this from noy's minatures https://www.ebay.com/itm/Noys-Miniatures-1-32-Airfield-Tarmac-Sheet-Soviet-PAG-14-Size-593-x-400mm/302391851899?hash=item4667f57b7b:g:6JQAAOSwVFZZdF-u
  13. Good to know at this point I am beginning to hate spending another 100 or so bucks on add ons. A seat decals and maybe wheels are okay. In fact may have an extra seat from the su 27 that is sitting in the stash. I think is the same seat
  14. Plenty of resin seats available k 36 dm isn't it? Be any pictures of the pit
  15. The Tamiya f 16 did not need any resin otoh be trumpeter usually benefit from at least the ejection seat. I am guessing some of you by now have seen it in person. I know the aftermarket will fill in the gaps rapidly but in terms of the pit how badly or well is it portrayed?
  16. sounds like painting a model minus the paperwork http://www.afrc.af.mil/News/Features/Display/Article/159584/
  17. in the picture you posted there is no cockpit if the cockpit is to big and spreads it then you may get a step. I am just obsessing a bit I am scheduled to get mine delivered today and I also have two unbuilt tamiya's in the pile. I do not mind the process of overcoming difficulties that in part is the fun of modeling to me otoh some struggles are just not worth it. Everyone has a different point from only wanting a snaptite fit to scratch building something. I think it does depend on your subassembiles as I pointed out the two professionally built models above there are discrepancies. BTW squadron has vacuum formed canopies in 1/32. I have never had much luck with them but it may be worth a try for the windscreen. I have extra tamiy canopies and may put some off them on the trader forum as well for some minor swag. Anybody have some Frenesi decals for a canopy?
  18. i have some extra tamiya canopy so that problem is solved. so is the consensus for the windscreen to shave the forward part of the fuselage and shim the canopy? the tight fit on the cockpit you have to thin the walls? I am an ace at filling the seams but the step on the windscreen will bug me. interesting on brett's build there is no step on the windscreen http://www.hyperscale.com/2017/reviews/kits/revell03944reviewbg_1.htm and in the revell advertisement build the side to side fit of the windscreen is fine bu the height is off a bit. ( also the wings to fuselage is terrible)
  19. I have been ordering quite a bit from england royal mail is not to bad takes about 10 days to get here
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