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  1. whoa for 309 dollars I will stick to scalpel blades https://www.amazon.com/Honda-Electronics-ultrasonic-cutter-USW-334/dp/B005QFWCQO here is a kickstarter for 248 the video is interesting but still very expensive https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1352339404/wondercutter-ultrasonic-cutter-40000-vibrates-per
  2. are you planning on getting rid of the panel lines( canyons)on the fuselage and wings. I have been following along as this model and scheme are next up in my building sched
  3. this project was started in 2014. I two major stumbling blocks. I broke off the light on the forward tail empanage and could not figure out a way to repair it. I also changed jobs at around that point and had no further time for models. I retired in 2017 ( yea) and after about 10 months got the urge to go back to the hobby. I ended up just buying the whole tail sprue from Tamiya( much more economical then buying a sprue on ebay boy oh boy). A few more self inflicted stumbles ( launched one of air brake covers into the carpet) also who knew that the piece for the radar in the nose had to be put just so or the nose would not swing close)and she is almost done. I will post better and more detailed photos in a few days. I back dated it to a block 40 but it has the sniper pod and the block 40 can now do SEAD so the hts got moved to the port side. I have to finish the war HUD and a few more odds and ends and it will be complete. Next up finish the spitfire lX I started when it first came out I put it aside to do the tamiya mustang we are talking old here.
  4. hmm I have a siphon ab which is hte hp bcs I prefer my gravity feed hp bs. Which is why I was looking at the talon
  5. I own several iwata love them my old eclipse siphon (hp bcs)does not meet my needs anymore. I have an hp bs which is superb for small areas and some detail and a hp sb which is for very small areas and mottling. I am looking at a hp cs and a paasche talon the gravity feed. This is going to replace hp bcs for overall spraying of large areas. The paasche is cheaper then the iwata comes with multiple needles. needs an adapter cheap to fit on my iwata air hose. The iwata are like tanks other then replacing the needles really do not need any maintenance.
  6. okay ordered plastic one maybe some felt on the risers to avoid scratches. we well see about the third hand jigs
  7. I have been considering getting one: http://umm-usa.com/onlinestore/product_info.php?cPath=21_162&products_id=6593 would love to hear opinions on pros and cons is it worth it to get the 1/32- /24 vs the 1/48- 1/32 version
  8. Having recently acquired the new mig 29 a from trumpeter now I had to decide which if any am material to buy. I ended up with a quickboost K 36 ejection seat leftover from the SU 27 project ditto the stencils. after some reflection I bought the wheels and exhaust from Zactoman( much internal debate about the exhaust but it is such a prominent feature I had to. Decals form Begemot the pito tube also form master models, and the subject of this review the master model static dischargers. The Tamiya F16 was the first to my knowledge to include fine wire to model the dischargers before that you either had to scratch built them or ignore them entirely. The model includes them although as injected plastic. They are too thick and will most likely be broken off with handling needed for construction and painting. They also ignored a pair on the main wing only showing one there. So back to ignoring or scratch building. Master models AM-32-066 has 14 mig type static dischargers for around $7.00 plus shipping. first picture is the wing and static discharger from the model nest is a closeup of the dischargers close up of the package these are very thin wiil end up drilling small holes to insert them I recommend them as the scale correction adding the missing one on the wing and to avoid the inevitable shearing one off during assembly is avoided . you need one on each rudder two on each wing and two each on the horizontal stabilisers. For a total of 10 the package includes 14 so some spares are provided. Depending on your aims and modeling pocket book these are a worthy addition.
  9. decals are am? really?. For modern jets usually at least he ejection seat. The tamiya f 16 did not even need that. I did use scab plates because I backdated it to a block 40. For WW ll at least seat belts and decals or masks. Depending on the model the wheels need to be replaced. I think good execution and painting makes the model more 'believeable'. It is easy to get caught up in the aftermarket. For the new mig 29 a I did pop for the exhaust although initially I was not going to. Chris's( zactoman) piece was just to beautiful to pass up. I
  10. Somebody on the thread dissed the bergomot but did not say why. They are extensive and including the shopping are pricey. I do not need 20 to have 30 choices 3 would be fine.i liked the subject matter better on the linden Hill sheet but he told me no plans to upscale them from 1/48. Time will give us more choices. I have stars from a linden hill flanker sheet and data markings maybe I will do the bort numbers as a stencil. Anybody with a silhouette cutter?
  11. not to many decals around I want to do a plane jane russian vvs. Linden hill did a nice set in 1/48 but there is not a lot around yet.
  12. gresat job I have always wanted a saber you convinced me to wait till tamiya does one..
  13. I got my new model it looks lovely and it is about the same size as my F 16. I am having second thoughts be about the zactoman burners they do look beautiful. AMS and kicking in. The quick boost seat will fit. Okay tires and vvs decals and master static dispersers maybe burners that is it no more than that must fight it.
  14. am expecting the trump mig29a in the mail today!
  15. btw if anyone is in the market for the mig 29a freetime hobbies has it for 109 with resonable shipping least expensive I could fine it.
  16. I know what you mean it is a slippery slope with all these preassembled parts otoh you could say the same about decals or any number of other AM parts. My near vision sucks now that I am bit more mature so I do not mind a few aids. The yalu sets are nice this looks good too
  17. I love zactomans stuff but it is too pricey for me maybe his wheels. I think the exhaust stuff is 50- 60 bucks
  18. I have the linden hill decal set for the su 27 I bet the stencils are about the same. I ordered the mig29 a from free time hobbies much cheaper then ebay 109 plus 8 dollars in shipping. I have the quickboost seat. I think decals and resin wheels and I am done. I am finding to much AM stuff is an impediment instead of fun.
  19. Okay I have a k36 d from quickboost. Just sold my su 27 so I will get the mig. I started looking for decals and found out linden Hill is gone sigh.
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