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  1. that is amazing wish i had the skills to paint it
  2. I think it looks very good as well. While the zactoman stuff is expensive I really had to have the exhausts. Quickboost makes a nice K36 seat. The master model static discharger are great and the ones provided are going to snap off in a heartbeat anyway. I have the begemot decal set it is very extensive something like 14 different aircraft. Once I decide on one or two to do will sell the remainder.
  3. no they have IRS now and handle well. We rented a turbo four when the wife and I were in Marco island. it was a very nice car. I love my V8 but the turbo four was fast enough for a cruiser and got good mileage. The camaros are the darling of the car magazines,some models are faster and handle better then my vette. But I think for overall package looks price the mustang has it all. by the way nice caterham. The Supra was such a cult car after fast and furious. It is true they were very tuneable. With just basic modifictions under a few thousand I was able to pick up 125hp( bigger exhaust lose the cats. A device to up the boost to 18psi( past that you needed to augment the fuel map or boom). The car had bad lag though 1st gear no boost 2nd some but by third I could lose traction spin the wheels.
  4. terrific build and painting. Was this the hasegawa ? I do not remember any drama with that model?
  5. sadly I sold this one after owning it for 13 years Twin turbos supra 93( modified est hp 420) Corvette Z 51 2006 400 hp kept this one for 9 years leased this just returned it to Audi S4 miss it current car z-51 corvettte 460 hp love red love convertibles
  6. while no t the definitive answer here is a 2 second search on the web. For the most part I do not think they had the wiring http://www.mustangsmustangs.com/thehangar/index.php?topic=395.0
  7. how big is this going to be? How much $$$
  8. beautifully done and presented. I do not think the European theater mustangs did not have the radio antenna wire.
  9. both in lacquer which one would you use and why and go....
  10. still working on pictures here are some teasers
  11. I'm doing a bit of the opposite trying to sell my 1/48 stuff I won't build now
  12. the sniper I think was brassin it included the adapter but it did not include the pylon that came from a lantirn pod made by Drpepper a defunct cottage industry resin maker. sigh I am just going to live with white harms. you cannot see them from the pictures I took but the fuselage does have the scab plates as well The WAR HUD is finished I used one I got from some ones Academy kit. Had to fake the clear parts. next up is to take a series of photos including the engine
  13. depends on the jet it is more of a golden color . Is this the tamiya? they come with both the goldish color and the clear. also some have the main canopy dark and the aft clear. One thing you can do if you want smoke is dip it in future then over coat with dilute smoke acrylic form tamyia paint.
  14. only thing left to finish is the war hud btw pictures to follow soon
  15. thanks for the kind words it is nice to hear from a primary source. Accuracy to an extent maybe if I was building it for someone.... I can always paint up the jdams. I do have pictures of the HARM being white and some being gray the AF has a penchant for changing colors. I am sure you are correct however This shows a 35th jet with both the right sided HTS pod and a sniper So perhaps they do some non dedicated SEAD now and below is a picture I would swear shows the HARMS as white. I have seen gray looking over my pictures. Since you served there no arguments from me. from wikipedia
  16. I ended up getting the plastic stand from umm. horrible instructions and one of the included wing nuts was the wrong size. It built up okay and so far my 10 year old wip spit is sitting on it
  17. yes to the above don't know how I screwed up the link
  18. https://www.facebook.com/wrhstol/videos/1693457944035797/ whoa https://www.facebook.com/wrhstol/videos/1693457944035797/
  19. whoa for 309 dollars I will stick to scalpel blades https://www.amazon.com/Honda-Electronics-ultrasonic-cutter-USW-334/dp/B005QFWCQO here is a kickstarter for 248 the video is interesting but still very expensive https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1352339404/wondercutter-ultrasonic-cutter-40000-vibrates-per
  20. are you planning on getting rid of the panel lines( canyons)on the fuselage and wings. I have been following along as this model and scheme are next up in my building sched
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