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    RandyB reacted to Jennings Heilig in RBG Gone....   
    The saddest news I could imagine today.  2020 sucks the big weenie.
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    RandyB reacted to Juggernut in RBG Gone....   
    Ruth Bader Ginsberg , United States Supreme Court Justice, passed away today at her home from complications associated with pancreatic cancer; she was 87 years old.  Know of her or not, she was involved in most, if not all, Supreme Court decisions, some landmark decisions, in one way or another since 1993.   It's a sad day in the US for any of us who even remotely follow US jurisprudence.  I personally admired her for her tenacity and dedication to her profession.  I never had an opportunity to meet the lady but we, in the United States, are better for having her on the Court. 
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    RandyB reacted to Anthony in NZ in RAF FG.1 XV571 WILD HARE Phantom Conversion   
    As a side point
    Derek I see your point about the 'hump effect' I have been studying this even more.  This illustrates it well I think...
    Photo credit on Flickr Feredo Bridge

    Very interesting photo in my opinion, interesting to see where the intakes bulge out as well
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    RandyB reacted to AlbertD in Tamiya F-4J Phantom VMFA-232 Red Devils *Finished*   
    Just a quick update. The Aires cockpit is about ready to fit into the fuselage. I'm pretty happy with the way it looks. Looking at pictures of the real thing the buttons and knobs tend to be pretty subdued so that is what I went for. I didn't want them to be too bright though being in the dark recesses it might have been the better way to go. Should be able to close it up tomorrow.

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    RandyB reacted to allthumbs in USS Shangri-La 1962 in Hi Def   
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    RandyB reacted to LSP_Matt in Wow... WNW gone....   
    Whatever the cause it's just a terrible shame. Some amazingly talented people working for a company that created astonishing model kits.  Their kits created endless excitement and enjoyment in our hobby/work.  It'd be great if things could be turned around and they stayed in business.  Truly gifted and visionary people are worth keeping.
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    RandyB reacted to MikeMaben in Why you build what you build?   
    I just like airplanes 
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    RandyB reacted to Tnarg in Why you build what you build?   
    I wonder a lot about why I get obsessed about collecting models, much less building them.
    I think a lot of this had to do with my experiences as a a very young kid and recapturing some of the events that stay in my memory.
    I have built a lot of the space program models and have tried to make a group in the same scale, which never was possible in the past, but like 1/32 scale aircraft, if they are big enough to see the detail they take over the house. I was in grade school when the Mercury flew and saw them all on TV.
    I remember seeing the X-planes and built a few of them in 1/48. I wish for the X-20 in a huge scale as that really caught my imagination as a youth. I built a version in 1/48 and it was just big enough to want more.
    I came back into building models as an "adult" (am I really that old? just 13 inside my head sometimes) when I got interested in the Spanish Civil War and found a mentor who shared so much of history and models with me (Hugh Silvis, who has been gone for quite a while.. as has Tom Young, another mentor). They got me interested in anything Small Air Forces. That fit in to my interest in Polish aircraft because I read "the Trumpeter of Krakow" in one of my early grades and was fascinated with Poland. "What if?" models were only a small step from there.
    I wanted to recreate my builds as a kid of WWI planes, and Peter Jackson made me change over my 1/48 collection into 1/32 (just came over and beat me into submission until I bought his kits )  I became fascinated by the colors and the rigging as that sort of developed from building all those Revell model ships as a kid. "Magnificent Men and Their Flying Machines" got me to want early aircraft  models as well.
    I read the old Kevin Munson books and wanted to make every one of the airliners between the wars and all of those US Yellow Wings aircraft.
    Unfortunately, I don't work that fast, and am too easily distracted by a new shiny object, like a 1/72 submarine, Maschinen Krieger or an old Aurora Knight or anything to capture my fantasy of recreating the feeling of my youth. That seems to be the theme in all of this. Does it have an amazing camouflage? Does it remind me of a key experience of my youth? I just wish I could finish anything and not leave them on the shelf of doom.
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    RandyB reacted to LSP_Kevin in Our Definition of Large Scale Plane   
    The question of what, exactly, constitutes a large scale plane for the purposes of our website and forums comes up quite regularly, so let's spell it out here so that it's clear and unambiguous for all our members and guests.
    First, the conceptual bit: for the purposes of the LSP website and forums, a large scale plane is defined by its adherence to one of a set of modelling scales, and not by its physical size or dimensions. These latter considerations are in fact completely irrelevant.
    Now, the actually definition: for the purposes of the LSP website and forums, a large scale plane is defined as an aircraft or helicopter kit, 1/35 scale or larger.
    There are of course grey areas (Monogram's 1/40 Skyraider kit for one example, or missile and spacecraft kits for another), and we generally tackle those on a case-by-case basis, depending on the nature of the question at hand.
    I hope this helps clarify the issue for those of you who might have been wondering!
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    RandyB got a reaction from sturmovik in Rules of the Road   
    Hey Folks-

    It's always necessary to establish some ground rules and points of etiquette so that we avoid problems before they happen. Please read these rules and keep them in mind when posting. The LSP Staff are committed to establishing a modeling community where manufacturers, distributors, modelers and enthusiasts are all welcome and feel comfortable contributing. As such, the LSP staff reserve the right to delete or edit offensive posts without time consuming explanations and notification. We expect polite and civil discourse even if you disagree with someone.
    LSP does not exist as an avenue for promoting other websites, or activities occurring exclusively on sites not specifically affiliated with LSP. The occasional link to activities elsewhere is certainly not discouraged, but inserting those links as a means of self promotion or advertising, are to be removed at staff discretion, where the violation of this rule is deemed to be intentional and egregious.
    While LSP actively encourages and supports individuals adding photos to various subjects for illustrative purposes, the unwarranted and completely unnecessary subsequent copying of those images while quoting posts, when the images themselves add no additional content value, is highly discouraged. We ask that you self-edit that type of redundant photo duplication when replying via the quote function. Staff reserves the right to edit these image duplications when and as necessary.

    Posts or threads that are offensive include those that are meant to be insulting, threatening, or those which are obviously 'trolls'. These will be deleted by the LSP Staff at our discretion. Examples are: outright personal attacks, flame wars, posts that are 'intended' to incite or upset others, politics, religion and other topics considered not in the interests of our membership by the staff.

    Whilst we all enjoy the LSP forums being polite and peaceful we do relish debates on a range of hot topics. We are committed to ensuring all members that are behaving reasonably and politely are able to offer their opinion. We are only ever likely to intervene when replies in those hot debates are no longer intelligent or well thought out and begin to attack an individual or company.

    LSP is not the place for the denigration of model kits or the people/companies who made them. We have no issues with members offering a critique of any model kit or product. If members make the effort to ensure their criticism is dispassionate and factual it is far less likely to create complaints. Criticism is a good thing but works best on LSP when it is intended to be constructive and helpful.  We are committed to growing a modeling community enthused and inspired by creative solutions.
    If you simply want to complain or you feel you have a duty to warn others then LSP isn't the place. There are lots of websites where you can post whatever or however you like.  Please be our guest and do it on those sites but not on LSP.

    LSP is about modeling, therefore political or religious posts or statements are not welcome here. Posts/Threads/Signatures of a political or religious nature are subject to deletion at the discretion of the moderating team.
    Lately the news we see each day has not been very nice to watch. 
    LSP is a community of modelers with similar interests and many of us have made friends here.  Discussions about our personal adventures and experiences are welcome and encouraged but the majority of us come here to escape the bad news we see.  LSP staff strongly discourages the posting of negative world news events, particularly those involving violence and terrorism, within the forums and reserves the right to delete or edit such posts.
    Please note that LSP doesn't allow posting the same thread in multiple places on the forum. If this happens, the moderating team will delete all but the thread that has been posted in the most appropriate place.


    To report an offensive post to the LSP Staff, please use the 'Report This Post' link to advise the staff and outline to us why you found the post offensive. We ask that you be mature and resist the temptation to reply to posts that irritate you. If you do, it almost always makes things worse and gives the original poster the satisfaction of the reaction wanted in the first place. You can be reassured that your complaint will be considered with both an open mind and in the context of the entire LSP community. It also helps if you're not 'too' precious or quick to assume a malicious intent from another member. Even though this is the 'rules of the road thread' we're not the smile police and will not intervene if we consider members are being overly sensitive.


    We detest to ever having to ban members and we only do it when we consider it is in the best interests of the LSP membership. We will ban if members ignore the directions of the LSP staff, threaten or harass other members either in posts or via Email and PM or in other serious cases which the staff consider are appropriate. We have the ability to ban members, both by username, IP address, or domain wildcards. Again, we hope to avoid using this feature, but in the best interests of the entire LSP community we will if we have to.
    As a spam-prevention measure, all new members are subject to a short moderation period, during which their posts will need to be approved by a moderator. The moderation period is based on approved post count, and allows us to weed out the spammers before their posts even become public. You will know when you have served out your moderation period by looking at the member group in your profile (or under your avatar in any of your posts), which will have changed from Members to LSP_Members.
    Please note that the Traders Board will not be visible to new members until the moderation period has been served. Posting sale ads or parts requests in other areas of the forums as a substitute is not acceptable, and these posts will NOT be approved.


    If you have any questions regarding the forums, moderation, administration please contact any of the staff. If you have specific technical questions or problems, please contact either Matt or Kev, and we'll do whatever we can to help you out.

    We hope that everyone will enjoy the forums, and we remind you that continued participation in the forums is assured if you adhere to the basic rules of etiquette when posting a message, or replying to a post.

    In the process of dealing with material or posts which are regarded as offensive, members are obliged to follow the directions of the staff. Lack of prompt action by a member will result in further active intervention by the staff and potentially a restriction of member privileges. Members are welcome to discuss the management of their material or posts with staff in a private fashion (i.e. via emails, PM's but not in the public forums) All staff decisions are final.

    Again, if you have any questions regarding: the rules, technical questions and or problems please do not hesitate to contact any member of the moderating team for help or guidance. We'll point your question in the right direction to the appropriate member of the LSP Staff.

    Note: These rules are subject to change as individual situations require, and of course, we'll notify you of any changes via this forum.

    Updated Oct 2, 2020 via LSP Staff

    Happy Posting!
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    RandyB reacted to Jennings Heilig in Please spare a thought...   
    On my way to Michigan to my amazing, Energizer bunny mom’s bedside, and hoping I make it before the end comes.  She’s in septic shock and on comfort measures at Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo.  Just hoping Southwest gets me there in time.
    Love you mom.
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    RandyB reacted to Wurzacher in Late War RLM usage of 81/82, etc.   
    So I am back here on this so informative topic, only to see the the "forum´s menace" has struck again... Initially I wanted to thank all for this valuable exchange of information and help, but now I am somehow shocked to see Vincent remove his contributions.
    I feel sad that a fine thread has gone down the drain. As another no-native speaker I think I can understand the problems of people interacting in a language that isn´t their mother tongue. Too bad this sometime gets personal, with consequences for all of us who enjoyed the information shared here alot, especially yours, Vincent! Don´t know what to say, I feel sad.
    @ Vincent: I hope you might be able to have your posts restored. What a loss for many of us because of this!
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    RandyB reacted to Chek in WNW is nowhere near the end of its run...!   
    An FG1 or FGR2 Phantom would be nice....
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    RandyB reacted to BSteinIPMS in Nailhead decals by Jennings Heilig   
    Me too....I met some very nice folks there. Having seen some spectacular WWI models there, I was inspired to carve my own laminated propeller. I think anyone could do this in this scale if they didn't mind being awash in a sea of sawdust......

    The kit provides a plastic propeller which does not capture the ambiance of the laminated original made from walnut and birch. Using cherry and basswood I laminated up seven layers of wood, glued with Titebond and clamped. Titebond is an aliphatic resin glue which when dry can be sanded out to a feather edge, drilled, and carved, unlike rubbery white glue which is a polyvinyl acetate.
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    RandyB reacted to BSteinIPMS in Nailhead decals by Jennings Heilig   
    Okay, thanks Ray. What seems to work best is to go to my online Google Photo Album where these pics live, right-click the photo, and select "Copy image address" from the drop-down menu, paste it into this post, then - as if by magic - the six or seven line URL converts into an image. Wow! Just like magic! 
    Oh, and this is the Oberürsel UR.2 rotary engine which is installed in the airframe.

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    RandyB reacted to BSteinIPMS in Nailhead decals by Jennings Heilig   
    Okay Tim, let me try something different with my magic keyboard....
    Well, it's done. My unofficial building log shows the model required 772 hours to build over a period of one year and is comprised of 4788 pieces. It proved to be one of the most challenging – and sometimes frustrating – models I’ve ever built, but it was also one that provided a great deal of fun and satisfaction. Recommended! Would I do it again? Not during this lifetime.....
    A left front view of the aircraft on a clear day, 53 degrees Fahrenheit. Perfect! The model represents Dr.I, Serial number 127/17 (series production number and year of build) Werke Nummer #1838, assigned to Jasta 11 (jagdstaffel) photographed at Phalempin airdrome, France, February 1918. Richthofen achieved his 71st, 74th, and 76th aerial victories in this machine. At that time the aircraft was mostly in factory finish except for the red cowl and it was not the aircraft in which he was shot down on 21 April 1918, that one being Serial 425/17. As such 127/17 incorporates the coloring, lettering, and numbering of this Triplane as far as is possible on a structural model and this color scheme including the red cowling is based on a beautiful CAD profile by the celebrated Ronny Bar.

    Hasegawa 1/8 Fokker Dr.I Dreidecker. Photo taken at Land O' Lakes Aerodrome, Northern Wisconsin, USA.    The aircraft is on a taxiway, but will taxi over to the grass runway before takeoff. But, then again, perhaps it needs fabric before it does this....

    A right rear view illustrating the complexity of the airframe and wing structure. The fabric screen aft of the pilot’s seat which prevents cockpit airflow from blowing out the fabric on the rear fuselage shows up well here.

    A left rear view illustrating the difference between the wood structure of the wings and the ‘welded steel tube’ structure of the airframe.

    A left rear view of the aircraft at Land O’ Lakes Aerodrome, northern Wisconsin. The harsh shadows bring the wing ribs into prominence.

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    RandyB reacted to Jack in Question Re: Trumpeter Mustang Mk III   
    OMG.....just build the damn thing.....AND ENJOY, each in his or her OWN way...........................
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    RandyB reacted to PhilB in Question Re: Trumpeter Mustang Mk III   
    Quite right.
    If a kit has issues, some people won't build it - very sensible and totally understandable.
    What I don't understand is why through persistent and repetitive criticism, often using unecessary emotive words, there sometimes seems to be an attempt to persuade everybody else that they shouldn't build it either !
    Why does it appear to become so personal, almost an insult that a manufacturer should produce something that isn't up to their personal standards ?
    Nobody holds the moral high ground when it comes to what an individual should or shouldn't build.
    It could also be considered as a form of bigotry.
    "Bigotry" - noun - "intolerance towards those who hold different opinions from oneself"
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    RandyB reacted to Out2gtcha in Question Re: Trumpeter Mustang Mk III   
    "horrifyingly bad" is in fact in the eye of the individual gents.............and certainly means different things to different people.    Id say those that dont see it as horrifyingly bad should and will build it and be happy leaving it OOB, or even modifying it.............those that do see it in that light wont and will wait for a suitable replacement kit.
    The facts of what are wrong with the kit are known and accepted by anyone who knows what it should look like. Its simply a matter of how bad the individual modeler sees it. 
    A monster is a monster, but what determines a monster is in the perspective you have. While a human might consider Frankenstein a monster, if you are a mouse, a house cat is a monster.
    When it comes to  "how bad" a kit is, its all a matter of opinion.  Its that simple.
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    RandyB reacted to Avenger2614 in Question Re: Trumpeter Mustang Mk III   
    Well, I'm sorry if I offended anybody with my opinion of the kit. I'm still going to go ahead and build it, though, because that's what we do with kits...
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    RandyB reacted to Phantom2 in Question Re: Trumpeter Mustang Mk III   
    Hi Brad!
    Yes, the Aires Cockpit and wheelbay WILL foul each other!
    You have to sand the wheelbay roof paper thin and eventually cut about 5mm from the front of the cockpit floor  (and sand the floor very thin too), to get it all in place, but It can be done!
    You´ll get a Malcom Hood (sort of....) in the "Ding-Hao" kit too, that´s the one I built.
    I also used; Eduard seatbelts and Instrumentpanel, Master brass barrels, Mastercasters Wheels, Quickboost Landing gear doors, propeller blades  and exhausts, a spinner from the Dragon kit and decals from Kits-world, Dragon and the spares box (Stars´n´Bars).
    But I got my Shangri-La!



    Good Luck!
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    RandyB reacted to thierry laurent in Aerocraft Models Undercarriage Set for Revell Phantom   
    Well, they are stronger and far more accurate. I know it as I sent the technical manual views and pictures to Ali to build them and got one of the first shots. They are not sharper because the main problem of the Revell parts was not the fact they were raw items but rather incorrectly sized. And, believe me, I am a nit-picker when the Phantom is concerned... 
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    RandyB reacted to Jan_G in Great Wall Hobby P-40B Tomahawk in 1/32   
    as mentioned on the other websites, Great Wall Hobby is working on 1/32 P-40B
    sorry if it was mentioned here already


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    RandyB reacted to cnq in Tamiya Macchi MC.200 Saetta 1/48   
    And another build in my collection

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    RandyB reacted to LSP_Kevin in HpH Wyvern breaks through the clouds...   
    I've lifted the photos from that page for informational purposes:


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