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P-39Q 1st Lt. M.I. Orlov 1/32 Special Hobby


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One of the reasons they made better use of the P-39 was the nature of the combat on the Eastern front. Most of it was held at much lower altitudes. The P-39 is pretty good at low altitudes but it has no supercharger for high altitudes. That 37mm cannon also made it good for ground attack. So the Russians liked them and made good use of them.

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Hi Miloslav,
beautiful Cobra. This is the first one I see from you. Do you have a photo showing this particular aircraft? Kitty Hawk instructions & decals are not very correct.

If you do not mind I would like to add some notes:

- Soviets removed underwing guns from Q versions. Nose guns were considered powerful enough while underwing gun gondolas were considered a death mass having negative impact to maneuverability.

- Q versions had silvergrey prop blades with black stencils and without yellow tips,

- at the tip of the prop spinner the tubular cover of the cannon is missing,

- check the position of the shorter part of the antena vire,
This plane should belong to 213 giap (former 508 iap), Spring/Summer 1945.
- at the port side door should be Alexander Nevskij Order emblem while Guard emblem was only at the starboard side door.
- diagonal white stripe at the tail seems to be too wide.
- every Cobra coming to SU had yellow serial number at the tail. At some regiments they repainted it with local paints - soviet green AMT-4 at the tail would be a nice detail.

For those who interested more info & pictures is at Cobras from 213 giap

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