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  1. Hello tmany thank's I’m enjoying the sun to redo a series outside
  2. Hello just finish to day my second kit from this year P47 D trumpeter , Eduard photo etched for the cockpit , resin wheels Redux , gun's Aber , pitot Aber , pilot Ultracast , kit world decals for the noz art , marking painting with stencils , painting whit tamiya and Gunze acrylic ,wash Tamiya and watercolors pencils best regards Pascal
  3. just stunning !!! i love it !!.................. so geil !!
  4. hello guy's my last one just finish ..... P40b trumpeter (my second one and the last one ) cockpit resin cutting edge , wheels resin , photo etched Eduard , model master gun's , Eagle strike decal for the shark mouth and roundels , all numbers as well as the green circle are painted because the decals fell into pieces in the water..... painting cocktail humbrol gunze and tamiya divers wash pigments , and watercolor pencils for the weathering the 75 white squadron leader Bill Reed for fun with the comic book and dedication of the author best regard Pascal .
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