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  1. thank's former US P40 F owners Operation Torch ; give the French air forces after the Allied landing https://www.criticalpast.com/video/65675020496_P-40-aircraft_Lafayette-Escadrille-squadron-insignia_French-Air-Service-insignia
  2. Hello my work 2019 P40B 1/32 Trumpeter + cutting edge cockpit resin and wheels , master metal gun's P40 P47D Razorback 1/32 Trumpeter Eduard photo etched cockpit , resin wheels and pilot resin , marking Montex stencils F100D 1/32 Trumepter corrected nose resin zactomodels , seat cutting edge , wheels resin, and pods resin renaissance , decals renaissance , pitot master FW190D 9 Hasegawa eduard cockpit , resin wheels , marking Montex stencils P40F 1/32 Trumpeter Eduard cockpit , resin wheels , Berna decals bye
  3. hello the last one for this year just finish , P40 F trump + photo etched Eduard for the cockpit and resin wheels , Berna decal , painting Mig ,AK,Gunze and Tamiya 8 white p'ti Quinquin escadrille Lafayette 1943 unknown serial best regard Pascal and happy new year !
  4. apparently yes.... but since I had a discussion with a specialist and aircraft historian and old air force photographer the manufacturers of decals and everyone this deceives according to him the photo of this aircraft what took it for double roundels is only a shadow of the old English roundels who holds the true ??
  5. hello ALAIN I LOVE IT!!!! just stunning !!!
  6. i love it ! (! my next build ) am looking for some pics and yours IIIc great reference
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