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  1. Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale e.g. a credit or debit card or a service like ApplePay
  2. While some molds have gone “missing” in the past (Airfix SS France, Airfix SAM-2) or been “lost at sea” (Revell 1/32 Raiden, Otaki C-5A - allegedly) the overwhelming evidence is that it takes some deliberate decision to make a mold disappear by scrapping. I think this is borne out by the large number kits being produced today from very old moulds. Point being, if WnW plans properly they should be able to resurrect the existing tooling anytime they want to. The only real question, and the answer is unknowable unless Peter Jackson himself speaks to it, is whether they want to bring the company b
  3. As long as the molds are stored properly, this is not really true. Atlantis Models in the US are re-releasing classic kits from tooling that hasn’t seen the light of day in 40, 50, or even 60 years or more.
  4. And they also suggested that they would be reopening to overseas sales
  5. Airfix does have their own in-house design team for their kits. Although, the upcoming 1/35 Cromwells are being designed and tooled by Academy.
  6. The Otaki 1/144 C-5A Galaxy and L-1011 kits along with the Revell Atomic Power Plant model surely also qualify. Original FROG Penguins are also pretty rare.
  7. The Mk.VIIIs have the short span ailerons and they all had the pointy rudder, which only appeared on some IXs and XVIs (I’m pretty sure all the bubble canopy XVIs had it though).
  8. The best 1/72 scale P-40s, from the E-N are the Special Hobby kits by far. Accurate shapes, beautiful surface details, nicely detailed cockpit out-of-the-box, and the fit is good too. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/special-hobby-sh72338-p-40e-claws-and-teeth--1225567#
  9. A 32nd scale kit takes up 31% more volume than a 35th scale kit. The difference will be quite obvious.
  10. Just looking at the kit list on the WnW site, there were 87 individual kit boxings, of which 18 are “limited editions.” If there were 1,000 of each limited kit and the standard releases were of 2,000 kits then total production would be 156,000. So, given what we know, 150,000 is probably on the low side. Figure that the research, design, and development of the molds for the single seaters would have cost $150k-$250k and you can see that multiple boxing’s of each basic tooling to cover different variants would have been required to come close to break-even, assuming 2,000 kits per boxing.
  11. I’d bet most of these kits end up on eBay at twice the price.
  12. Wikipedia says 37; at least 16 prototypes and 22 A-0 pre-production aircraft. This reference says 38, split up among prototypes, pre-production A-0, production A-1, and two seaters https://airandspace.si.edu/collection-objects/dornier-do-335-a-0-pfeil-arrow/nasm_A19610129000
  13. Not as crazy as it sounds. You’d have to fix the instrument panel, throttle quadrant, and engineer’s panel, plus the Manchester didn’t have a lot of the electronics boxes that the Lanc did.
  14. I just had a package delivered from ModelsUA that was shipped on 7 April and showed as departed from the Ukraine on April 10 before it arrived in the US on May 4. Most of these airmail packages rely on commercial passenger flights not freight only flights. Since airline traffic is down over 90%, the wait for a flight is a lot longer than it used to be.
  15. I absolutely agree with you. I was just trying to think of some explanation for Trumpeter’s mistake that was at least possible let alone plausible. I’m sure it eventually will come down to them copying some less than accurate drawings off the web where the artist didn’t feel like drawing all nine cylinders.
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