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  1. It can be stored in the freezer, cut off what you need and thaw it out in your hands. When you mixed some together and you have some left over, wrap it up tightly in Saran wrap and put it in the freezer. When needed, thaw it out in your hands and it will have the remaining work time. If you have a lot left over, you can cut it into smaller pieces, wrapping them individually.
  2. Nice build! SLOWLY building a two-seater of this kit, among other models on my desk.
  3. Vallejo Metal Color Acrylic paints Review I just ran across this review and would like to try these sometime. Ongoing health issues have me staying away from lacquers & enamels, so these might be the ticket.
  4. Simply stunning! I have some of these models in my stash, including from this company, I've tried these, but it's a whole new type of modeling! I thought of using the parts for patterns for plastic or balsa. Since these are 1/33, would a 1/32 canopy work on them?
  5. If you're going with turnbuckles, check out the model RR section at your hobby shop. Model RR guys use them underneath the cars, they come in both metal & plastic.
  6. P-40

    1/32 P-51B

    Halinski has a paper model in 1/33 scale, they really are the top of the line for the paper models. If you don't want to try building it out of paper, you could use the parts as a pattern and build it out of plastic or balsa. Here's a P-51C built out of the box, so to speak. http://www.kartonist.de/wbb2/thread.php?threadid=9834&threadview=0&hilight=&hilightuser=0&page=1 Here's a P-51D that was very detailed with a lot of extra stuff http://www.papermodelers.com/forum/aviation/14826-p-51d-mustang-halinski-1-33-a.html
  7. Thanks, it was such a fun show and now I enjoy these kind of fly and more than the organized air shows, they just seem more relaxed. The museum has such great old aircraft, I have always liked the golden age, but now they are definitely on my favorite. It's really amazing what they were able to put out during the Great Depression. That really is a cool flying boat, a good combination of the vintage looks and almost looking modern at the same time.
  8. Here is the fly in that Lou and I went to the other weekend. It's five pages long, a link at the bottom of each page will take you forward. http://www.p40warhawk.com/My_Stuff/Anoka_2013/Anoka_2013_1.htm
  9. No, just watching too much TV while I'm typing :-) It is amazing how many of those early sci-fi movies based their rocket design off of the V2. They are also some of my favorite sci-fi movies. I have When Worlds Collides on DVD and just picked it up on paperback as well as the follow-up book, After Worlds Collides off of eBay.
  10. I'll have to order some Microscale adhesive. I was hoping the gold leaf adhesive would at least work for a small things like chrome trim around car windows, that way I'm just putting the adhesive where it's needed and the adhesive wouldn't get on the gloss paint. I got my jigsaw puzzle at a local hobby shop a little over a year ago, I haven't seen another one there since. Don't know which online shops might have it, but here are some available on eBay. http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_trksid=p2047675.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0&_nkw=Raid+on+China+Coast&_sacat=0&_from=R40 It's kind of an odd size so there's no readily available frame that it fits in. I only three options I can think of our having a frame made for it which is expensive, cutting up a store-bought frame, or what I've done with some of my jigsaw puzzles and posters that are odd size is to get a store-bought frame just a little bit larger, then I flip the paper insert over that is in it and usually it has been a medium gray to very dark gray on the back, then I center the jigsaw puzzle/poster and use double-sided tape to hold it in place. If you are right up next to it, you can tell what's done, that if you step away a little bit, it's sort of looks like a matting.
  11. Thanks! Yeah, black-and-white has always been my favorite on kitties, dogs as well. Love your avatar. A friend did a jigsaw puzzle for me of it, I then picked up a 1/48 B-25 off of eBay with those markings, planning on starting it after I finish the two 109's I'm painting right now. Not going to detail the cockpit or gunners areas since not much can be seen, plan on detailing the bombay and then put it on a base in the same pose as in the picture and then put it on a shelf below the jigsaw puzzle. Might also look for one of those wargame ships to see if they have a freighter and see if I can make it look like it's burning like in the picture. Looked at some of the build links you have posted and was instantly intrigued by your B-25 and started reading that last night. Also quickly looked at your P-40 and loved it, best foiling job I've seen, really looked like a natural metal aircraft. I'm going to post a link to it on my forum. I picked up a jar of gold leaf foil adhesive to test that out with kitchen foil to see how it would work, I figured gold leaf is extremely thin and it always looks really smooth.
  12. Thanks for the compliments guys, Pegasus Hobbies make some really good models, I have their 1/72 Purshing which is a real gem as well as their When Worlds Collide which is really nice.
  13. I recently finished this V2 in US markings. Pegasus Hobbies make some very nice and inexpensive models, their aircraft kits are fairly simple, they are aimed at the beginner/young person, but they are also fun quick builds. And only $10 or so. Most of the photos aren't that great, someday I'll figure the camera out. My kitten, Sneaker usually leaves my models alone until I try to take pictures and then she thinks it's playtime. The photo reminded me of an old 50s B movie, Attack of the 50 foot kitten http://www.p40warhawk.com/My_Models/Aircraft/Pegasus_Hobbies/V2/Pegasus_Hobbies_V2.htm
  14. Thanks, I'll do that when I get some better photos. I recently finished the Pegasus Hobbies 1/48 V2 in US markings. I'll post that.
  15. Hi Kevin. Yeah, I come in every once in awhile, but I burned out on aircraft pretty bad until recently. Right now I'm working on a 1/48 Pegasus Hobbies 109E and a 1/32 109 G backdated to an F for the most part, it won't be completely correct, but close enough for my shelf. It's going to be in a desert scheme with a yellow nose and rudder.
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