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  1. just for 'fun', i have started 3D printing a 32 scale Avro Vulcan, soo silly (each sub section is an approx 30odd hour FDM. print !) … https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3067956
  2. just scratching it for fun (I was lucky enough to get a flight in G-APLK as a young teen back when it was owned by Duncan McIntosh at Loganair) if anyone wants one I can vacform up a couple more cheers, Joe
  3. just made a start on a 32 scale Miles M.100 Student, vacuform fuselage from tooling resin plugs, a nice looking design, surprisingly compact too in the scale
  4. id really love to se a 1/32 scale Draken and Gripen ... Revell ? Trumpeter ? others on my wish list would be a T.6 Texan/Havard, Do.17 (pretty please Revell !) Canberra B.2 and a DH. Vampire, preferably an FB.6 but a T.11 would be nice too (hmm a Vampire and Meteor would be a nice way for Airfix to introduce the scale ?) cheers, Joe
  5. im not greedy a 1/32 Folland Gnat (fighter and trainer), 1/32 Saab Draken (pleeese Trumpeter!) mmm id also love to see a 32 scale MiG.25P&R, Ju.52 and DC.3 Dakota (yip i know the latter two are due for release in 35th)
  6. a beautiful piece of mould engineering there Mr.B, definately looking forward to seeing how shes progressed best wishes, Joe
  7. some interesting releases ahead, has anyone out there heard anything further on the early 109 kits mentioned? cheers, Joe
  8. my local hobby store here in Glasgow, Jamiesons Models, has a batch of them on the shelves (as of Friday there) a beautiful kit and amazing value too cheers, Joe
  9. something from the archives... Model Aircraft magazine. August 1961 (an interesting description of late war German 'green' camouflage too!) regarding comments on a potential kit, id like to see an injection moulded or resin model of the type in 1/32 scale (or the Ta.183 or twin boom Flitzer!) having said that id really love to see a J.29 Tunnan or even a J.35 Draken in large scale. Regarding the forementioned Tunnan, i did manage to pick up a vacuform 'shape' from e.bay which iv thrown into my pending pile, apart from the fuselage which i reckon might be usable with some work, the rest of
  10. and some pics of her Horten/Gotha taken at the IPMS. Scale Modelworld back in November 2007
  11. i found a snap of Hannele's He.162 i took at the IPMS. Scottish Nationals back in April 2008
  12. general view, sorry its so dark, theres minimal lighting in the gallery ...
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