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  1. Ah, thanks Rick appreciate your response. Wingy
  2. A question if I may? Why was it necessary to sand off primer on some of the locations and not others? Ah the many uses of MLT. That product has so many useful applications. Wingy
  3. + 1 on the Tamiya product. I mainly focus on the 1000, 2000 and 3000 grits.
  4. ade, you will be happy with what you ordered. I mix 70/30 MLT to Clear and spray at 15 psi. After the final coat spray a coat of MLT over the surface. Will really smooth that final coat out. The UV Cut 112 Super Gloss and 113 Flat are excellent products, spray very well this way. I also have good experience with #181 semi-gloss as well. If I'm spraying over a cream or white I'll definitely use UV Cut product to prevent yellowing later.
  5. Just a guess as a filtering layer to reduce color intensity.?
  6. That came out great! You did a good job on the painting too. How did you solve the weight issue?
  7. Great job so far. Have been watching with interest. Consider split shot fishing weights in the appropriate size to fit in the opening. Look fwd to your next update. Wingy
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