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  1. Thank Marek, this has been a challenge to say the least.
  2. Thank you I will have to pick that up when I start the kit! I failed to find that when I searched out Montex.
  3. Picture update: MG/FF racks and drums Split Elevators and Horizontal Stab: ETC Rack: Stock Not Stock:
  4. Thats great! After my wife destroyed the last one I built, I figured I do something different then Green or Grey Here was my last one:
  5. For the Zero or this specific scheme? The scheme is about as basic as you can get. I just looked and under 1/32 scale there is no listing for a Zero.
  6. thanks Matt! I have found the scheme was used by the Kokutai squadrons which from I can understand were training units? I've found some "images" of the scheme on A6M5s and A6M2s, I have no idea which is accurate. Did your book have images and if so any chance you could scan it for me?
  7. ooo 2 neat kits! That frogfoot is such a unique airframe.
  8. Im researching the color scheme for my next zero build (70s issue Hasegawa) and Im finding a few images, but no details. The aircraft is all green on top with orange under sides replacing the standard grey areas. Any info, images, etc would be really helpful. Thanks! Shawn
  9. i now have both nacelles almost finished up and have started reworking the wing gear bay area. I'll get some pics up this weekend.
  10. where did you source your metal gear from?
  11. this was my first 1/32 build as well. iirc the gear is not strong enough to support the model when finished, it'll sag.
  12. looks fantastic! Exquisite work!
  13. looking good! is this the old 70's era kit?
  14. I spent the weekend reworking the starboard engine nacelle, built an oil cooler duct, firewall, added fastener strips to the cowling opening, drilled out the front former ring and made it a ring vs. a half circle and installed one of my wheel blisters in the gear bay. Started working on the second nacelle and picked up some fine brass tube for the Mg17s up front. Also started working on the starboard spinner to detail the now visible back side.
  15. started reworking the engine nacelles, namely the oil cooler ducting. Need to scratch build the ducting as its just wrong and looks like poo. Worked on the ETC rack a bit more, messed that up and had to fill my mistake, need to go back and further detail that still. Figured out the gear bays a bit more, my wife has these pills that come in an oval foil wrapper which is just about right for the wheel bump in the bay, which is missing from the mold entirely. I will need to build a firewall as well and detail it with various bits to busy it up a touch. I cut one gear bay wheel opening and it looks great so far.
  16. looks great so far! Love the finish you have achieved.
  17. thanks for the advice! Hopefully my build and mods can inspire you on your kits as well, have lots of sheet stock and liquor on hand! If you want I can burn a CD of all my research stuff for you.
  18. lol thanks Larry, I'm not a pro by any means, just pig headed and dedicated...or as my wife says..insane and demented. I bought this kit a year ago and just started it in late december. Man I wish I'd have bought a Dragon kit! Im slowly making progress on it, but I keep having to rework and detail everything I build on it! Im in nacelle hell right now with oil coolers, gear bays, firewalls, lions, tigers and bears OH my!
  19. Thanks Texas, the builds on here really inspired me to attack this lump of plastic and push my limits...and pushed they are! as well as my patience lol I've had a build over on aeroscale going for it, I'll post finished pics when Its done as I fear I cannot keep two threads alive at once. Can I throw in the occasional pic in here or should I start a WIP thread?
  20. Hello everyone, been lurking here for awhile and finally signed up. Im currently working on the Revell Bf-110c4/b (aka C7) and I've gotten a good long ways into making this a decent kit..decent is key. Rebuilt an entire engine with scratch supercharger, whole cockpit refresh with scratch ammo cans, seat, wiring, instrument panel, etc. I made the elevators free and positioned, currently working on the engine nacelles and gear bays. Frankly this kit sucks, but its a good chance to flex some skills I've been wanting to try. Pics of work thus far: kit motor my motor Cockpit shots: the rest can be seen here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/shawnmanny/se...57622869700809/ In the stash are: (all 1/32)Academy F-16c, Dragon P-51D, Revell Stuka, Revell Corsair, Hasegawa Zero, Revell Apahce, 1/35 Scale Academy AH-1w NTIS (adding desert intakes)
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