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  1. Looking for a good how to for modeling canvas tarps and covers. Going to be doing a corsair and I need to make an "engine" cover as seen on carrier flight decks.
  2. Thanks Kev! That's far easier for me to replicate. Any chance I could get a link to that discussion? EDIT: Beat me to it! Thank you
  3. Im building a fun scale model of a Me-109, the control surfaces have no fabric detail. Whats the best methods to add it? Scribing, gluing on fabric???
  4. oooooooooo! now you're talking! The XL was such a beauty!
  5. that gear is amazing! This will be stunning when done.
  6. I had to walk away from my Bf-110c build, I was burned out. Going for something fun then back at it. The Norwegian demo schemes are amazing, and SO many to choose from! When I go to do my academy 1/32 viper I may do one of them, probably the orange,black and silver scheme. http://www.flickr.com/photos/23838297@N06/...243420/sizes/m/ Keep up the work on your 'A' model, your builds are very educational.
  7. you're build is a beaut! Glad I could help. I have such a soft spot for american air-racers, there is so much history to the sport and so many great characters that played rolls in it. Its sad there is no more transcontinental racing.
  8. thanks guys! Thats the bird. I have the 2 shots provided (thank you though) im really looking for a bottom view schematic or scan? I can extrapolate whats there from the one shot, but like us all, a clear line drawing is easier.
  9. Hi gang, Im redoing my 1/32 scale RC P-51 and am modeling the black and white disruptive scheme found on an early P-51a. I have a couple side views but cannot find anything on the under-surface details. The upper surfaces are O.D. while everything else is a black and white splinter scheme. Can anybody help me out?
  10. looks great! Glad that helped as it was my ONLY shot of that aircraft, lol.
  11. cant believe Im going to say this your tail pipe looks amazing
  12. awesome! Looking forward to details!
  13. this is your first model?! looking great, my first one looked like a glue ball with bits of plastic sticking out I've never used the future method (read lots about it). Is the future layer supposed to be strong enough to protect decals from tape like a regular clear coat would be?
  14. very nice work on one of my favorite aircraft in these markings.
  15. Wiggy, glad it sheds some light for ya! I will try to get you a good scan of it this weekend, message me your e-mail address and I'll send it over.
  16. well done! Looks fantastic.
  17. The one on the tail is a frontal view (inverted gull wings with a radial engine, 1 cylinder on top 3 on the bottom and the text runs from 9 to 3 o'clock like a prop would) of the aircraft with (text) vague I know but its all I can get out of Wet Wings And Drop Tanks by Birch Mathews pg.85 Even with my negative loup the image is so poor I cant read the text, sorry man. Your schematic shows the tail art having landing gear, my image doesn't show that OR the art aft of the canopy, at least on the starboard side.
  18. for sure! Now THAT would have been one helluva video.
  19. he is SUPER lucky he didn't catch a wire with his tail hook, what a mess that would have been
  20. I think its time to try a string bag, these kits look amazing! As soon as my latest customer pays up im getting an Albatross.
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