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  1. great work so far! iirc when I built this kit, the gear had an awful sag to it due to its spindly nature and the weight of the finished kit.
  2. Shawn M

    OH NO!

    this is such a fun kit! I just finished mine: more here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/shawnmanny/se...57623570552339/ and my rif raf more here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/shawnmanny/se...57621744131887/
  3. The (later) F-82s ran allisons if im not mistaken, making it difficult. The airframe was stretched in the aft and had way different undercarriage. The center section of the wing was constant chord while the outboard sections were more H then D. I too would LOVE too see a 1/32 kit available.
  4. yes it would be huge, I'd be happy with a 1/72 scale even....anything really.
  5. if I may suggest a PBM Mariner as resin kit candidate.
  6. looking good Tex, homestretch in sight?
  7. wow, great work! The paint scheme is to cool, great work on it. These WNW kits make me itch to build one, all of the builds I've seen make the kits look great!
  8. wow! Those burners and pipes look the biz! Great work.
  9. i cant wait to use mine! They look great in the package, the PE is SO nice!
  10. it always amazes me, with such a large scale you'd think the detail would be better. You're doing great work on this, its going to be a real stunner
  11. but lead tastes SO good! who else misses the wall candy?
  12. excellent! I love '110s. Ron, I sent you a message.
  13. does the faa have to approve your builds before they are displayed? Seriously this is master class work here.
  14. hrm..lead foil huh....I just noticed that the yogurt and pudding we eat has a nice lead foil "lid"...may be about right. Thanks for the advice guys! I will start on the tarp as soon as my messa-shnitzle is done.
  15. "holy %$#!" my exact words. Your painting is unreal!
  16. looking great! Love the little details like the map and magazine!!!!
  17. watching with keen interest. I've been eye balling these WNW albatrii(?) since they were announced. Might need to buy myself one for my b-day next week.
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