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  1. tbell

    Wingnut Wings DH9A Ninak finished

    Thanks! I've been using oils over acrylics for wood tones for some time now and I'm happy with my dark (e.g. mahogany) and light (birch) shades, but never seem to get a medium shade that I like. The best I've been able to come up with is this I'll be trying your colour combos. Thanks again, Tony
  2. tbell

    Wingnut Wings DH9A Ninak finished

    Love it. The Ninak one of the few WnW kits I really want but don't have in he stash. Seeing yours makes me want to pull the trigger and get one. If I may ask, what colours did you use for the struts? I've been struggling to get a nice warm medium wood shade.
  3. tbell

    Bell X1 - Revell

    In the context of modelling, the expression in French for a wash is "jus," the literal translation of which is "juice"
  4. Outstanding! I'll be saving those wheel well shots for when I do my big 'Stang. Just a quick note about the prop, the cuffs were actually made of rubber so of course they wouldn't be chipped up.
  5. tbell

    Meng Me 163B Komet "Yellow 11"

    Apologies for the delayed reply, guys - I thought this thread was long buried! Thanks again for the kind words. The engineering of the canopy is one of the kit's weaker points, IMO. There really is no need to have the frame a separate piece and it just complicates things. I painted the edges of the clear piece black using a Gunze paint marker and then tacked it to the frame with a few small dabs of superglue. I then dunked the entire assembly in Future, which acted as both glue and polish.
  6. tbell

    Would you Buy a HpH Kingfisher Catapult?

    No vote from me too. Nothing against it, I won't be picking up the KH Kingfisher either.
  7. tbell

    WNW Wishlist

    I'd love to see them do a Sopwith Dolphin and a SPAD VII.
  8. A few weeks ago I had completed and posted my Meng Me 163B Komet (RFI here), which I had finished all buttoned up. During construction, and despite the fact that it would never be seen again once I closed the fuselage, I nonetheless painted and assembled the nifty little rocket engine: As you can see, it builds up into an impressive little model in its own right, so I contacted Meng to see if I could get another motor to display along side the finished model. For the price of the postage, they kindly provided me with the relevant sprues. This time I decided to add a bunch of extra detail from brass rod, solder wire, and nuts and washers punched from sheet styrene, for example: And here's the final result: Just for fun, a stereogram. Cross your eyes such that your left eye is looking at the right hand image and vice-versa, and then try to bring it into focus. Cheers, Tony
  9. Hi Danny, Looking very nice indeed. Looks like I'll have to pick up some translucent oxide yellow; it makes for a really nice blonde wood colour. I finished my Harry Tate a while back (in fact it was published last year in Military Illustrated Modeller magazine), and one thing I would have done differently would be to be even more careful with the fit of the lower wing. It was just a teeny bit off, but it ended up causing a cascade of alignment issues affecting the horizontal tail, the vertical stab & rudder, plus the exhaust stacks and their stays. I managed to sort it all out in the end, but it would have been a whole lot simpler had I just spent a few more minutes fitting that lower wing. Cheers, Tony
  10. tbell

    Pfalz Pfinished!

    Outstanding. I really like the fact that you didn't do the over emphasized shading on the rib tapes as seems to be all the rage lately. Did you use wood grain decal on the prop, or is that all paint? Cheers, Tony
  11. Very nice. I really like the understated weathering.
  12. tbell

    Meng Me 163B Komet "Yellow 11"

    Hi Brad, The final clear coat was Aclad ALC-311 Klear Kote Light Sheen, although I had siphoned odd a couple of ounces of the clear gloss carrier before shaking the bottle. It's probably closer to ALC-312 Klear Kote Semi-Matte. Cheers, Tony
  13. tbell

    Meng Me 163B Komet "Yellow 11"

    Thanks all, for the kind words! It was one of those builds that, while quite enjoyable, I'm glad is done and on the shelf. Hi Kev, I'd love for you to post it on LSP, but please hold off for a while. I'm writing it up for Military Illustrated Modeller magazine and would prefer it not go up on LSP until after it has been published. I'll be submitting all new photos with the article so the ones in my RFI post will still belong to me, and which I will gladly let you use. Hi Tim, The markings on the oval hatches are kit stencils: Unfortunately the kit does not come with a pilot figure. Thanks! The secret is to thin the Gunze Aqueous paints with pure rubbing alcohol at about 9 parts alcohol to 1 or 2 parts paint and build each mottle up gradually. It's time consuming, but the degree of control is very good. Hi David, I used Rob de Bie's site as my main reference for the paint scheme and I agree, it was probably more likely painted in greens however I decided to go with RLM 74/75/76 for purely aesthetic reasons. The fact that it's shown in 74/75/76 in "Me 163 Rocket Interceptor Volume Two" by Ransom and Cammann was enough to allow me to rationalize my choice! Cheers, Tony
  14. tbell

    Meng Me 163B WIP - Weathering begins

    All done! RFI post here: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=56147 Cheers, Tony
  15. After over a year on and off the bench I've finally managed to finish my Meng Me 163B Komet. It was a bit of a mixed bag, with very nice detail but overly ambitious engineering. A fiddly build to say the least. WIP here: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=50501&hl=meng The only aftermarket bits used were BarracudaCast wheels (a must-have, IMHO) and the HGW microtextile seat harness (not a must-have, but a big improvement nonetheless.) All insignia and aircraft specific markings were masked and painted, while the wee stencils are kit decals. The RLM 74/75/76 are Gunze, with a mishmash of Alclad, Tamiya, Vallejo, Humbrol and Citadel paints for everything else. Questions and constructive criticism are more than welcome. Cheers, Tony