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  1. Thanks guys.... I'm ready for another one, but it will be a little bit. I have an Trumpy A-10 up next to shift gear a bit. Dejan, I've seen pics of the plane with and without the black theater markings. Also, some are without the black rudder. I've tried to build mine as close as possible to the plane as it looks these days (even though they made it into a 2-seater).
  2. What a great kit!! Amazing details and the kit comes with basically everything you need short of paint. Canopy masks, photo etch and little magnets so you can attach and remove certain parts. The engineering is just amazing. Crisp details and perfect fit. The plane comes with decals for three different planes, but I opted to get Barracuda Decals's aftermarket set since they offer the decals for Double Trouble Two which is a plane that reside locally in this area and still flies. I used mostly Tamiya acrylic paints throughout with the exception of the natural metal surfaces where Alclad where used in four different shades.
  3. Thanks everyone... I preshaded as well as post shaded, but I do agree that the decals do look a bit too clean, now that you mention it.
  4. Thanks a lot! Not sure about the scissors, but you may be right. Maybe he was a hairdresser before the war?
  5. 1/32 scale Eduard kit which include some PE. Finished using Gunze paints and MIG washes. This was from a Battle of Brittain build on another site. Decals are from EagleCals showing the Yellow 12 of fw. Ernst Arnold of 3./JG 27. Fw. Arnold was shot down in this aircraft on August 30, 1940 while one a freelance fighter patrol over England. He had to force land his crippled aircraft after taking hits in the radiator. The aircraft remained relatively intact.
  6. I can just ditto what everyone else said.
  7. Thanks for your comments!!
  8. I like the paint scheme! Well done!!
  9. Wow, that is some great weathering.
  10. I like the finish. Well done!
  11. Thanks... I'm not a figure person either, but with the helmet covering the face completely, it was easy enough. .... and thanks to Barry for mailing me the AIM-9 for this build!
  12. Interesting paint scheme!
  13. One of my favorite planes!
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