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  1. Stunning Mustang...great work!! cheers Franck.
  2. Greta work,everything is perfect!!...superb skills...well done!! Cheers Franck.
  3. Hello, very nice work on the Mustang it look just superb!!! Cheers Franck.
  4. Thank you all very much for the Mosquito,yes it was a pleasure to built,as for the figures,i wish to have such a talent to paint them like this!! But i don't...these figures have been painted by professionals,i manage to have them for the pictures...not bad he... All the best Franck.
  5. Thank you all,for the nice feedback,the figures are from Cockpit figures from the UK. Cheers FRANCK PS sorry no more pictures this is for a magazine.....
  6. Hello Folk's, here is the result of my work on the big Tamiya Mossie,great kit. All the best Franck.
  7. Hi John, what a fantastic model you have done,really really nice !!!! well done,all the best Franck.
  8. Sorry Kevin,no that's the only one i have ...i don't have this model anymore,it has been sold! Cheers Franck.
  9. Hello Kevin, yes please do! Cheers Franck.
  10. Hi folks, here is a couple of picture of my Me 262A-1 Trumpeter. Cheers Franck.
  11. Hello Guy's, here are some pictures of my Bf110C-7 from Dragon. Cheers Franck.
  12. Superb Sean,great work,i am doing the same model now ,i just love it!!...great weathering too really inspiring!! cheers Franck.
  13. Fantastic work Ivan,great weathering technique and superb painting work too. Cheers Franck.
  14. Hello Folk's, here are some pictures of my Bf109G-10 Revell, upgraded with Barracudas and MDC resin bits all the markings are painted with Miracles masks. Cheers Franck.
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