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F-15E 91-308 492d FS

Crew Dog

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Hey all, I'm back with a new build! This one is very near and dear to my heart, not only because I now work for Boeing, but also because I spent 10 years of my life constantly hearing/seeing these beasts. I'm opting to go with the kit-supplied markings for 91-308 from the 492d FS that is part of the 48FW at RAF Lakenheath. As per my usual, I will be throwing a lot of aftermarket at her, with a majority coming from the beautiful work of Jan Kopecky. The AM list is as follows:

Kopecky Scale Models:
-F-15E Instrument Panels (I will be referring to these as MIP's, due to habit from work)
-F-15E Cockpit Upgrade Set
-F-15E Upgrade Set
-F-15 Tail Antennas
-F-15E Pylons w/ rails (wing pylons)
-F-15E Centerline Pylon
-F-15 610 Gal Fuel Tanks

-AN/AAQ-33 Sniper ATP
-GBU-12 (4 ea)

GT Resin
-F-15 Seamless Intakes
-PW F100-229 Exhaust cans

-GBU-38 (non-thermally coated)

-ACES II Type B (2 ea)

As for the obligatory box art photo:



Work has just started on this monster, beginning with the cockpit, as per usual. The back wall of the front seat has already been attached to the main tub, and based on what I see from work, is leaps and bounds ahead of whats offered in the kit (though not hard considering its a blank plate!)


The detail on the console panels/MIP's is insane, and looks very familiar to me (although with subtle changes, as I work on newer F-15 variants.)




Santa (or the General, depending on who you ask) has also been kind to me, and I am now the proud owner of a Paasche Talon airbrush!

As always, thanks for stopping by the hangar!

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Thanks all! It's really good to get back in to the hobby, especially since my Tomcat is still waiting to be brought over from England (the General will most likely hand-carry her on her final trip back here.)


8 minutes ago, F`s are my favs said:

+1! That's an awesome kit and a great choice of airframe... :) I did the exact same once upon a time... although many pics are missing now.

 Now THAT'S a Mudhen! Love how you got the panel lines without overemphasizing them!

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Work continues in the front office, in addition to adding parts from the upgrade set where I can. I first sprayed the entire pit, and all accompanying parts in primer black (love my new airbrush BTW!) and while that was curing, I added some more parts to the fuselage halves from the upgrade set. I began by boring out where the corrected JFS exhaust duct will be living, and after a bit of trial fitting and recutting, it fits the way that it looks on the real thing.




It still isn't glued in, as I want to spray it on its own rather than try to mask around it. I will also most likely cut out the JFS intake mesh (near the bottom of the pic) and add actual mesh to it.


Once happy with that, I moved on to the 15 Door on the underside, and fitting was similar to the JFS exhaust. I did get a bit overzealous on the fwd/aft measurement, but that can easily be filled later. I also learned a valuable lesson about Kopecky's stuff: it's BRITTLE! Simply removing the flash from the vent after cutting off the casting block resulted in the forwardmost edge flying off into the ether, but again, can be fixed with a bit of putty.




The next step for me was to cut out the gun bay vents, and I was getting quite nervous when sizing the positionable door one. Luckily I had patience on my side, and the result is well worth it.




Happy with the additions so far, I turned back to the pit pieces and sprayed them with a coat of FS26231, which looks weird to me considering I look a all-black pits these days. Once the top coat cured, I went back on the WSO glareshield and repainted it with primer black where the gray oversprayed (maybe I should start switching needles/tips, that's why I got this particular airbrush after all...)




Last step up to now was to highlight all the bezels for the various steam gauges on the back seat MIP, and will still have to add the yellow to the emergency controls, as well as the buttons for the MPD's




As always, thanks for stopping by the hangar!

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I've been trucking along with the cockpits, mainly focusing on the WSO station. I began by drilling out all the knob/switch holes that are on the left and right consoles, intending to work the Pilot station first, but when I drilled out the holes for the engine generators and engine control switches using the recommended 0.5mm drill bit, the two holes fused into one.




I opted to drop the bit size and went with a 0.45mm for the rest of the drilling. I then moved on to detailing the aft bulkheads of the pits, with detail mainly consisting of painting the lights trim panels in black, since most of the escape system wiring would be hidden by the seat.






I then turned my focus onto the aft cockpit consoles, and they (in my opinion) turned out much better with the smaller bit.








As you can see, I also painted the oxy/comm hose, using my green from my spitfire rather than olive drab, as that seems to brown for how they look. The CRU-94 still needs to be painted black, but beyond that, the side consoles are done. I also added the hand hold rail on the aft MIP glare shield, and added cockpit gray to the top of the box that is next to the canopy lock mechanism.




Now work has turned to the aft MIP itself, with the RCCP already added and mostly detailed (just needs clear red on the screens) and the knobs added to the panel. I wasn't completely happy with the way the MPD buttons turned out, but after trying about five times with my 10/0 brush, I settled on using the needle of one of my old airbrushes to get the job done. The screens, on the other hand, turned out brilliantly, using the included clear sheet and painting the reverse side in black, still giving the sheen that the glass would.




Now I just have to add the last details to the aft MIP, and then work moves on to the front.


As always, thanks for stopping by the hangar!

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Neat work. This wil look exceptional when all buttoned up. Great job. 


Seeing the quilting on the aft firewall reminded me of references I saw way back when that seemed to show the stitching (the diamond pattern) being lighter than the padding. Is that your experience of jets you've worked on?

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Yeah, the thread used for the stitching is lighter than the insulation blankets themselves, almost an off-white color. Of course, they're mainly covered up on the new builds by black plastic panels. I think a light sand panel line wash should simulate the stitching effectively

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