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3D chute expert, Tornado landing gear


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Yup , as far as I know the only difference was the positioning and number of springs on the nose gear leg. My current project is a GR1A ZA404 in the markings of 2Sq Circa 1994 after the A upgrades , so I'm pretty sure it would still have had the "early" gear , although I may  to be proved wrong.



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6 hours ago, CRAZY IVAN5 said:

One quick question , how strong will these be? They really do look good[ a little pricy for me]

They have a metal core inside so they should be really sturdy. 


The only build experience I have with 3D printed landing gears so far is from the JetMADS Viggen. Those are really strong and carry the weight of a full resin kit. Its really a heavy kit so I wouldnt worry at all about these.


Its a great idea and I hope they will continue to make landing gears for many other kits.. They look amazing



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